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Name: [Full]

Age: [Optional]

Faction: [Autobot, Decepticon, Neutral]

Gender: [Mech/Male, Femme/Female]

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: [Scout, Warrior, Scientist, Medic, Noble]

Race: [Cybetronian or Human*]




Biography: [Try to add as much detail on her/his backstory. The more the better]



Alt. Mode: [Transformers only]


Love Interest: [If any]

*Humans can only RP in "Earth" topic.


Here is mine:

Name: Bornstella (Stella, Stells)

Age: She stopped counting around 5000

Faction: Autobot

Gender: Femme

Rank: She used to be a Scientist, but during an attack on the Autobot capital, Iacon, she was badly damaged and was to reformated. She then chose to become a warrior, convinced tht this would please Optimus. Every now and again, she sneeks into Wheeljack's lab, to remember the good times of being a Scientist.

Race: Cybertronian

Likes: Studying Sentiant life, Quiet, Sparklings and Minicons, Dancing, Reading, Learning, Flying, Energon baths.

Dislikes: Unicron, Conflicts, Being Pressured, Arrogent bots/people, Sideways, Being looked down upon or considered fragile.

Partner: A minicon, called Flash.

Bio: Stella was created by Unicron to be used nothing more as a pawn. She did not possess the same power, just in case she rebelled agaisnt him. He would send her to find planets that held sentiant life, and he would follow her signal like a beacon. At first she didn't notice or care that the planets were being devoured, only recording data for her 'diary'. Later as she grew older, she began to question her creators eating habits and began to secretly warn the people of the danger. When she landed on Cybertron, she was surprised at how similar the creatures there were to her. She then met young Megatron and Optimus Prime, forgtting about the planet eater that was still tracking her.

After growing fond of the planet and it's inhabitants, Stella decided to end Unicron before he would destroy her happiness...and before anyone could find out who she truly was. Making her excuses, she left to find Unicron. Once she did, she quickly began to shut him down with little resistance( since he was already weak from taveling and needing to feed again). She transfered his energy, creating a new race of smaller bots, called minicons. Once she thought he was offined for good, she gathered up the new bots and headed back to Cybertron. The transformers happily welcomed the new race, without another thought. Stella then returned to her happy new life, locking away her dark secret, not knowing that he creator had a storage of energy of his own and would online once again to seek revenge against his 'little girl'...

Personality: Stella is quite shy and rather not talk. She is easily embarressed and appears to have an inoccent demeanor. But she has the abilty to manipulate others into believing whatever she wants them to. With that she feels guilty about using that power and keeps it locked away as well.

Appearance: [will Update later]

Alt. Mode: Cybertronian Aircraft

Other: She loves to mess with Ratchet (Who doesn't? :P)

Love interest: Optimus Prime

7/12/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #1

Name: Baliriah

Age: Two hundred thousand years old.

Faction: Decepticon

Gender: Femme

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: First lieutenint in areospace command.

Race: Cybetronian

Likes: Flying, hunting, fighting, being social, and reading

Dislikes:Mechs and or Femmes that start stuff with her, her trine, starscreams' trine, or Starscream himself.


Biography: Baliriah is one of the most rareist of seekers. She is a shapeshifter; which makes her part of the 'Legacy'. She was in hiding when the war originailly broke out. Her two brothers' who where already Decepticons, found her on a mission to retrieve any femmes and or sparklings for the decepticon cause. She gave a fight; trying to flee not wanting to damage her brothers in the process. She gave up; finding no other way and was soon takin into custody. Her trine mates who had been off a distance away, got her distress call and soon followed. Now they are the second most dangerous seeker trine in existance. That is why they are refeared to as first lieutenint. Her and Starscream had a sparkling but it was brutally offlined by the Autobots. Now she seeks her revenge on the ones rightfully so for their sparklings death.

