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Where the Sith and or bounty hunters discuss evil things. This ties in with the current RP topic too.

8/20/2011 #1

Count Dooku paced slowly in the dark room.

"Elena, my child, go forth to Triton. Your sister, along with a Jedi Master and another Knight will be there to try to destroy our secret weapon. Kill everyone, except for your sister, bring her back to me" he said darkly.

8/20/2011 #2
Elena looked at her father before she bowed while saying, "Understood, Father. I shall take care of it." She then walked out and went towards her fighter to go to where her dear sister was. She never understood why father always asked her to bring Elekyra back whenever they met up and would fight. She never understood why he wanted Elektra when he had her and that's why she hates her sister with a passion, because even though Elektra had everything while she was with them, she gaveit all up just because she didn't want to take a pitiful weakling's life.
8/20/2011 #3

----A day before the rest of the Jedi arrive on Triton----

"Elena, I have been informed that there are already some Republic forces on the planet, take out the Jedi there, and then wait for the others to arrive to prepare an ambush" Dooku said through the hologram. He ended the transmission.

Dooku then turned to Ventress.

"I am pleased you have decided to return Ventress. You will go to Triton and keep my daughter in line to make sure she does what she needs to. If she doesn't, bring her back here, along with her sister, and I will take care of them both."

8/20/2011 #4
Arana Antonia

Ventress bowed low, her cold yellow eyes the only thing visible under her dark hood.

"As you wish, master..." she hissed.

8/20/2011 #5

Dooku continued to pace through the dark lit chamber. Many thoughts ran through his head, but they were interrupted.

8/20/2011 #6
Arana Antonia

A young jedi crouched outside the door. She brushed away a loosed strand of brown hair from her face and put one hand on her lightsaber. there was a constant flow of dark side energy flowing from the compund, and it worried her. While Dooku was a powerful Sith Lord, not even he could radiate such power.

Someone else was there... someone dangerous.

8/20/2011 #7

"Darth Tyranus, I hope your plan will work well" a raspy voice came.

"It will Master, the Jedi won't even know what will hit them. I have commanded Elena to take 3,000 droids and ambush them."

"Your daughter? That is a dangerous choice" the dark voice said.

"I have sent Ventress too, to look after her to make sure she does not fail" Dooku said confidently.

"You send two, both of whom have failed in the past. I will not accept failure Tyranus."

"Yes Master."

"I will leave now, and I expect good news from you when I come back."

"Yes my lord Sidious" he said and bowed.

Once his master left, Dooku stopped in his tracks. He sensed another force sensitive being in the building, and quickly rushed off to the command room.

8/20/2011 #8

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!" A droideka shouted as Dooku entered. He forced pushed the droid and broke it.

"Make sure the Jedi has no way to escape, I will deal with the problem myself" he sneered.

"Roger, roger" the droideka said and closed all the doors that led to a way out.

Count Dooku then rushed out of the command room. "Come out Jedi, and face your death" he said in a mocking voice.

8/27/2011 #9
Arana Antonia

Arana ignited her lightsaber and stepped out to face the Sith Lord. Smiling, she extended her hands in mock greeting.

"Count Dooku." she said. "So nice to see you again."

8/29/2011 #10
"The pleasure is mine" Count Dooku sneered as he ignited his red lightsaber. "It was foolish to come here, thinking you could possibly take me on your own. I am, however, an agreeable man-surrender and I will make your death a swift one." He then struck forward. The fight was on.
8/29/2011 #11
Arana Antonia

Arana blocked the strike and their lightsabers clashed, their faces only a few inches from each other. She smiled.

"Come on count, when have you ever known me to surrender?" she asked. She pushed him back hard and twirled her saber in her hand.

They both knew this was just playful banter, a way to distract Dooku from focusing on whyever he was here. Soon the Sith lord would grow tired and then really try to kill her.

She had to keep this going for as long as possible...

8/30/2011 #12
"Foolish girl. Did the Council just send you. Pity that my former Master would be so desperate to send just one to my lair" he hissed. He continued his attack, and with each strike more powerful than the last. He saw her tiring, but decided to not go in for the kill-this one had information. He extended his hand and summoned the dark side of the force to produce his force lightning.
8/31/2011 #13
Arana Antonia

Dooku struck again, the force of the blow knocking Arana to the ground. She let out a gasp of pain as her saber rolled away, dissapearing in the dark. The sith raised his hand and narrowed his eyes threateningly.

