Mia & Adam Forever
How do you think Mia & Adams relationship will be affected after the book ended? Do you think they will stay together for a long time?
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Post anything you wantt o share about the books


7/20/2011 #1

I love both books. Its funny I have both books and both of them on my kindle. Everytime we go to the store that has one of them there I'll sit in the book area and read as much as I can. I hated waiting for "Where she went" Both my all time favorites

9/21/2011 #2
It was a tough wait for when Where She Went finally came out... I found myself immensely pleased with the ending, though I would appreciate an epilogue of sorts to kind of give me a view on what Mia and Adam's life together might be like. In some ways it seems too good to be true, but it's obvious they're made for each other. I personally hated seeing Adam fall apart into a man he's not, but through the pain of seeing that happen, I got to see Mia become a better person. They both were a bit short, but the length worked to the books' advantage. By being short and concise the final product was very effective and both tear-jerking and something to smile about. All in all, I enjoyed these books so much that I'll wait around forever for a third one to be published, even if that day may never come.
10/27/2011 #3
Kissed By My Angel

They did in the end 3

2/29/2012 #4

I loved these books!

5/21/2014 #5

I feel like the ending was so tragic, but after reading the next book, it had to happen. After a while apart they were really ready for a relationship.

8/18/2014 . Edited 8/18/2014 #6
Little Luna Lovegood

these books were beautiful, tragic but beautiful

10/4/2014 #7

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