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I really like the way they said in the begining that there are different worlds and how each world is very different. I was so shocked when I heard that there was another me in the other world! hahahahha =D

7/11/2011 #1
Angel Peach Blossom

I like the different storylines, depending on whom you have as a partner. The best way to get the whole story with one Prince is to have a long partnership with them. To get all of Keifer's, it is best to wait to get a partner until then, otherwise you miss in the long run, because he vanishes.

I like the bit about the different world and Princess too! However, I do find it odd that no one mentions the change in eye color. Though I admit, when I first played the game it was in Japanese... and since I couldn't read it, I thought that for some odd reason the Princess was changing to her form, and to Kip's. Yeah, I thought they were the same person at first! The green eyes, and the fact I couldn't read... not to mention I couldn't help thinking that Kip was a girl, made me think they were one and the same!

If there is one thing I wish they would have done better, storywise, has to do with Tony. If you want to see what I mean, try going partnerless for one playthrough. While I think the way it came off was sweet, it just comes out of left field, since he gets no development like the others.

7/11/2011 #2

All the different princes do have a unique storyline to it. They all have different personalities and the way they talk to the princess even. I was wondering about Keifer, cuz when I was Luciano's partner, I was thinking what ever happened to Keifer. he actually just disappears.

I think thats really cool playing a video game in another language. The inly bad thing about that is that you can't understand what the hecks going on! I DID"T KNOW KIP WAS A GIRL! I'm not kidding! I think it's me for not paying that close attention to the details of Kip and stuff.

About the Tony thing, do you mean that you try to go through the whole game without a partner? Or do you mean just for the dance contest? Sorry if I don't understand things like that.

7/11/2011 #3
Angel Peach Blossom

Oops! I may have confused you when it wasn't my intention. Let me clarify.

Kip is a guy, it's just when I first played the game in Japanese, I assumed Kip was a girl, because I couldn't read it. Since the eye color was the same, I assumed that she was changing shape for some reason, when that wasn't the case. Whoops!

Kiefer actually does disappear if you get a partner too quick. The reason for this is because some of the scenes with him later on will be in Practice Hall. So naturally, if you have a partner by then, it automatically goes over that scene with dancing with your partner. However, if you go to Dance Hall on a certain date, you will see him again. Kiefer is also one of the few Princes you can actually say yes to being a dance partner, and switching your partner. Klaus is the second.

As for Tony, what I mean is, go through the story but don't get a partner. When you reach the Ball in Saint Lyon, since you don't have a partner, you'll do the final dance with Tony. And if you win... well, let's just say the results are interesting, yet there is no buildup for it.

7/11/2011 #4

Oh! I really thought Kip was a girl! HAHAHAHAHAHA! XDDD

So Keifer is jealous that you have a partner so quick that he goes away? LOL JK

Wow Dancing with a rabbit (no offense) isn't really romantic... LOL Anyway, I wonder what the "interesting" results are. Now Im curious!

7/12/2011 #5
Angel Peach Blossom

I don't think dancing with Tony at the end was meant to be romantic. At least, that is what I think. However, what happens when you win... well, let's just say, even if it comes out of left field, that it is very nice!

7/12/2011 #6

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I nearly messed up at the Ball in Saint Lyon the first time I played. I was all like OMG, but I won anyway. I played the game a couple of times already. It's so fun and I luv it! (I kinda mentioned that already)

7/12/2011 #7
Angel Peach Blossom

I do agree, it is fun! I've played it so many times now... I think it's been at least 14 or so.

7/12/2011 #8

To some people it might, but to me and you, it seems like it doesnt get old! I mean you have new feeling and adventures with different princes, and I stll have a long way to go to finish my photo album... hehehehe

7/12/2011 #9
Angel Peach Blossom

Quite true! You also have the play the game multiple times to unlock all of the accessories.