Arana's eyes got wide. Was he going to kill her?

9/3/2011 #14
Count Dooku was about to strike when all of the sudden, the building began to shake violently. The Count lost balance and fell over, before he could stand he heard shouts and gunfire. Knowing the Republic had found his whereabouts, he took a last look at the Jedi with contempt and then fled to his escape ship.
9/4/2011 #15

Darth Kull looked down into the darkness at the lightsaber at his feet and watched the scene before him with amusement.

9/5/2011 #16
Arana Antonia

Arana watched the count dissapear and breathed a slient thanks to whoever drew him away for saving her life. Slowly, shakily, she stood and began to search for her lightsaber. She knew it was around here somewhere. Maybe under the...

That's when the shock of the dark side hit her with force enough to knock her down. She stumbled, and shook her head to clear it.

"Who's there?" she demaned, trying not to sound scared.

9/6/2011 #17

Kull laughed deeply, the sound was grating and raspy, and he kicked the lightsaber towards Arana from the deep shadows near the wall. "No one you need worry about, Jedi" he said through the force, the sound echoing into her ears.

9/6/2011 #18
Arana Antonia

Arana cautiously knelt and picked up the saber. Her eyes flickered around, looking for any more troube that was to come.

That was when the compound shook.

The clones! She had to get out there and warm whoever was leading this attack. They were all in danger.

She turned and fled outside

9/15/2011 #19
The Counter-Point Man

When Odafinn Obaro and his Nelvaanian Jedi Master Szika Farakar had been assigned with fifteen Clone Troopers of the 501st Legion on their diplomatic delegation to the Separatist-aligned Outer Rim planet of Elrood, their temporary cease fire-negotiated stay in the capital city of Elrooden spent discussing the possibility of an armistice with GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) forces and reintegration into the Republic, they had made sure that there was a suitable method of falling back through the outer the city limits, and eventually, a quick and clean extraction via dropship. They had fortified auxiliary positions in the surrounding woods and wilderness outside of their monitored hotel, overlooking the wide and expansive terrain of a rural-esque orchard. Master Farakar herself had then established the ditch to the rear of the building as a retreat route. Relatively deep, the channel extended approximately a quarter of a mile into the back wall of an aqueduct tunnel. That cistern then let out onto the narrow, winding streets of the Elrooden city.

Master Farakar had sworn, on the night before the final congress, that the government representatives of Elrood would be foolish to align themselves any further with the Confederacy, despite their significant economic payoffs. In battle, the loss of life on both sides would be interminably high, and the Separatists would pay dearly for every inch of land they clung to. And so, her loyal Padawan learner and troops under her command listened and waited.

Szika had remained true her word.

Days previous, Master Farakar had told her men that the Republic was preparing for a full-scale mobilization to the Elrood sector. Despite their starfleets in nearby systems crumbling under the new Separatist counteroffensive, the Republic was steadfast in the taking of the industrial planet by whatever amount of ground forces they could push through the near-impenetrable barrier of air-space defense systems the Confederacy had installed. However, nothing was to come cheaply. A select few groups were left to sabotage efforts of the defending forces, and that included wiping out several key points in the capital city . . .


Now, the Jedi Master's words echoed in Finn's head.

They will wish they never allied themselves with the Separatists. The bloodshed will be inevitably high, but we shall prevail. Stop them here, men. Stop them now, in Elrood. May the Force be with you, always.

And now, she was dead, along with eleven of the most courageous fighters Finn had ever met, and while they were becoming one with the living Force, he was about to step through the doorway to hell.

In a cold, windowless cell the Korun Padawan sat, meditating as best he could, despite the Force-proof links upon his wrists and ankles seeming to drain his energy away. He forced his eyes shut, waiting for whatever fate his dark sided Separatist captors had in store for him . . .

9/21/2011 . Edited 9/21/2011 #20
Count Dooku entered through the doors, which were guarded by SBDs. His footsteps echoed in the dimly lit hallway where he slowly made his way to a prison door. He nodded to the guarding droideka and it pressed the combination on a keypad. The prison door opened with a whoosh and he stepped in. "Padawan Obaro, you and your master have made a valiant effort, but this is the end. In a few days time, you and the other survivors will be sent to your execution, however, I have seen your potential and I think you would make a good apprentice. Join the darkside and free yourself from prison, from death" the Count said with darkly passion.
9/21/2011 #21
The Counter-Point Man

Finn's stark and tired eyes looked up to the experienced and menacing gaze of the head of the Confederacy of Independent Systems himself: Count Dooku. Darth Tyranus, and from what the Jedi Council and Republic Intelligence could decipher, the currently commanding Dark Lord of the Sith.