Personality:She is very open minded about others; but she never forgets. Baliriah is hard to impress and become close friends with, she is very secrative. Sneeky, suductive, dangerous when wreckond with. She holds grudges. If someone has a problem with her or is starting stuff with her, mech and or femme; she has no problem with hunting them down and humilaiting them infront off everyone else. She has been known to get into a brawl with larger mechs and came out of it with very few dents and scratches. She only follows the orders of a seeker. But she does so secretly. She has high expectation for her rivals. Baliriah has no problem killing someone when she feels threatened. She also has a tendancy to talk back to her superours except Megatron.

Appearance:black armour- large b*** plates, talons all the way to her elbows, strong and durable hip plating, parts of her helm, and lastly from her knees all the way down to the very tips of the femme's stilettoed pedds. The rest of Balirah's armour consists of the beautiful color of saphire blue.

Alt. Mode: /Alt Mode:,r:20,s:0&biw=1584&bih=694 .


She looks like this as well, because she is part of the 'Legacy'. (Guardians of old.) She has the ability to shapeshift into any creature. She prefers this form over jet form, for herself. ( All that is red in the picture is Sapphire blue for her.)

Love Interest: Starscream

7/13/2011 #2

Name: Banshee

Age: A femme never tells...(she's doesn't "look a day over 500,00")

Faction: Decepticon

Gender: Femme

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: Science liasion

Race: Cybetronian

Likes: Flying, manipulation, mind games, socializing and smoozing, experimentation, beauty, her own reflection

Dislikes: Anyone in her way, pretty femmes, dirt, a messy finish, brutes,

Partner: Formerly her twin.


A brilliant scientist, and skilled politician, Banshee found success easily in the sort of society Cybertron had. She was once truly loved for her dedication to her charges and her studies. She was researching methods to repair memory cores and study the very thoughts of her fellow citizens. She claimed this would allow them to promote a form of happiness that could be civilization wide, and help rehabilitate Cybertronian criminals. The implications of this weren't known to her subordinates or superiors. She seemed nothing more than a caring doctor. She might have been.

If' Banshee's crimes were known, she would likely be considered one of the worst war criminals in Cybertronian history. There was definitely a price to her breakthroughs and knowledge. Hiding behind a pleasant facade and a caring persona, she tricked many of her fellow Cybertronian citizens into revealing their deepest secrets to her, thinking she was someone to confide him. These very methods she proposed to use on potential allies and enemies to Cybertron, in order to control and manipulate them. She'd managed to manipulate her way to the top with kind words and assurance, all the while biding her time to see just who she could latch onto.

Many had volunteered for her experiments and studies, only to have their memory cores invaded without their permission and knowledge. And that doesn't even include any potential transformers who she'd trapped under the guise of "rehabilitation" while she forced the knowledge from their cores. Her methods would be used against Autobots (and Decepticons who got in the way of her ambitions), making her the enemy of any self-respecting medic or scientist who respected the life they studied.

Personality: Banshee prefers to come off as soft-spoken and nonthreatening, even if she cannot hide her haughty demeanor. But in reality she is a vicious, ambitious femme. She is very vain and prideful, and enjoys the feeling that comes with manipulating others while they fight her battles and clear her way to the top. She is very intelligent and a great transformer-reader, even someone's body language could be a clue to her. On the other hand, her vanity and jealousy are crippling. She will go out of her way to damage a pretty femme, taking particular pride in disfiguring them. But if she is visibly damaged, she could retreat out of fear of losing "her beauty" and lose favor with others. This has made her hard to trust, even on her own side.

Appearance: She is a very beautiful femme, clearly she has spent time and effort augmenting herself to something that fits her own idea of perfection. She is not built for direct combat. She has a silver and white finish, with some black. She appears haughty and almost aristocratic in her posture and her movements. She has long, segmented fingers that point into sharp edges, appearing like long nails. Her face seems pretty, refined, and angular, but it is segmented so that the corners of her mouth can split to reveal the many sharp teeth at a moments whim. Her optics are almond, and she has a hood-like "helmet" that is segmented. She has a segmented spine with a thin chasis, and sharp edges that portrude from her elbow joints, heel, and shoulders.