7/12/2011 #10

Yeah. I wanted to get all the accessories already O.O

7/12/2011 #11
Angel Peach Blossom

The reason you can't get all of the accessories right away, although you can get most of them, is because some of them you only get with being with certain princes. I'm saying this right now though... I really hate the Rose Accessory.

7/12/2011 . Edited 7/12/2011 #12

Oh yeah! I saw something like that on a Princess Debut vid, and I was all like,"WHAT IS THAT? Ewwww... Looks weird."


7/12/2011 #13
Angel Peach Blossom

On the other hand, I'd say my favorite is a tie between the Emerald Necklace, the Diamond Ring, and the Flower Accessory. Although, I also love the Witch's Hat and the Bunny Hood!

7/12/2011 #14

OMG! I luv the witch hat!!!! It's so pretty and there's something mysterious about it....

I don't know what the bunny hood looks like, but for sum reason the first image that came to my head was a cute fluffly costume with bunny ears, and even a tail! I imagined it on a chubby baby. LOL

7/12/2011 #15
Angel Peach Blossom

Think of the bunny hood as wearing a rabbit suit! Fluffy rabbit body, complete with tail, legs, and a hood. The hood has a pink ribbon at the base of one of the ears and a pink bow tied around the neck. However, this is all a rabbit costume, and in my opinion it is fitting when you dance with Tony!

And if you read what I said in the other topic, so does the Witch's Hat... to an extent.

7/12/2011 #16

AWWWWW! The bunny hood sounds sooo cute!

You are very right about the witch hat. It matches Tony, in a way.

7/12/2011 #17
Angel Peach Blossom

It is cute! You get this costume by going to level 20, but without having a partner.

7/13/2011 #18

WHOA! Nice. I wanna get the bunny hood :D

7/13/2011 #19
Angel Peach Blossom

*smiles* Just remember what I said, and you'll have no problems.

7/13/2011 #20

Thanx, Peach! (do you mind if I call you Peach?) *smiles back* =D

7/13/2011 #21
Angel Peach Blossom

Sure! A lot of people just call me Peach, so I don't mind!

7/13/2011 #22


7/13/2011 #23

So.... I really love the animation of the game! I was actually curious what Princess Debut was about cuz of the animation. I don't usually like princess stuff, but if I never wondered what the game was, I would have never played it! =DD Thank you curiousity!

7/14/2011 #24
Angel Peach Blossom

I first found out about this game on accident by going to the Harvest Moon site, Ushi no Tane. I really love the Harvest Moon series! Anyway, the newest news entry at the time mentioned the stuff that was mentioned to be announced by Natsume in E3. And one of those titles was Princess Debut.

The title alone got my interest, so I started to do some searching, eventually having to look under Ohimesama Debut. That was when I saw the trailer, and my interest was piqued even further! So, I decided I wanted to try it out in Japanese first. I really enjoyed myself... even though I had no idea what was being said in most scenes since I couldn't read any of it! I did love the animation though!

If I had to say something though, I do think the animation is a little choppy depending on the dance and what dress/costume your character is wearing. I notice sometimes your partner's leg goes through the bottom of the dress, if your characters are close. Heck, I noticed this happens in the first dance with Klaus and Cynthia!

7/14/2011 #25

YAY! I bought Princess Debut! FINALLY!!! Sorry if I havent been on in a while, Busy this week...

7/21/2011 #26
Ladybird of Luck

Have fun!

I liked the dancing, it reminded me on Elite Beat Agents and Horse Life. But most of all I liked the romance part. Too bad there are so few games like it...

7/24/2011 #27

I think the romance part made me like the game as well. It also inspired me to write fanfictions about each partnership with the "princess"

And finally! Another person chats in the princess debut forums!

7/26/2011 #28
Ladybird of Luck

Yeah, I was inspired to play more romance games ._.;

(I wish it would have inspired to do something else besides play more games!)

7/27/2011 . Edited 7/27/2011 #29

LOL Princess Debut is so addicting, isn't it?

BTW, Welcome to Fanfiction! =D

7/27/2011 #30
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