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Name: Kaiya Rei 'Tela' Lightning

Age: ???

Race: Demon

Homeland: ???

Appearance: She had short and uneven purple hair like it's been cut off. Has bright red eyes and pale purple skin. She usually wears a plain, yellow dress that's been faded. She doesn't have any shoes or slippers on. Tela also has a chain around her neck to show she's dead.

Personality: Tela could be friendly, but she doesn't want to. Instead, she likes being teasing and mysterious in her own ways. She's very outgoing and fun-loving. At times though, she's serious; especially when it's someone reminds her about her past. Tela likes to show off sometimes, just so she could see the look on people's faces.


Attack (Physical): Very High

Attack (Magical): Extremely High

Defense (Physical): Very Low

Defense (Magical): Extremely Low

Speed: Average

Evasion: High

Vitality: Extremely High


0th Job: Spirit (Weapon: None)

1st Job: Entrapper (Weapon: Chain Necklace/Bracelet)

2nd Job: ???

3rd Job: ???

???: ??? (I added that in because the last isn't called '4th Job')


Lightning Strike: Summons lightning from the heavens.

Lightning Barrier: Creates a barrier of lightning to protect her. Doesn't use it much, though.

Dark Vortex: Banishes someone into a black hole.

Dark Explosion: Creates an explosion of darkness. Can only be used at nighttime, though.

Warp: Tela pulls on her chain and she warps other places. Very useless because it's uncontrollable.

1st Job Exclusive Skills:

Provoke: Taunts the enemy into attacking.

Teleport: Tela draws a circle and it teleports her to the desired place. A much improved Warp.

Elemental Charge: Add elements to her other attacks.

Chain Dance: Tela twirls around and damages all enemies in range. Elemental Charge can boost this attack.

Elemental Trap: Traps the opponent for a short amount of time. The trap is improved if used with Elemental Charge.

Primary Curse: Summons a special sword related to a certain clan. Does heavy damage and has a chance of poison/confusion/critical damage/instant KO. Has many drawbacks to it. (Will reveal more later!)

???: ???

Tela is an AP user.

Origin (aka Story): Her Adventure:

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