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Here's your chat for upcoming books, discuss your expectations and predictions.

Rules: Let's be nice and cordial.

So to get us started: Who's actually following the series nowadays?

Oh an' credit for this topic goes to Coqui's Song.

7/31/2011 . Edited by Arbitrary Ravens, 11/4/2012 #1
Coqui's Song
*raises hand eagerly* Me, me, me! I still read the new books coming out, though I admit the Original Arch was waaaaay better than the romance-shmancy crap the Erins write now. I just feel like since I've started such a big series, I've got to end it, right? I've been reading it ever since the fifth grade, about five years now. I guess it got stuck on me, and I can't let it go. ~Coqui
7/31/2011 #2

Yes, the original series was just lovely, ignoring Fireheart's Gary-Stu ishness. *Shudders* They're terrible at writing romance in my humble opionion. Ahh, I get it, you just have to finish it. :) So on another note: Seekers? Read them?

7/31/2011 #3
Coqui's Song
Nah, it never really interested me. What got me hooked on Warriors was the fact that it was about cats. XD I looooove cats. And it's not just that;I read somewhere that Seekers isn't as good as Warriors... ~Coqui
7/31/2011 #4

It's not nearly as good, but it's much better than some of the stuff the Erins keep churning out nowadays. So have they started making the fifth series yet? Let's see, theres the original, new, three, omens, the mangas, and super editions.

7/31/2011 #5
Coqui's Song
I suppose. But to be honest I never bring my Warriors books to school. I read all my Warriors at home, for some reason. My double personality (yes I speak to it quite often XD) says it's because I don't want to judged, or teased, but I don't think so. Or maybe I just don't want to admit that I'm right. *shrugs* I heard they might be making a fifth series after OOTS, about the Ancient Clans (but won't that all be cleared up in the Ancient Clan Days Super-Edition, to come out next year?). Personally I think the Erins have lost either the will to write Warriors, or have no more original ideas up their sleeves. ~Coqui
8/1/2011 #6

I would say: "No one's going to judge you, a fifteen/sixteen year old according to math, for reading books about warrior cats!" but that would be a lie honestly. :/ People are so judgemental about everything, it's a little embarrasing to whip out a book about a cat name Crookedstar. I think their happy to write Warriors, but they really just don't have anymore ideas. I mean they're excited for their money and just don't think about all the possiblities.

8/1/2011 #7

I bring my books to school with me all the time. I'll finish lunch and pull one out to read, and everyone is all like,'Why do you read those? They're like, so boring.' They've obviously never read them, because Warriors are never boring. I suppose that they have their opinion and I have mine. *shrug*

The Erins are making too many Super Editions, way too fast. I haven't even gotten to read Crookedstar's Promise, yet. *pouts* And I hear that they are making one called Yellowfang's Secret. I didn't even hear about the Ancient Cats Super Edition until now. But yeah, it seems kinda pointless to write a whole arc about them when they're already making a Super Edition.

8/1/2011 #8
Tiger's Stripes

I dunno... I like Seekers enough :) But I still buy all the Warriors books, and I'm in 7th grade! I mean, it's a really imaginative series, anyone who says otherwise is annoying. I mean, I could NEVER come up with all the stuff they have. I looooove cats too. My first Warriors book was Moonrise because it was blue and had a cat on it!! I discovered it was, quite clearly, not the first of those books, so kind of dropped it until I saw a friend reading them, and I thought, "Woah. I have one of those!"

8/1/2011 #9
Tiger's Stripes

Hey, I got two new subjects:

1. Who is the fourth cat? I hope it's Cinderheart, even though she's been a big fat JERK to Lionblaze she wouldn't think he was too good for her anymore. Or maybe Briarlight, or Hollyleaf (she deserves it, after all that!) or Ivypool. OR Blossomfall. What do you guys think?

2. Is Briarlight ever going to get her legs back? I mean, StarClan can heal death :-/ so why not a broken back?

8/1/2011 #10

1. I have a feeling that Cinderheart's plotline is over. It would be nice if she was the fourth cat because then she wouldn't be all weird about Lionblaze being more important than her. I think Briarlight is too... crippled to be much of a help. Personally, I think it will be Hollyleaf, but knowing the Erins, it could be Mistystar. Ivypool or Blossomfall might work, because of their extra training. A repentance, of sorts.

2. Personally, I think Briarlight will die before the end of the series. Either that, or she'll just be an unfortunate cat that lives until she's an elder. That's a good point about StarClan healing death, but I think that they don't really heal it so much as the new life the leader has.

I have a topic.

Who else thinks that Blossomfall is going to die in the last book? I just have this inkling....

8/1/2011 #11
Tiger's Stripes

You do have a point, she might... Which would be good and bad.

Good because it would get Millie to remember SHE HAS OTHER KITS!!!!!!!

