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Four months after the Pacific Playland incident that brought the survivors closer into a twisted little psycotic family, they run into a new group of survivors and life becomes just another day in zombieland. Inquire within for more information, OC's w
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This is my first time doing this (not roleplaying but roleplaying with more than a single person and moderating a forum for it so bear with me)

Anyway, none of my roleplaying friends are into Zombieland so I am reaching out to all of you for some help.

Rules are;

OC's are welcome and appreciated, only 1 or 2 per person though please

I do want to include the original movie characters so anyone who is interested please post a reply to Characters and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Profanity, there's no filter after all Zombieland is full of it and what's Tallahassee without his cuss words?

Please no text speak, it's annoying and watch your grammar but you don't have to be perfect, I'm not

Keep posts relatively short unless neccesary to be long

Don't control other people's characters

Don't kill other characters without asking them first, it's only polite

Don't start a romance until you ask the other person first

Romances with main characters is perfectly fine but Tallahassee is taken (sorry, whoever decides to take him I thank you muchly)

Those with movie (main) characters please stick to their personality as much as possible but don't stress

Any ideas for plots or things just talk to me :) I promise I don't bite

Other than that, just have fun killing Zombies and be patient with me



Basically this roleplay is being started with my OC and Tallahassee, but I don't have the attention span for a fanfic so please help me out, roleplays are so much more fun anyway

Unlike others we actually have the movie characters involved, which I find more fun, and there's no profanity filter

That's really it so far

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