Alt. Mode: /Alt Mode: It resembles this, but is white and silver instead of dark.

Other: She has a whip-like weapon that is barbed and segmented and can carry a charge. Her nails also count as a weapon, and she has access to a small rifle (not very powerful)

Love Interest: No one yet.


Name: Scramjet

Age: Around 500,000

Faction: Nuetral (leans towards Autobot the more she Decepticons go against her principles)

Gender: Femme

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: Scientist on a space station

Race: Cybetronian

Likes: Flying, exploration, studying, reading, researching

Dislikes: Fighting, weapons, pointless brutality, feeling like she doesn't know the answer, crowds,

Partner: Formerly her twin.

Biography: Like her twin, she is a very gifted scientist, and had been stationed on many posts in her time. However, unlike her sister, she did not do well among large groups of others so she did her best work on her own. She usually was sent on missions to explore neighborhing (or far reaching) worlds and catalogue their lifeforms and biology. She would take samples of the soil and other minerals, and take them home to analyze and give reports on. She didn't want her work to harm or interfere in the lives of others, so instead of donating her time to any war effort or attempt at contact she specifically volunteered on missions that involved scouting planets for terraforming and potential colonies.

She was close with her sister at one time, but their relationship grew estranged when she learned that her sister had a very different idea of what science was. Namely her sister didn't mind damaging others in the way to progress, something she abhorred deeply. Now she's kept her function as a scientist, but has been willing to accompany and accept Autobot missions or requests when needed.

Personality: A technical pacifist, Scramjet is kind hearted, despite her shyness. Even though she might come off as aloof, it is only because she doesn't do well around others, especially if she's only just met them. It likely relates to how easily she was overshadowed by her twin in their early years. She prefers to stick to her own and just learn, and doesn't like taking sides in conflicts. However, she takes personal offense when others use science as an excuse to destroy others, she believes science is only there to learn, not to be used for warfare. Her deepest fear is that she is like her sister, and tries hard to show others that she doesn't see them as tools or pawns. She is slightly snobby, despite her best intentions, but that could not be helped. She has a need to feel like she knows or can learn everything. She can't resist the urge to solve a riddle or learn something new. In warfare she will often be willing to search the battlefield for the injured to lead medics, as well as locate resources. As a last resort, she can be a decent sniper.

Appearance: Like her sister, she is not built for direct combat, and her lean frame and chasis make it clear her best contribution to any battle would be her speed. She resembles her twin for the most part, only with a lot less angles, and she has been streamlined for long distance flight. She has black coloring with some silver and white.

Alt. Mode: Cybertronian jet capable of space flight. Resembles

Other: She has scientific tools that can be improvised medical tools if needed. She also uses a long range rifle.

Love Interest: No one, no time, too much work.

7/18/2011 . Edited 7/18/2011 #3

Name: Soulfire

Age: 5,000

Faction: Autobot

Gender: Femme

Rank: Scout

Race: Cybetronian

Likes: fights, explosions, her love interests, energon O's *winks at Stella* and Alexa

Dislikes: losing, Decepticons, and dumb government people!

Partner: Alexa Nicolai, a NEST Lieutenant.

Biography: Her parents both High ranked Medics, Soulfire wanted to rebel her fate of following their footsteps and live on the edge. Soon after leaving her home in Cybertron for Earth, her loved ones were massacred completely by Decepticons. She was found by the twin Autobots Sideswipe and Sunstreaker and brought to the base to give her life to save the human race and swear to protect others from sharing the same fate as she had...

Personality: quick to diagnose problems like she was raised, witty and quick with her actions. She loves to win arguments and fights but doesn't believe in harsh punishment unless forced or deserved.

Appearance: Panther like facial features in Autobot mode *Need more?*

Alt. Mode: Golden yellow-orange Mitsubishi Eclipse

Other: Loves to pick on smaller bots, and eavvsdrop.