"Ah, Count," he murmured as the prestigious and solemn darkness of the Sith Lord's presence enveloped the entire room. "And you're not half of the big bad boogeyman the Council thought you to be."

Few would ever know what an effort it took to maintain his temperate defiance in the midst of such a barrage of dark side energies. Finn skirted away from feelings of hatred and even animosity, regarding the Count with little more than placid apathy.

At the mention of his deceased Master and comrades, however, Finn's sardonic smile faded. "Well, first off, you're a terrible liar, Count," he'd been brought up, no matter how much resentment he held for Dooku or whoever angered him, to refer to them as their honorific title. Despite the evident lack of honor in Dooku's. "If you were planning upon executing me, you would've done it already. You probably would've gotten your four-armed cyborg stooge to do it for you, if you were so dead set upon it. And what of the survivors? The troopers that surrendered. They pose far more of a liability to whatever plans you may have, yet they've so far been kept alive and well. At least from what I can feel."

Looking directly up at the Count, Finn allowed his obvious sarcasm to let loose for the time being. A low chuckle emanated from him, followed by a hearty, mocking laugh. "You're a joke, Count. An old, washed-up, dark sided bag of bones who relies on cheap bribes and royal titles to get your way. It's rather funny . . . the Council is so frightened by you, of all people in the galaxy . . . we made such a business out of you! I'm sorry, I'm just laughing at our own idiocy just as much as your own lack of substance."

9/21/2011 #22
The Count did little but twitch the corners of his mouth before speaking. "You have inherited much of your Master's personality. It's a shame I could not have seen my old padawan. Ah well. I will visit again tomorrow to check up on you, so don't do anything you'll regret later" the Count ended darkly with a hint of a threatening tone. The Sith lord then walked out of the door and let it close behind him.
9/21/2011 #23
The Counter-Point Man

Finn's mocking fit of laughter had soon died down, replaced by defiant silence at Dooku's cryptic statement on the subject of his recently deceased Master. Did he speak the truth? Aside from his preposition and his trained abilities of deception as an experienced Sith, Master Farakar had always been quite elusive on the subject of her own teacher. There had always been a forsaken sense of longing in her blackened, lupine eyes. A reserved appreciation, but there was no significant amount of happiness or nostalgia as far as Finn could feel. It was a disturbing notion, especially in his current predicament, but it failed to remain out of the question.

No, Finn thought, inwardly scolding himself for letting the Sith get under his skin. Dooku was a Jedi too, a long time ago. He trained many pupils that would grow to be great guardians of peace and justice in the Republic. Among them, Qui-Gon Jinn, the legendary maverick Jedi Master who brought the revered 'Chosen One' before the eyes of the Council (although, in retrospect, he probably failed to forsee how flippantly philandering Master Skywalker would turn out to be) and trained Master Obi-Wan Kenobi into the sage tactician and negotiator he was in this conflict. Master Keelyvine Reus was one of the Order's most skillful blades, who had been under his tutelage. The fallen Komari Vosa, despite her preference toward violence, was a versatile Jedi who upstaged many of her Padawan compatriots. Then, finally, his own Master . . . former Master . . . Szika Farakar. In Finn's opinion, the greater of them all . . . but now she was dead and gone, run through and cut down by the hulking cyborg monstrosity that likely stalked the corridors of this installation at this very moment. Finn shook his head, clearing his anguished thoughts of his deceased teacher. This kinship does not bring us any closer. He may have trained her, but he does not know me . . .

The Korun Padawan was alone once again. Nothing but the sounds of silence to drown out his feelings. Sighing heavily, Finn retook his meditative position, sitting cross-legged upon the cold, metallic floor, and centered his mind.

Little by little, he let his thoughts slip away. He grew cold and still. The lone fluorescent light beaming down upon him was a torch of icy fire. The light of the Force. He felt himself separate from his linear state with a small and painless tug. He spirited himself away. Now he had joined with the night, with the inky blackness of space and time. Flying effortlessly, the worlds of earthbound beings spread out far below him, like the face of an ancient clock. He flew high, wide and silent over the warring, graveyard of a galaxy. Stars dotted the sea of constellations below him, a faded sepulcher cut by the dark blanket of outer space. His body felt so far behind now, his cerulean blue eyes rolled up to blind, glossy whites.

