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Here you post the profile of a new owl character. Wait for me to approve if it before you can post anything in other posts. Profiles must be in this format:


Age: (owl years)


Species of owl:

Appearance: (if there is anything different about it, or leave it blank)





History: (reccomended, but if you choose not to, put n/a)


7/21/2011 . Edited 7/21/2011 #1

Name: Sylvie

Age: 14 (owl years)

Gender: Female

Species of owl: Lesser Sooty Owl

Appearance: Her spots are quite large; giving her a white appearance from far away.

Alliance: Guardians

Personality: Cheerful; don't get on the wrong side of her though, she can get quite vicious.

Strengths: A good memory and can fully recite a whole book she had read.

Weaknesses: Being the cheerful owl, she often forgets the serious points of life.

History: n/a

Mate: n/a

7/21/2011 . Edited 7/21/2011 #2

Name: Blizzarie

Age: She is two years old but 20 in human

Gender: Female

Species of owl: Snowy Owl ( Bubo Scandiacus)

Appearance: Pure white body, massive wingspan. She has golden eyes. Black talons. Has very few black specks on her upper wings. And Black Beak.

Alliance: Guardian

Personality: The young adult owl is usually calm and collect. Uses intelligence to find an answer. Uses force when needed. She is one of kind heart, but can turn strict when reckoned with. She is a quire young owl, who would rather observe battle strategies then socialize with other young students.

Strengths: Is a fast Flyer, decent at seeking and finding hidden and lost objects. Uses intelligence and self wits to defeat foes. Has a keen sense of sight and smell. Has a strong gizzard.

Weaknesses: Blizzarie has a problem with letting her emotions over rule her better judgment. She uses extreme caution when it comes to trusting other.

History: Her parents were killed by a group of murderous owls, during a battle. She was the only survivor, being the only owlet in her small family of three.She learned how to fly through being mentored by her parents, but didn't quite learn how to fully fly. She practiced and taught herself, through instinct. She was found by a group of Snowy Owls and taken to the Dark Fowl Island. She left her home the Northern Kingdom, wanting to travel and have new experiences. Now she is searching for the Great Ga'Hoole Tree; wanting to become a guardian. Like her ancestors Boron and Barran; who were king and queen of the greet tree.

Mate: Siege

7/26/2011 #3

Character Accepted!

8/6/2011 #4
Decepticon Alchemist

Name: Charisma (Also known as Charm)

Age: (owl years) Six months

Gender: Female

Species of owl: Barn owl (Tyto alba)

Appearance: (if there is anything different about it, or leave it blank) She is a pure white barn owl with dark oak-colored eyes.

Alliance: Guardians

Personality: She is sweet, very charasmatic and charming (How she got her name, no one knows XD), cheerful, and competitive. She is a very swift and stealthy flyer, and an execellent hunter. She will only persue battle if neccesary.

Strengths: She is a fast flyer and an exellent hunter.

Weaknesses: She tends to be a soar loser, and can have a nasty temper. She also known to hold grudges.

History: She fell from her hollow while trying to fly, something her parents strongly warned her to NOT to do. She was alone in the wilderness for a few moons. She was captured by St. Agoelious patrol while seeking water and food. She met Soren and Gylfie, and with their help, escaped the forsaken prison. Being the most skilled flyer of the group (Other than Twilight) She was quick to sense thermals that could take them to there destination. She is in the Navigation chaw.

8/29/2011 #5


9/1/2011 #6
Decepticon Alchemist


9/11/2011 #7

Name: Vrin

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species of owl: Barn owl (Black)

Appearance: (with a scar over his right eye, and the same eye is pitch white)

Alliance: Guardians (pretends to be a Pure One)

Personality: Kind, gentel, Cold to enemys

Strengths: strong flyer, silent flyer, fast talons

Weaknesses: bad sense of smell, weak stomached

History: Vrin was a barn owl living in Tyto forest with his younger brother and sister Felantio and Kimi, but they where captured by a group of renegade owls that planned to eat his siblings, so he followed them to the desert of kuneer where they had made there home and killed the owls, but the pure ones where on a patrol and found them, they captured Vrin and his siblings and took them to St. Agilious where Vrin was put to work as a guard and his brother and sister where tasked as pickers, Vrin manged to hide them in his hollow where he is planning to get them out of St. Agilious

Mate: N/A

11/2/2011 #8

Name: Ala

Age: (owl years) 20

Gender: female

Species of owl: barn owl :

Appearance: (if there is anything different about it, or leave it blank) I have a black ring around my beak

Alliance: Guardian (fully)

Personality: brave, loyal, firece and fiesty

Strengths: endurance flyer, combat

Weaknesses: rain, I find it hard to fly in heavy rain

History: (reccomended, but if you choose not to, put n/a) I was a barn owl, lving in Tyto forest. my sister fell out of the tree very young, she was never seen again. I was raised by myself, but one day I went looking for her, I had not yet learned to fly, I was snatched up by a screech owl and now I am here at the orphanage....

Mate: I don't know if I'm allowed characters from the movie, but if so Sorren, if no N/A

12/21/2011 #9
Name: Crescent Age: 2 years old Gender: Female Species: White Barn Owl Appearance: Has a short scar near her left eye. Alliance: Pure Ones Personality: Very devious and cunning. Can easily fool someone into telling her information. The master of acting. Mostly acts like a shy, nervous, owlet. Then attacks her victim. When attacking she shows no mercy and will attack anyone. Strengths: Expert fighter with battle claws and fire. Loves to see others weep and show their weaknesses. Weaknesses: Having her family mentioned. History: Originally from the Forest Kingdom of Tyto. She was never accepted by her parents and siblings for her interest in war and battle claws.She was later introduced to the Pure Ones by her uncle, who's both a rough smith, former hireclaw, and a Pure One. She later murdered her entire family with a pair of battle claws from her uncle. After that she joined the Pure Ones and is greatly feared by the other males for her ability to easily trick someone. Mate: A black, one-eyed, 5 year old, barn owl named Aries
4/5/2012 #10
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