Love Interest: Sideswipe+Sunstreaker

8/2/2011 #4
Rao Odiheme

Name: Alice Thompson

Gender: Female

Race: Human

D.O.B: 3/17

Age: 27

Weight (Optional): 100lb

Height: 5' 1"

Hair colour: Blonde

Eye colour: Green

Personality: Murderous, Sly, Deceiving, Mysterious. Has a softer side for some.

Appearance: Weres a Black Tube Top and a Pair Of blue jeans.

Tattoos?: Not a tattoo per say but she had the Decepticon symbol Cut into her back causing a scar.

Piercings?: Tops of her ears have rings.

Partner: none

Love Interest: Megatron

Info: She has murdered 17 people. Some just to steal their belongings, and others for supporting the Autobots. She has a strong lust for power. She strongly believes the majority of the human race needs to be exterminated. She finds that people have taken life for granted and have killed our planet in the process. Has a strong affecton towards Megatron. Before the transformers arrived she worked on a stables. ( I don't plan on using her to kill anyones OC mainly random citicens. )

9/19/2011 #5
Decepticon Alchemist

Name: Deathcry

Age: Unknown

Faction: Decepticons

Gender: Femme

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: Warrior

Race: Cybertronian

Likes: Death, pain of others, anything that makes other hate her.

Dislikes: Just about everything

Partner: None

Biography: She was once a peaceful little sparkling who loved everything and everyone. She was abandoned by her creators when the war begun, and she turn cold-sparked... So cold-sparked that Unicrons very blood flows in sync with her Energon. She has killed many and hates all. The only reason she works for the Decepticons is because she would be killed as a neutral. She once opened up to a mech long forgotten, until the war consumed him. She has never loved since.

Personality: Cruel, wicked, snide, rude, slick, sharp-tongued, and charming

Appearance: Jet-black with flame-like designs that are a mixture of dark grey, light silver, and a few streaks of white. Her claws are wicked-sharp and she has talon-like tips of her toes. Good for latching onto things. Her optics range in color, changing from red, black, and white. She is lean and built for speed, but she is also well built for strength. She has sharp appendages all over her body... Be careful if ya touch her!

Alt. Mode: She's an Omni-former

Other: On the inside, she longs for someone to care for her, but she would never show it... Maybe.

Love Interest: None... For the moment.

(Hi! My character sounds wicked right? Well, she is. But I'm a pretty nice person! Lol, I hope Death is accepted ;) )

9/20/2011 #6

Both characters are accepted! :)

9/21/2011 #7
Decepticon Alchemist

Thanks so much!!!

9/21/2011 #8

No problem, have fun~

9/21/2011 #9
Decepticon Alchemist

Thanks! Which RP should I go to?

9/21/2011 #10

(Nevermind, Charlie isnt good enough for this Forum! ;) I3 U Revina! LOL)

Name: Alexa Nicolai

Age: about 19-22-ish

Faction: Autobot.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Likes: Fights, music, and Black Op Missions.

Dislikes: Anything Pink and Girly!

Partner: SoulFire

Biography: A Lieutenant NEST operative, Alexa doesn't exactly have much of a past but only the fact that a shard of the All-Spark rests inside her heart. The truth of how it got there is a mystery all its own.

Personality: She is a very agressive person to where if she punches you, you may never quite know if she's mad or having fun. Alexa is ordinarily a sweet and caring person to those who deserve the respect she's willing to give. She despises Decepticons after their attempt to make her their next 'experiment', and with the shard inside her, she is the target of everyone..

well, in her mind that is...

Appearance: Medium lengthed Silver hair, bluish Lavender eyes.

Alt. Mode: None

Other: SHe is a very 'Open' person.

Love Interest: NONE. ;) ..

9/22/2011 . Edited 10/22/2011 #11
Decepticon Alchemist

(This is Deathcry's fav. alt. mode)

9/23/2011 #12
Seraph Darkfire

Name: Seraph Darkfire

Age: 18

Faction: Neutral

Gender: Male

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: [Scout, Warrior, Scientist, Medic, Noble]

Race: Cybertronian Human (Cyborg)

Likes: He enjoys being solitary. Most of the time he will be hidden away, observing.

