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NOTICE: MAY BE DELETED! I've seen the first season and now I'm watching the second. I'm sorry that I haven't been on and I've been suffering with writer's block on this particular forum. I don't have many interest in the RP, I'll keep it up for those who do.
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Eric Cartman forever

I forgot to add this.

12/21/2011 #1
Tsukumogami Ren

An uncanny silence had descended upon Twilight, many a day had passed without a request. He found himself restless, riddled by an unwarranted unease – Tsukumogami idled listlessly beneath the morning splendor. A cerulean sky cloaked the city in jubilance, ornamented by the placidity of ivory clouds. A lackadaisical glance directed solitary russet skyward, a contemplative gesture before he submerged pallid hands into his pockets.

Reduced to little more than a mesmeric vagabond, Ren meandered without purpose or cause. His thoughts rampant and unusually illogical, he turned a downcast gaze to the pavement underfoot. Had the humans at last ceased their futile endeavor, had the time for Hell Girl passed? What would become of his Mistress then, when the thirst for vengeance had been sated – if such a thing were possible? Would she perhaps find the peace she deserved?

Into the crisp, wintry morning he wandered. Mundane and insignificant to the unwary, Ren stepped through insurmountable crowds while the daily commotion of commuters filled his ears. His thoughts on her, and her alone. Destined and determined to wait until he was needed once more, until he had reestablished his purpose.

Waiting for Ai Emma's summon.

12/23/2011 #2
I'm not sure if Ai is taken so just let me know if she is. The house was silent as it had been for a while now. No messeges, no danmnations of Souls. Ai feels unsettled and....::... restlist she cant sit still anymore. A thought pokes it's way into her mind, why do i feel so odd? She cant for the life of her fuigure out why. She decides to go to the mortal world because well..... there is nothing left for her to do ....... nothing left........at least for today
12/27/2011 #3
Tsukumogami Ren

Whether by fate or chance, he could not be certain – but the directionless wandering had led him almost directly to her. Hers was a daunting and demanding presence, one the Tsukumogami could neither disregard nor avoid. Ai Emma's aura enraptured him, seized his undivided attention and anchored his unwavering loyalty. The mocha iris that found her simmered with an unversed intensity, beneath the languid veneer Ren was something dangerous and capable.

A weapon.

Nevertheless, his ivory lips curved his gentle mirth for the Mistress while he silently approached her backside. She was unmistakable with her lustrous hair of obsidian hue and incardinine depths. Ichimokuren's steps slowed only as he neared her, the lyrical tenor of his voice wafted moments later, "Good morning, Miss."

12/27/2011 #4
Eric Cartman forever

(Pasta Lover1 has claimed Ai as I know of.)

12/29/2011 #5
Eric Cartman forever

(I'm so sorry for forgetting about this forum!)

12/29/2011 #6
Delilah Scott

Honne Ona saw Ren offering his greetings to Ai and decided to make an entance. "Don't be auck up" she said, only loud enough for Ren to hear. "

6/4/2012 #7
Delilah Scott

(oops its meant to be " Dont be a suck up" SORRY)

6/4/2012 #8
Delilah Scott

"Misstress," she said in a soft voice, then slightly nodded her head.

6/4/2012 #9
A girl sat down at the park, she drew a picture of her brother. "Brother ... soon your death will be avenged " she closes her book and stands up. Soon it was. 11:59 she clicked it and opened. "That .." she typed in the name.
11/16/2012 #10
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