Now the nothingness began to change . . . he was in a stray strand of consciousness now. The laws of gravity applied to him - but he was not awake, not within himself.

"Fall back! Take your troops and--"

Those were the last words of Szika Farakar. A second later, half of her lupine face disappeared diagonallyin a cloud of crimson blood and tissue, as a green flash of light cauterized the rest of the vital fluids in its executioner's slash. Another blade, blue in color, erupted from the center of her back, gyrating slowly before receding back through her pierced sternum and into its hilt. A Jedi Master and General who had fought and bled for the Republic since the beginning of the war - from the first confrontation on Geonosis, to the defense of Felucia - a Jedi who, by normal standards, should have died on a hundred and three separate occasions; this same Jedi became, at long last, another tragic statistic of the war.

Somewhere down the long corridor, a thermal detonator exploded into a storm of shrapnel, shaking the whole building.

At first, Finn did not react to the his Master's collapse. Back pressed against the edge of a window, he had his entire attention focused on his own saber, deflecting and countering attacks from the cadre of MagnaGuards that accompanied the notorious General Grievous. Humming lightsaber against whirring electrostaff, spattering bursts of blaster fire from the remaining Clone Troopers and cries of agony deafening his ears. The violent recoil of the brutal strikes against his own weapon sent tremors down deep through his bones. He was trembling.

Finn shakily blocked another blow, casting a weary eye over to his troops and master.

It was then that he saw Szika, sprawled out on the floor. The Jedi's face was no longer recognizable, but the electrum-hilted lightsaber still glimmered proudly in her loose grip. Bloody and prolonged battles had done nothing to tarnish the badge of honor and prestige in the Order in her hand.

Finn felt all the fiery energy and morale drain from his body, leaving him nothing but flabby muscles to keep him standing. The lightsaber nearly fell from his hands in shock, if it weren't for his relfexes keeping the Magnaguards at bay.

"Master . . ." his words were slow and confused, drowned out in the thunderstorm of battle. With a sense of disbelief, he dodged away from the window after landing a critical stab through the first Magnaguard's centerpiece. Scrambling toward the body, he knelt beside his teacher and close friend. Even in death, spread on the ground with arms wide on the polished floor, Master Farakar retained her commanding honor and glory. Finn found himself strengthened simply by gazing at her.

Fueled by a new sense of resolve and vengeful fervor, Finn turned to slash away what he thought to be yet another Magnaguard . . . until a whitewashed, claw-like hand wielding a lightsaber batted his own blade away, another claw-like limb that resembled something of a foot smashed down upon his head, razor sharp talons cutting into his temples and cheeks as his vision went blurry and monochromatic as his head impacted against the floor. Through his watery, squinting eyes, Finn watched as the last Clone trooper still fighting was decapitated by a nonchalant slice of a third limb, the body crumpling to the ground, white helmet rolling away in a horrifically surreal manor.

The General, after a bout of hissing, metallic laughter, ordered his guards and the approaching Battle Droids to bring the prisoners to the ship. The other words failed to register in Finn's head. all he saw, as he began to black out, was the body of Master Farakar, caked in her own blood, as he was personally dragged away by the General himself . . .

With a gasp, Finn shot up. He was back on his feet now - his real feet - and back in his cell - his real cell. Sweat chilled his feverish body as he slowed his breathing, sitting down to slump against the wall. His eyes were once again watery and bloodshot. Now shivering, the Padawan prisoner closed his eyes once more - not to meditate, but to hold back the tears.

9/24/2011 #24
Dooku returned some time later, his footsteps sounded through the hall of the prison cells. Again, he commanded the droid to open a cell. He stepped in. "I hope you have reconsidered my proposition; I assure that you make progress much faster than with the Jedi" he said, the last word in a mocking tone. "The rest of your pathetic clones will be dead by sunset, there's nothing you can do to help them. Join me Odafinn, this is your last chance."
10/1/2011 #25
The Counter-Point Man

Dooku found Finn sitting cross-legged on the floor of his cell, once again in deep meditation, sorting through memories of pain and loss immemorial, siphoning out the positive capacities of his anger and hatred to the proximities of the Jedi Code:

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no death, there is the Force.