Dislikes: He dislikes the war between the two factions. It annoys him that two of the same species would fight each other. It is another reason he dislikes the choices of humans as well.

Partner: He has no partner.

Biography: When he was twelve, he was just hiding out at night. He always snuck out at night to enjoy time by himself. He came from a troubled family and needed some sort of outlet to get away from his family. They always fought and it upset him. That night he was sitting up in a tree, looking up at the starry sky when he saw two flashes as they flew through the sky. They were pieces of cybertronian weapons and armor. Apparently it was from some far off battle and held trace amounts of energon.

These two pieces were relatively small in comparison to what they came from. The first piece speared through his heart, sending sparks throughout his young body. The second it entered his body, the metal began to change, breaking down and flowing through the wound it had created, following his blood flow.

Then the second piece his his forehead, slicing deep into his brain. An explosion of knowledge flooded his mind, filling his mind of both the Decepticons and Autobots. At that point, he began to know everything about Cybertron as that metal broke down and filled his brain.

Then he died.

Then he awoke, six feet under the ground. He freaked out for a second before his mind began to work, processing the knowledge and surrounding area. He knew he was underground and in a coffin. It was easy to figure out that he had been killed the moment the two pieces of metal entered his body. But it didn't stop, it broke down and filled his whole body, taking on a mind of it's own.

Even as he was being buried, the nanites that were created from the metal and energon had broken down his skeletal structure, building a metallic structure in it's place, giving them the ability to shift and alter. Not as much as the Cybertronian's ways of transformations, but he could create weapons out of his arms. His muscles, while still human muscles, had been augmented. It was laced with cybernetic enhancements, a wire work of metal and muscle.

His eyes were replaced with exact cybernetic eye copies, better than his own. The nanites had altered his body, making him the perfect combination of Cybertronian and Human.

As he climbed out of the dirt, a quick survey of the surrounding area, his body naturally scanned the air. He found that it had been three months since he had 'died'. He now knew he was part of the war now, even if he didn't like it. Even though he felt confident that he could take on a full sized Cybertronian, he didn't take chances, staying out of their ways, lest they decide to try to make more of him. He didn't even know how it had worked, it could have just been a complete fluke, but he didn't want to find out.

Personality: He is a nice guy, but he can be manipulative when it comes to the Decepticons. He knows how to work them.


Alt. Mode: [Transformers only]

Other: He can still get energy from human foods and drinks, but he can also use energon for an instant super boost.

Love Interest: Not yet. If anyone wants him though, you will need to work on him :P

10/8/2011 #13

Very interesting character~ :D

10/9/2011 #14
Seraph Darkfire

Thanks. I thought him up while I was watching the third movie actually. Is he accepted?

10/9/2011 #15

Name: Scatterblade

Faction: Autobot

Gender: Mech

Rank: Warrior

Race: Cybetronian

Likes: the organic life he has seen on earth, (animals, trees, etc.) human imaginations their movies and books, ect. likes to show off his swords skills (like a freaken ninja XP)

Dislikes: being serious if there's a chance to add humor. Cons with an "imagination." mechs skirting around the truth of a situation.

Biography: He's a frontliner recruited a little before Bumblebee. He never knew the cannon characters but knew of them. Mostly Ironhide; his hero. Next to Optimus, of course. He spent much of his time with a small group just trying to regroup with the unit. The little group came across a Decepticon Scientist and were holding him prisoner till the Autobots could regroup. But the Cons found them first. He lost the two mechs he traveled with and the scientist thought it would be interesting to make the mech part of an experiment. This results with Scatterblade having a pretender that sorta works like an avatar/puppet.

Personality: He likes being funny and uses humor to hide the pain from the memories of his torture. He understands a lot about humans but not by direct contact. He is fiercely loyal to any and all friends he makes. He uses his blades more than his head and sometimes seems a bit thick. Appearance: big black, a few guns on his shoulders but loves to use his swords. Two energon katanas

Alt. Mode: 1969 Pontiac Bonneville

10/11/2011 . Edited 10/11/2011 #16

All characters are automatically accepted. Unless two people claim the same mech or femme, then it goes to whoever responded first.

