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If you wish to have a story beta read by someone, fill out this form and post a reply. Be generous with details (but don't give away everything, for the reader's sake).

If you wish to beta someone's story, I suggest you click on their profile, scroll down to their stories, pick the latest one and read at least a little to get a feel what they're writing is like. Sometimes you really admire someone's writing (but you just don't know it yet) and when you get the story in your inbox you're only able to pick out a few things. Sure, the writer appreciates your help, but if you think that you can't offer enough help to someone, don't feel pressured to beta read for him.

If you decide you do want to beta read the story, post a reply.

Whenever you get a beta reader for your story, please put "FOUND" at the top of your post.








****We're still working on this section. If you have any interesting links pertaining to editing others or your own work, we'd greatly appreciate it if you shared.****

Ten Tips for Critiquing Other People's Writing by Mark Nichol:

Ten Tips for Effective Editing by Sharon Schuman:

Tips for Critiquing Other Writers' Work by Melissa Donovan:

Tips for Editing and Revising by Erika Enigk:

9/8/2011 . Edited 7/21/2013 #1
the universe is ours


Story: 100 Themes, 100 Stories (One-shot Challenge)

Summary: You get 100 themes & write 100 one-shots. Simple enough, so be prepared for diversity and heaps of fun :P

Rating: T - some bloody scenes

Characters: Oh god, do I have to list them all? There are 100. Oneshots. With more than 2 or more Charries in each. /facepalm

Just for a bit of fun :] Thanks ~ Fayy

Also, once I hit 15 or something I'll probs be slowing down [Slower than slow anyway] 'Cus I'll be working on Half Life & FotF

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #2

I can be your Beta!

9/26/2011 #3

I'd like to beta a few, myself. Not all of them, but doing some would be fun!

9/26/2011 #4
Coqui's Song

*is too lazy to beta*

But I can do a couple... -.-


9/26/2011 #5
the universe is ours

Hahaha, okayiee, just pick a couple of numbers and I'll send them to you via DocX or Email ^_^ I'm up to my 5th one atm, Drag beta'd my 4th and I'm going to post it sometime soon...

So... yeah, just tell me when you want to, I always have one hanging around somewhere :P

9/26/2011 #6

Ill do your odds.

9/26/2011 #7

Hey I'll do one right now. XD

9/26/2011 #8
the universe is ours

Eep, I've only written half of 5 but I have Wishing, it's not nearly done but I'm pretty happy with it atm, its about how the clans were created in an AU. :P

9/26/2011 #9

Alright. Send it to meh! XD

Also can you put FOUND on the top of your original post?

9/26/2011 #10
the universe is ours

Veni, can you do the connection thingy with DocX? Just go your accound, DocX is a thingy at the bottomish. Go to it, change it at the top to penname and type my name in. And Click GO! :D Then Itll be on its way ^_^

Pewpew ~!

9/26/2011 #11

Sorry about the wait. Two and a Half Men was on. And I had to see if Ashton Kutcher would be shirtless again...

Wait I forgot the important part of this post. We're now connected! Send me 'er please. :)

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #12
the universe is ours

Tut tut :P I'm not allowed to watch TaHM, stupid parents u__u

9/26/2011 #13

O: Sorry! Me and Dad watched it.

Although, I'm ninety percent sure he wasn't hoping for shirtless men...

9/26/2011 #14
the universe is ours

Lmfao, I walked downstairs the other night and I saw my dad watching the TV. He was watching a sex scene. I don't know if he accidentally flicked onto it, but I'm pretty sure it was on the TV. It was extremely awkward for the next few minutes...

9/26/2011 #15

Oh my gosh!

9/26/2011 #16
the universe is ours

Lmao, Ikr

Did you get it? I accidentally sent it to Drag, she's the only other person on my DocX list and my trackpad went Crazzyyy

9/26/2011 #17
R.L. Sisters

I need a Beta. Fast. Like, now! D: It's for a contest! D:

So, if someone could...please!?


9/30/2011 #18

/grins evilly

You mentioned needing a beta to finish before XX time? I thought Scarheart extended the date?

9/30/2011 #19
R.L. Sisters

Did she/he? O.o

9/30/2011 #20

You can ask. ...Wait, nowyou'rewavering on the he/she? D: I kept assuming 'he' because you... you... /pawface

He/She sent a PM to everyone who signed up, reminding that the deadline is in like, 2 days. Said that if enough people request, he/she could extend the deadline. Apparently, enough did - so the deadline is in October 9th.

I'm 90% sure that I can finish it before the 2nd, so I can publish it tomorrow, but... yeah. A week would help. O.O

Edit: Here, Scarheart's profile.

9/30/2011 . Edited 9/30/2011 #21
Scribe of the Owls

I was wondering...

How do you get a beta?

9/30/2011 #22
R.L. Sisters

Okay, Good! :D...And...sorry. -.-

9/30/2011 #23
the universe is ours


6/5th One-shot

Charries: Mains; Sandpaw - Me & Russetpaw - Mike (A friend in America.)

Plot: No plot basically, just a nice little happy story with lots of sarcasm and verbal jousts.

Anyone feel up to reading my horrible writing? :]

10/1/2011 #24
R.L. Sisters

...Did anyone ever accept my request? O.o

10/1/2011 #25

You can ask around here for a beta, Owl. The way I got mine was... I just asked for one in the first chapter and someone berry helpfully offered to beta xD.

Edit: Don't think so R. SOMEONE BETA FOR R.

(I don't think it's too apropos (lawl) for me to beta. Really.)

10/1/2011 . Edited 10/1/2011 #26
R.L. Sisters

I guess I can do it myself, since it looks pretty bleak at the moment....

10/1/2011 #27

Amber and Coqui offereed to beta some of those Fayy, but I can do it if you want.

And R, I'd offer, but I think it would be weird to beta my beta...

10/1/2011 #28
R.L. Sisters

...Yeah...It would. xD

10/1/2011 #29
Scribe of the Owls

Thanks... I mean, how do you get a beta account?

10/1/2011 #30
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