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YAY i just started the human walle forum :D
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I vote Auto. I could see him being tall and muscular. Not bulky muscle, but enough to where you don't want to mess with him. His eyes, I could see being a deep blue color. His hair would most likely be black, and I could see him braiding some of it in back, as well as, maybe, two small braids in front of his ears. He would probably be kind of pale, since he doesn't go outside that much (he'll get more tan now that he's back on Earth, though.)
9/12/2011 #1

*drooling* (lol)

I would vote Auto too. Though I see him more as having white hair and it being slightly shorter....kinda like down to the middle of his neck, but it being manga-like and kinda spiked with hints of black in it. I can see him being pale too.

9/19/2011 #2
Yeeaaaah, I never got into the whole manga craze. And I think giving him white hair AND making him pale would make him
9/20/2011 #3
By the way, thanks again for posting on my old forum. It's still open for any Auto fans that are left out there. Spread the word.
9/20/2011 #4
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