10/18/2011 #17
Autobot Alythia

Name: Charm

Age: Similar to the human equivalent of 25

Faction: Neutral

Gender: Femme

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: (Well, I think I'll have her be in the Earth rp)

Race: Cybertronian

Likes: Being alone most of the time, drawing, learning about the Earth.

Dislikes: Fighting, draining bots of their energon (since she's an energon vampire).

Partner: None.

Biography: Charm was sparked on Cybertron, however, was a Neutral. She grew up with the average class of Cybertronian, living the average lifestyle. However, when the war started to increase, she decided she would head away from the fighting, not wanting to be a part of it. Though, she did get to see a few battles, which is how she knew about the Decepticon's Communications Officer, Soundwave, and she instantly liked him. She tended to stay closer to the Deceptions, but only when she knew Soundwave was nearby, since other than that, she would stay near the Autobots, but never joined either side. Over the years, her affection for the mech grew into love, but she just never had the courage to go up to him and tell him her feelings, and that she wasn't sure how he or any other Decepticon would react to a Neutral. Deciding that being on Cybertron wouldn't get her anywhere, she left the planet, and soon landed on Earth, where she made her own base on Earth, which wasn't much, but it was just enough for her.

Personality: Charm is usualy quiet, and tends to stay away from other Cybertronians and humans for most of the time.

Appearance: She's mostly dark purple, with white, silver, and light purple stripes. In her robot form, her optics are purple, but are hidden by a purple visor. Her fangs poke out her mouth, since she's an energon vampire, and she has clawed hands and feet.

Alt. Mode: F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter

Other: Charm's ability to drain bots of their energon is one she only uses when she has no other option, since she hates to do this.

Love Interest: Soundwave

10/18/2011 #18

Name: Camryn Venturous Jones (prefers being called Vee)

Age: 17

Faction: Neutral

Gender: Female

Race: Kind of a Cybertronian Human.

Likes: Animals, the outdoors, drawing, sometimes singing(when alone), traveling, and usually being alone.

Dislikes: Scientists, Decepticons, being told what to do, pink, dresses, the fact that the Decepticons and the Autobots are fighting, labs, being startled, and operation tables.

Partner: None

Biography: Her father disappeared when she was born and her mother died in a robbery when she was nine. A piece of the All-Spark landed in the Rocky Mountains and created a storm that attracted several scientists. They became fascinated with the piece and started testing different things with it. They would put attach metal things to the piece and what they were testing and used wires to attach them. They started with plants and it either killed them or made them larger. Testing on animals killed the animals or nothing happened. They tested it on water and earth but nothing really happened. The last thing they resorted to was to testing it on a human but none of them were willing to volunteer so they went searching. Just running away from a foster family, thirteen year old Camryn was found by the scientists on the streets. They said they would give her a nice home but instead they took her to their lab and tied her to an operation table because she tried resisting. They experimented again and afain but nothing happened. They were getting so frustrated and obsessed with it that they decided to try one more thing. They operated on her and opened her up to expose her heart. Three of the four doctors were at lunch and when the only one left connected her heart with the piece it dissolved into millions of shiny little particles and spread throughout her body. The scientist quickly stitched her back up and lied to the others he had put the piece away. When Camryn was completely stitched up that's when it began. She woke up and started screaming and kicking. Her genes started changing and when one of the scientists touched her she got startled and flipped over, taking the table with her. When the scientists saw her again, her pupils had gone slit, her nails turned into claws, and her canine teeth became fangs. She ran past them, out of the building, into some random alley, and calmed down. When she cooled down she was completely normal. Ever since then, she found she could shapeshift and 'mix-and-match' so for example she could have the body of a wolf, the eyes of a cat, and the wings of a dragonfly. Though she is sometimes easily startled and when startled she can accidently shapeshift and attack whatever startled her. She's never had perfect control over her new genetics and doubts she ever will.

