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Come, all you blood-suckers. We know of a safe haven for you to stay, to be yourself. No one shall scorn you here. We will be free and independent creatures! ...who am I? Hehe. Clever little newborns. I am a friend. Welcome home.
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Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Here you will find everything that you need to know to work with this forum. Characters deepest secrets, mysteries of vampire realm and more.

Just because I created this topic does not give your character the right to know everything a head of time.

They still need to work it out, just like in real life.

This Topic is so that you will know what is going on in the forum.


Basic Info on the Forum:

1) These Vamps do burn in sunlight. They drink and live off of blood, just as normal vamps.

2) The two Vampire clans of this forum are at war, so be careful when dealing between with characters between them.

3) There are loners so your vamp doesn't have to have a clan. Keep in mind it's rare though. Not everyone can be a loner.

4) There also vamps out there in the world that are slaves and there are slave traders and slaves owners. Feel free to use this for your characters. Remember, slaves are marked by some sort of brand on their upper left arm. Each one is different depending on the trader.

5) Were wolf fights are held every full moon. Vampires attend and place bets on the wolf they think will win.


Character's Secrets

1) Karula Dryfher, played by Maerd7733SCAIP: has feelings for Adrin Andrea, played by Mywingsarecooler. They both know this and he likes to tease her about it.

2) Alexandria Gardian "Alex", played by Lady Phoenix Fire Rose: She used to be a crazed psycho bent on killing anyone and everyone, that was up until 200 years before this starts, when several other vampires decided to try and take her down. There was a huge battle, where she killed everyone there, but she did not make it out unscathed she received several wounds and she was knocked unconscious. When she awoke she had no memory of her past, and no idea what she was doing there. Ever since then she was working for answers. Only recently has she discovered the truth. Now she has a duel personality; one as the nice Alex from after the memory loss, the other as the psycho that is ready to kill anyone without notice. Normal Alex has no idea of this, but Evil Alex knows. So be very wary of her.

3)Adrin Andrea, leader of Glaise Clan: is in love with Alex, he knows about her past and knows that she knows. The thing is, she killed his sister all those years ago.

4) Logan Richards, played by Lady Phoenix Fire Rose: He used to be a slave, but killed his master and escaped.

5) Salia Lax, played by Mywingsarecooler: Also used to be a slave, for twenty years, before a mysterus man freed her.

6) Karula Dryfher, leader of the Faamana Clan: was married to another vampire Clan leader 200 years ago. Psycho Alex killed him, and Karula was witness to this. She carries her engagement ring on a chain around her neck.

7) Inez Dryden, played by AphexTex: She is always looking for danger, highly (not slightly)schizophrenic and will go completely psycho at random. She loves fire because she killed Cameron Dandy with fire.

8) Ardin has proposed to Alex, and she said yes.

9) Leon, played by Lady Phoenix Fire Rose: He is Alex's twin brother. He decided that since she is his sister that it is his job to destroy her. That does not mean he is a goodguy though, he is rather cruel and evil himself. He has decided to take Sallia as his slave.


If you have anything for me to add, post it below.

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Lady Phoenix Fire Rose

Updated! Please read.

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