Reunited and it Feels SO Good
Because it's about damn time us Oldies reunited. Contest time!
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Crazy Freckles

Welcome back! Let me reintroduce myself, I'm Lauren (Laur, Laurs, Laursie, as some of you may have once called me!). My sorority sisters (Yeah who the fuck saw that one coming, right?) call me Sketti or Sketts for short (like spaghetti. Not skeet as to jizz but whatevs).

Anywho, I sat here at my laptop in post-grad life typing away at my twitter and facebook when I happened to check my email and see an notification for a fanfiction story! Now, usually these are just updates from Clavie's original stories I read at Fiction Press. But no!! Could it be?? Yes, it was an update for Blondie by the ever wonderful Nicole. I gots tah thinkin', "You know what Lolls? We had so much fun harassing my college roommates when you came to visit this winter, that we should do a contest!" (except the convo was in the form of FB comments with me going "LETS DO A MEDIATOR CONTEST NOW!").

Then we skyped and Lolly asked what our theme should be. My reply?

"Reunion, duh!"

And so I now present to the thread, the ever fabulous, ever witty, ever insatiable and sexy--Lolly.

7/21/2011 #1
Frolicking Bananas

Well, this is definitely not what I anticipated when I decided to start typing away last night. I got a review from someone a few weeks back telling me I needed to update because it had been almost five years... Then I immediately felt extremely bad because I know I always hated it when people just stopped fics abruptly and never went back to them. I never wanted to be that person, so now I'm trying to make reparations by finishing my stories. When I was reading over them to get a gist of what I had written so I could continue the story, I was like, "Oh my God, I wrote that? That's pitiful!" So now I'm trying to make the rest of the stories better. I guess four-ish years has given me SOOOOO much wisdom that I can write a better story (*snort*).

By the way, the contest sounds awesome, guys! It'll be great to do something like this again! And just a quick question, does anybody use the mediator fan forums anymore? I haven't been on there in ages...

Oh, and sorry for cutting in before Lolls got a chance to speak.

7/22/2011 #2

Gasping gasms, Nicole! Let a girl get a word in, why don't you?

And yes, please neglect the dates in which we both posted... I believe I am a good ten days behind you, so you were totally within your rights to break the lollilicious silencio.

I know exactly what you mean, Nicole! A few weeks ago, I got a few reviews for two of my stories, both imploring me to take mercy on them and give them some resolution. I felt awful. And, after skimming over some of said stories, I felt worse and worse when I realised that these stories did need closure. So, I picked up where I left off. It's hard, after about three or four years, to immerse yourself back into a story that once pretty much governed your life. But I discovered how fun it was. So when Lauren popped up on Facebook with her (possibly drunken) idea - what, Laurs? I saw your drinking habits this winter... - I was like, 'tis fate!

So without further ado, ladies - even though it appears to be only a population of three at the moment... - Lauren x2 presents the Reunion Mediator Challenge! Your task is as follows:

- Write a one-shot featuring our fabulous Mediator alumni with the theme of "REUNION". Doesn't have to be the main three characters - tell us about Madame Zara being reunited with her long lost family after being shoved in a mental institution for telling poor teen girls that they could see the dead...

- The one-shot may have crossover qualities. This rule is in place in order to make Lolly's own idea officially acceptable. Lolly is a selfish dictator. And a selfish lover. Ask Laurs.

- Anything goes. You may allow your characters to swear, fornicate, or read Twilight as much as you like. All offensive behaviours will be accepted.

- All fics must contain Paul/Jesse shipping ------------ lawl jkz.

That is all.

Now, go write! Live long and prosper!



7/26/2011 #3
The Dark Shark

I cannot believe this is back! Hahaha.

Oh man, seeing you guys update your stories made me feel deathly guilty over my abandoned fics. I'd love to continue them, but inspiration are scarce these days.

I don't know if I'll enter this REUNION contest but looking forward to reading the entries!



7/27/2011 #4
Nice Hayley

Holy cow muffins!!! When is this all due again?

PS: How weird is it to log back on to Fan-fiction?????????

PPS: This was the best idea ever.

7/27/2011 #5

Entries are due approximately August 31st. And the prize is.... well, isn't the prize being able to write about Suze and our boys again? Hah hah...? No...? WELL FINE. THERE IS NO PRIZE. YA GOT ME.

7/27/2011 #6
Crazy Freckles

Uhh sooner the better? Why don't we say the end of August.

And NO I was not drunk! Funny story time: I just got Lolls from the airport and my resident across the hall (I was a resident assistant at school) was hammered. She walks into my apartment and tells me that I need to come take a shot with her and that my friends can come. Lolly and Rhiannon speak and she goes, "Oh my God, I love Australia! You have to take a shot too." Then I made them walk through the snow to a sketch house down the street for a party which was packed. Weird thing Lolly--at the end of this year a freshman was walking back from that house and was assaulted. Kinda glad we didn't stay then. And I've definitely messaged you drunk before and you certainly can tell the difference haha.

Back to this topic: As the only person who writes Gina/Jake, I feel like I am obligated to write something regarding that. But YAY! I'm pumped.

7/27/2011 #7
Crazy Freckles

Apparently, I was writing a story and I completely abandoned it like a negligent mother. Wow.

7/27/2011 #8
The Magnificent Kiwi

Oh geez, this sounds awesome, but sadly Mediator-related inspiration is pretty much non-existant these days :(. Yes, I've had the pleas to update too (from anonymous reviews on my current non-Mediator stories and a rather pleasant 'Fuck you bitch', which I'm assuming was in response to the long wait since an update) but nothing helps *sigh*.

But of course I may have a quick gander at what everyone submits for this ;). Makes me nostalgic for the good ol' (MCBC) days.

7/27/2011 #9
The General G of K

YAAAYAYAYAYAY!!! I've been kicking myself lately because I literally have NO inspiration to write anything--ANYTHING--and it's killing me. But then I check facebook, and lo and behold I've been prompted. Yes, PROMPTED!!! And by me old Mediator lasses, no less. I can't EVEN right now. How did I let Marvel comic books, video gaming, real life, and college separate me so far from my first fandom love?! Idk, guys. Idk.

I would love to participate, but as of right now my brain has become this jumbled mess shouting random facts about the Mediator at me and saying "WRITE SOMETHING INVOLVING FATHER DOM!" This is what happens, I suppose, when the addiction is fed once again.

In case I haven't mentioned it though, great idea!

7/28/2011 #10

Yay, we have exceeded population of three!

Was just on my deviantart account when I found the old prizecards for the old Mediator Writing Challenges. God, those were the days. I'm still working on my idea for this comp. Any other ideas, ladies? :)

(My favourite is the pokemon one...)


7/28/2011 #11
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