Bad because Briarlight is so sweet ;_;

Also, which do you think will happen/root for? DovexTiger or DovexBumble? Also, are there any IvyxHawk people out there....? Or IvyxTiger?

I think I'm a personal "Awww... Dovewing and Tigerheart is ADOWABLE!!!!!! But the Erins are overusing forbidden love."

However, Dovewing and Bumbleflight would be, in a word, perfect. Bumbleflight is awesome! I love him!!! IvyxHawk is weird. So's IvyxTiger. I don't think Ivypool needs a mate.

8/1/2011 #12
Tiger's Stripes

Oh, wait... you said Blossomfall, not Briarlight.


You're right... they're kind of setting up for it...

8/1/2011 #13

I think that for once in the series, the main character should not be in a forbidden love. I mean, FireXSand and BrambleXSquirrel aren't forbidden, but the whole plot is being overrused. I'm rooting for DoveXBumble. IvyXHawk creeps me out, and I've never thought much about IvyXTiger, but I don't think it will work.

8/1/2011 #14
Coqui's Song

@ Tabby: Moonrise was my first Warriors book, too! But then I realized I had no clue what the cats were talking about (I thought Twolegs and monsters were some sorts of weird, made up creatures. Then I read Into The Wild and figured out they're humans and cars!)

Forbidden love: I have a love/hate relationship with it. It's completely overused, but Blue/Oak was cute. But maybe I just say it because Bluestar's my favorite kitty. :)

The Fourth of Three: I hope it's Cinderheart. I really hope it's Cinderheart. I just have a feeling she has to do more than she has already... But I suppose it could be Ivypool or Blossomfall or Hollyleaf. If Hollyleaf ever comes back, since I'm convinced she's still alive.


8/1/2011 #15
Tiger's Stripes
My thoughts exactly!
8/1/2011 #16
Coqui's Song
Which ones were your thoughts? XD. ~Coqui
8/1/2011 #17
Coqui's Song
@ Tabby: and if you're in seventh grade, it's still okay, because Warriors is 4th-7th but if you're in High School and you still read them... Well... Needless to say, it's a bit embarrassing. People that used to read Warriors but don't anymore will say, "You still read those? They suck!" People that haven't will still judge you as childish and immature and try to get you to instead read Twilight. Ugh. High Schoolers are very judgmental, and though I've never been bullied before (well, I've been teased because of my shortness bat that's not relevant right now) I just don't want to take the risk. ~Coqui
8/2/2011 #18
Tiger's Stripes

Bah! Who does? I still read 'em, just don't take 'em to school anymore because... well, eigth graders are out for my hide, so I don't need to provoke them anymore :-/ Also, I got half a chapter through the first Twilight book and got bored immediately xD

8/2/2011 #19
Coqui's Song
I think I read like the first page. And then I stopped because of it horridness. XD ~Coqui
8/2/2011 #20
Tiger's Stripes

Thinking back on it, I didn't actually read it. Upon finishing the first page, I went into, like, a dullness in which the only thing I was doing was moving my eyes over the words and flipping the pages, no longer processing anything. Oddly enough, the only thing I remember is something about a desk and a cord (like, for a lamp or electricity) :-/ Don't ask what's wrong with my brain, because I couldn't tell you. I have a knack for remembering things NO ONE CARES ABOUT.

8/2/2011 #21
Coqui's Song
Same here. I was never interested in reading Twilight, I just picked it up to prove how horrible it was. I basically just skimmed it. I remember nothing. XD ~Coqui
8/2/2011 #22
Tiger's Stripes

Same :l it's amazing what people will read these days. The part I've heard of but DEFINITELY don't get is that doesn't Edward (or whatever his name is) sparkle when he goes out in sunlight? 0_0 There are like five or six Twilight OBSESSED fans in my class. And boy do I mean OBSESSED. *Shudder* It's not healthy. No, sir.

8/2/2011 #23

I went through the Twilight-loving phase. I own all four books and the Bree Tanner novella. Looking back on it now, well I feel ashamed. The writing is atrocious, the plotline is mediocre. They're just not that good. And I guess I really have no arguement against the books at school thing, because I haven't been in High School yet. Summer before ninth is killing me.

8/2/2011 #24
Tiger's Stripes

Am I the youngest one here? D: I'm just going into seventh grade. Y'all are like, teens :l

8/2/2011 #25

Sounds like it. I'm going into ninth, and I thought I was the youngest one here. Hello! person who's younger than me. ;)

8/2/2011 #26
Tiger's Stripes

Heh... l-D

8/2/2011 #27
Coqui's Song

I'm older than both of you. Goin' to 10th Grade. What's up, younger peoplez?


8/2/2011 #28

Silverpelt. Hehe, cat humor.

8/2/2011 #29

I'm going into eleventh grade, so I think I'm the oldest one here. XD Now, I feel old... :(

8/2/2011 #30
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