And yet, as he repeated the peacekeeper's mantra in his head, the less practical it became. Another, far less preached statute echoed between each word of the code:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken.

The Force shall set me free.

Finn's eyes opened, defiantly looking into those of the Count. He rose to his feet, slowly, unblinking in the Sith Lord's gaze. Finn knew his own plan, and it started with submission.

"Let them go safely," Finn said, concern and confidence on his expression. "Allow them to go free, and I will pledge myself to your teachings . . ."

10/2/2011 #26

The Count smiled.

"Very well. I think I can agree to those terms." He motioned to a droid.

"Release the rest of the prisoners." The droid nodded and walked away, clanking as it did. The Count then released the padawan using the force.

"Come, I will show you on the cameras that your men are released."

10/4/2011 #27
Arana Antonia

She was, by all means, different.

Most people never suspected her when it came to the more dreadful things. In fact, according to most people she didn;t even exsit.

And that was just how Ivy liked it.

She was never on the battlefeild technically,she usually just waited in the shadows for Dooku or Ventress to finish the job and then she followed, tying up loose ends before moving on.

At the moment, however, there were to many loose ends for Ivy to handle. Count Dooky thought so too, so he'd orderd her to remain the the darkest part of the caves until she was called for.

Some Sith you are, she thought. That your Master has to hide you away until you're useful.

Not that she could complain, she was barely 11 after all, and the battlefeild was no place for a child. She would much rather be here than anywhere else.

A noise near the mouth of the cave caught her attention. It was Ventress, looking irritable as she approached.

"Hello Sister Ventress." Ivy said with a whisper.

Ivy always called her fellow sith Sister or Brother, maybe because she could remember nothing about her old life. Not that it mattered, being a Sith was much more exciting that whatever she had been before.

Ventress waved her greeting away. "No time for pleasantries Ivy ," she said. "I must move you immeaniatley. Get up."

Ivy remained sitting. She looked up at Ventress, her gold eyes glowing. "Why?" she asked.

Ventress grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet. "Because Master said so, that's why." she growled, pulling her towards the exit. "If you remain here, you'll be found and you don't want that do you?" she asked.

Ivy silently shook her head.

"Good girl," Ventress said. She pushed her towards the speeder. "Now go."

Ivy clambered on the speeder and waited as Ventress sat in front of her. The engine roared to life and Ivy looked behind her.

She could see it. Or more accuractely...feel it.

Things were going bad for both the Sith and the Jedi. Ivy closed her eyes.

Things were about to get very compicated...very fast.

10/5/2011 #28
The Counter-Point Man

Finn felt a feeling of depth, contrast, and perception wash over him from his head to the soles of his feet, physically freed by the unlocking of his cuffs and metaphysically freed by the reunion of body and the Force. He tentatively exited the opened doors of his brig prison cell, eyeing the battle droids on guard suspiciously as he took to the Sith Lord Dooku's flank. He walked with brisk and purposefully long strides, stretching out his sore and half-asleep legs from meditating for such an extended duration of time. Time, incidentally, had become the last of the issues rattling within Finn's head, pondering it lightly as he kept a watchful eye for any possible traps en route to ensuring the secure release of the men under his Master's - now effectively his - command. How long had he been locked in that cell? It was of little consequence, yes, but he was sure the Temple or Council would have recounted his and his master's absence. Or, upon discovering his master's corpse, assumed the very worst.

Perhaps it was for the better that he was dead in their eyes. They were certainly the same to him . . .

As the Korun Force-user reconnected himself to the Force, he made an effort to scan the enemy facility around him. Upon doing so, he also felt the dark presence of another Sith-affiliated warrior . . . and another, smaller, but nearly just as powerful . . . probable enemies. Possible allies.

The game had changed, that much was for sure. And he was simply a pawn that had shed its white armor for the black interior that was dormant within him . . . or so they thought.

10/7/2011 #29
The Count walked swiftly, Finn following him. Ventress and Elena had finally returned with guests. They stepped into the dark room. "I was not expecting this Elena," referring to his other daughter. He turned his attention to Elektra and bent down so his face was even with hers. "You've changed since last we met. Still stubborn I sense, but nothing we can't handle" he said before patting her on the cheek. "Introductions. Elektra, this is my new apprentice Finn, Finn this is my second daughter."
10/10/2011 #30
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