Personality: She has a slight issue trust and can be sarcastic, stubborn, quiet yet caring. She could even be talkative, warm, kind, and bubbly if you get to know her.


Except she has forest green eyes. She wears tank tops of any color (except pink), ripped dark blue skinny jeans, black sneakers, black fingerless gloves, and a black leather jacket.

Other: Whenever she shapeshifts, any animal part has a metalic glint to it showing that a pice of the All-Spark resides in her body and is what gives her the ability to shapeshift.

Love Interest: Not yet.

7/26/2012 . Edited 11/22/2012 #19

hey i wanna be in this so here's my character

Name: blackblade

Age: 16 in human years

Faction: former decepticon now he's an autobot

Gender: [Mech

[Cybertronian ONLY]Rank: warrior

Race: cybertronian

Likes: he's friends to kick some decepticon butt and just hanging out with he's friend

Dislikes: the decepticon especially megatron, he hates people hurting he's friends and to have nothing to do

Partner: he works alone but has a lot of friends

Biography: he was a high ranking decepticon during the wars but when he came to earth he was betrayed by megatron and chose to join the autobots where he got alot of new friends now he is trying to do anything he can to help he's new friends is it on earth or cybertron

Personality: angry but friendly some times cool

Appearance: he is completely black with red eyes he has wings and it looks like he has headphones on

Alt. Mode: SR-71 blackbird

Other: he usually in battle uses two swords oh and he can only talk by cliping things together that he heard so he sounds a bit strange

Love Interest: none

i know it's not the best bio but i did the best i could so i hope i get accepted

11/7/2012 . Edited 11/7/2012 #20
Dark T. Shadowfire

Name: Shadowfire.

Age: 4,000 years.

Faction: Autobot.

Gender: Mech.

Rank:Soldier and Weapons specialist (often works with Ironhide).

Race: Cybertronian.

Likes: Weapons that emit huge "BOOM" sounds and have massive clips ("otherwise you're wasting weaponry, and in war, wasted weaponry gets you dead."), war, beating enemies senseless, and utter hatred of any opposition to his style of fighting.

Dislikes: Wasted weapons, wimpy soldiers, weakness, complaining, disrespect, and Decepticons.

Partners: Ironhide and Grimlock.

Bio: Often tasked with solo missions, Shadowfire is no stranger to self-reliance, often refusing help for any injuries he sustains (even critical ones.) As a frontline soldier, he shoots first and never puts his guard down, knowing all too well that putting your guard down can kill you. Shadowfire hails from Iacon, Optimus Prime's hometown, and often spent time alone to build his strength and durability without interruption. Weapons gives his life purpose, and the only thing on his mind is what the next mission is.

Personality: Cold, calculating, and a loner by nature. best to not be in his crosshairs if you can help it.

Appearance: Shadowfire is black and blue, with blue eyes and a black face. the majority of his tall, powerful frame is black, except for the combat stripes he proudly wears.

Alt. Mode: he has 3: a massive naval assault carrier, giant supersonic bomber plane, and an intimidatingly titanic war tank.

Other: he specializes in sniping and knife throwing. uses a pair of machine guns, with huge shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and a pair of swords.

Love Interest: Doesn't care to pursue anyone.

7/12/2015 . Edited 7/13/2015 #21
Gipsy Prime

Name: SilverWing

Age: One thousand One Hundred Twenty Years Old

Gender: Femme

[Cybertronian ONLY] Rank: Warrior

Race: Cybertronian

Likes: Annoy Ratchet and Fighting

4/27 #22
Gipsy Prime

Dislikes:Getting Bored and not able to kick some con


Biography:SilverWing is Starscream's Little sister. When Her Brother killed both of their parents. She promised that she will avenge her parents and joined Team Prime.


Appearance:Almost like Starscream,only her armor covering her peds.

Alt.Mode:F-35 Jet

Love Interest:Optimus Prime

7/1 #23
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