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Okay, so Stiles suspected where Scott's phone was when Scott was hunting it frantically. And yes, he knew that Derek had been taken by the werewolf hunters. That means that he was perfectly willing to let scary, Derek be tortured and killed without any moral qualms?

8/9/2011 #1

I know, that kind of bugged me. I know Stiles doesn't like Derek, but that seems a little far. Then again, maybe he didn't say anything because he was trying to protect Scott. Obviously it would be bad idea for Scott to go rushing into Hunter territory and try to free Derek. Maybe Stiles wasn't saying anything about it because he knew Scott would rush in and probably get hurt.

Another thing that bothered me was that after Jackson told the hunters about Scott, he went and told Stiles what he had done. So Stiles must have known that Scott, his best friend, was in danger, but instead of going to help him he ran out to find Lydia, just because she never found Jackson? That bothered me a bit.

I love Stiles, but this was not the best episode for him I guess.

8/9/2011 #2

Stiles apparently thinks it's a challenge for Scott to walk and chew gum at the same time. So, yeah, protecting him from his nobler instincts probably is one of the duties of a best friend. Definite torture and murder of Derek vs. possible danger to Scott, no brainer, I guess. Is not heroic. Sounds like Jackson's whine that he might get hurt if he tried to look after Allison.

We don't know who Stiles went looking for after he talked to Jackson. It's at least as likely that he went looking for Scott to warn him and found Lydia and Peter instead. Got to give him points for going head to head with Alpha.

8/9/2011 #3

After I posted I realized that there was no reason for Stiles to be concerned about Lydia's safety. All Jackson could have told him was that the hunters were on campus looking for Scott. Except for the danger of stray bullets to innocent bystanders, Lydia wasn't in any particular danger from them. So far as we know, only Scott knew that the Alpha was on campus. A fact that his hormones wiped from his brain or he wouldn't have been wandering around deserted parts of the campus with Allison.

8/9/2011 #4

I agree. I suppose its possible that he went out looking for Scott and just happened to stumble across Peter attacking Lydia, that is plausible. And yes, he definitely gets extra points for going head to head with the Alpha. Either his crush on Lydia is a lot bigger than I thought, or Stiles was just feeling incredibly brave at the moment.

Then again, I doubt it would have done Stiles much good to run away either, since Peter wanted to question him and he is obviously much faster.

I've been thinking about this entire thread, and I realized that Stiles not saying about knowing how to find Derek isn't really out of character at all. Stiles is definitely not above using people, like we've seen with Danny and even his dad, and he seems to have no issue with lying to people either. And above all, he is loyal to Scott and wants him to survive. Plus, we all know he isn't the biggest fan of Derek in the first place. So I can actually completely see him withholding the information from Scott.

8/9/2011 #5

Yes, manipulative and opportunistic. Not usually considered traits of THE HERO but then he's the sidekick, the Robin to Scott's Batman. He is charming and doesn't seem to use his powers for evil purposes.

8/9/2011 #6

@Sorahart: I totally agree with you, but I'm really starting to think that this whole "I don't really care about Derek" thing is getting a bit out of hand. I like Stiles, I really do, but at times I feel (especially in that part) that he's starting to cross the line.

8/10/2011 #7

Could there be some jealousy involved in his reaction to Derek? Derek and Scott share something that excludes Stiles. Stiles is not exactly Mr. Popularity at school. Losing his best friend would worry him.

8/10/2011 #8
Gray Glube

Here's just my two cents on the whole thing, Stiles knew Scott was going to the dance, but if my memory of the episode is correct he never actually saw Scott there did he? I mean he may have but that's an assumption since they are never seen talking to each other or acknowledging each other at the dance. So Lydia leaves, Stiles goes and sees Jackson and finds out the hunters are at the school, if he never saw Scott then he may have actually been searching for Scott, not Lydia. Now if he's looking for Scott and sees that the entire lacrosse field is lit up, which is not normal he must have figured it was a trap and that's when he saw Lydia and since he knows Jackson is inside it must be 1. the hunters who turned on the lights, or 2. the alpha since he probably would have thrown away the option of Scott doing it. In either case it's not a good spot for Lydia to be so he screams for her to run and then she gets attacked.

On the cell phone thing it seemed to me that he came to the conclusion that Derek took it so they could find him under pressure and on the spot since Lydia was basically going to get killed if he didn't come up with a reason as to where Derek was or a way to find him. For me I think he just put all the pieces together at that moment. Sure Stiles doesn't like Derek but he knows Derek is the only one who can help Scott to kill the alpha, without Derek to help Scott would probably die because Stiles knows he can't do the same things as Derek does because he's only human. So in the Derek and Stiles relationship I think Stiles, despite not liking Derek, would never intentionally leave him for dead because he knows that they still need him.

8/14/2011 #9

so the person Peter askes "Do you want the bite?" is Stiles... wonder which he'll chose. I hope he doesn't. Just found this out on mtv.com go check it out...

8/15/2011 #10

Good catch on them not talking after Stiles volunteers to help Scott get ready for the dance. However, he couldn't not have seen or at least heard about the coach's pursuit of Scott across the gym. He had to know he was there. Doesn't effect the rest of your argument.

All the parts about Derek and the cell phone could have come together for him under the pressure of the Alpha's threat. I can accept that. I'd like to think that he woldn't knowingly allow Derek to stay in the hands of the hunters, if there was something that could be done. Or maybe Stiles is just a post-modern hero who weighs the cost to himself and acts out of his own self-interest rather than what's the honorable thing to do.

8/15/2011 #11
Gray Glube

The whole thing with coach I completely agree with, very possible and entirely probable. Personally for me while watching the episode again I found that a bit of a giant hole in the conclusion I came to, but in my mind the whole dance scene was a little time-line wonky because they shifted from Stiles to Scott and their seperate experience while there. They can't tackle both at the same time because they're seperate character perspectives, do you get what I mean? So while Stiles is on the field running after Lydia and confronting Peter, Scott is at the school buses with Allison, so for me I like to think that while the coach was yelling after Scott that Stiles was talking to Jackson. But then again that's just my own viewpoint, and it's really just what I got out of the whole thing.

But then again I could be completely wrong and Stiles may be more calculating and as you put it more of a self-influenced sort of guy just weighing the options and picking the one that's most likely to keep him alive, he is only sixteen and he's not a saint, he's a normal kid so I can accept that just as readily as I can accept my own conclusion.

8/15/2011 #12

Weird continuity lapse that suddenly Stiles doesn't know what a pendant is in tonight's episode. But given the way he put the facts together and came up with Kate as the arsonist supports the theory that he performs best under pressure.

8/15/2011 #13
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