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If you, fellow RoseScorpius shipper, by serendipity, or fate, stumbled upon this forum, please accept this hearty welcome.

Come in! Introduce yourself! Talk about yourself, your interests, your favorite Harry Potter characters, whatever. Anything will do!

7/26/2011 . Edited 6/12/2013 #1

Hi, I am Jesi. I am a HUGE Rose/Scorpius shipper! I think that they are absolutely amazing together! I also really love Draco and Hermione, but not in the same fic as R/S. Well, I don't really know what else to say. :)

7/26/2011 #2

Hi, I am Jesi. I am a HUGE Rose/Scorpius shipper! I think that they are absolutely amazing together! I also really love Draco and Hermione, but not in the same fic as R/S. Well, I don't really know what else to say. :)

7/26/2011 #3

My name is Marina, I'm 20, French, and a hardcore Ron/Hermione and Scorpius/Rose shipper! :)

7/27/2011 #4

Hello, Marina and Jesi! Rose/Scorpius my favorite NextGen pairing.

Thanks for joining! Once we get this thing rolling, we're gonna have tons of fun! Please invite your RoseScorp-shipping friends! Thanks!



7/27/2011 #5

Hey everyone, my name is Jacqueline, and I fully support Rose/Scorpius, even if I love Hermione/Ron WAY more, whether he's a jerk in the stories or a nice "I'm trying to prove I'm not my Father" little guy, but I personally perfer the jerk who realizes how much he loves a Weasley. Here are some good stories:

30 Reasons Why Albus Severus is Wrong by: Stiricide (yes, the creator of this forum)

30 More Reasons Why Albus Severus Is Wrong: by: Stiricide

Because of Blood by: littlegirlgonemad (one-shot)

Because You Never Asked by:pina princess

Bewlidered by: littlegirlgonemad (one-shot)

Dreams Do Come True by: littlegirlgonemad (one-shot)

Finally His Rose by: Pinaprincess (sequel to Because You Never Asked)

Her Eyes by: Written Anonymous (I love this story! Love it love it love it! It has the whole Rude Scorpius-------- Nice Scorpius thing!)

I Hate Everything About You by: pinaprincess (songfic)

My Devotion by: Written Anonymous (Sequel to Her Eyes, and I love it equally as much)

Promises by: pinaprincess (one-shot)

Rose Weasley Is by: littlegirlgonemad (one-shot)

Rose Weasley: Hogwarts Head Girl by: littlegirlgonemad

Scorpius Malfoy and the Forbidden Flower by: Idday (I really like this one too, but not that I don't like the other's of course)

Scorpius Malfor Is by: littlegirlgonemad (one-shot)

Star Cross'd Lovers by: The Green Archer

The Rose and the Scorpion by: KikyoxInuyasha4eva

The Thinker, the Dreamer, and the Doer by: Stiricide

Through the years by: angels.go.thump

What the Heart Wants by: Burritotown

Okay, so read these, cause it took me a long time to go through all of my favorites.

Oh, and I also have a small collections of Rose/Hermione stuff, so check them out(:

7/27/2011 #6

Thanks for coming! And I'm so glad you like my stories! I love "My Devotion" too (by WrittenAnonymous) and I was just reading it last night! I checked out "Her Eyes" too, and I like it too.

I personally reallyreallyreally enjoy reading RoseAlbusScorpius friendship, 'cause it reminds me so much of HarryRonHermione friendship. I'm a big sucker for the whole "Scorpius-and-Rose-who-have-been-best-friends-since-they-have-been-eleven-fall-in-love" cliche. What about you guys? Do you like them being enemies or friends first?

7/27/2011 #7

Hi! I'm Kavya, and I absolutely love the Rose & Scorpius pairing! I actually started writing two stories based on them, but I haven't published them yet because they're not even close to complete :P My Devotion is an awesome fanfiction, and everyone should really read it. The first story is Her Eyes. Oh and I really like Leave Out All The Rest and Here We Go Again by whenthewallscomecrashingdown. I recommend them to everyone who hasn't read them yet!

7/27/2011 #8

Hi Kavya! Glad you could make it!

I love whenthewallscomecrashingdown's stories!

7/27/2011 #9

I really like both types! But I don't really care for the kinds where Scorpius is nice and nothing at all like Draco, just because I love the whole bad boy/ good girl cliche.

7/27/2011 #10

Yeah, that Scorpius is sort of boring to read. I like it where Scorpius and Albus are in Slytherin and Rose is in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw (though I think of her as more Gryffindor than Ravenclaw), or when all three of them are in the same house.

7/28/2011 #11

I don't really like it when Albus is in Slytherin, but it's fine if he's friends with Scorpius. I like that.

7/28/2011 #12
Hi! I can be called Rin. I am a Rose/Scorpius shipper, and I love the fics where Scorpius and Rose meet the other's family. I'm really excited about this forum.
7/28/2011 #13

Hi Rin! Welcome to our little group of RoseScorpius lovers. Remember, this is all our forum, and that we're in this together.

I love those fics too! is full of them.

7/28/2011 #14
(sorry for double posting) I don't have an opinion on where the characters wind up, as long as it makes sense. Almost any housing can make sence, depending on how the author writes it.
7/28/2011 #15

No, it's all good. :)

That makes sense. Even though it's all JK's creations, how fanfictioners write the characters (especially NextGen because JK does not provide many clues to their personalities) makes a huge difference.

7/28/2011 #16
Heyy! :) You guys can call me Kae. I LOVE R/S! And I do. Love the whole best friends since they were little. :)
7/28/2011 #17

Hi Kae! Welcome to our little forum! Check out the Randomness Corner for...well, randomness. :)

7/28/2011 #18

Hi, I'm Steph and I love Lily/James and most recently Draco/Hermione and Rose/Scorpius, though I haven't published any R/S yet. I love the thought of a Ron and Draco confrontation...cracks me up! :)

7/29/2011 #19

Hi Steph! Glad to see you here!

7/31/2011 #20

Hey, I'm Nikki, and Rose/Scorpius is my obsession! The first R/S fic I read was Chronicles by Josephinee, and it's sequel, Paramnesia is just as good. They are both completely amazing, I've re-read both like 10 times. They are must-reads, so go read them. Now.

I like it when Rose is in Ravenclaw and Scorpius in Slytherin, and Al in Slytherin as well. I like when people write Scorpius as an arrogant womanizing jerk, because that's just how I imagine him. Like a reincarnation of Draco, but perhaps a bit nicer, a tad less cowardly, and not a Death Eater :) I like Rose smart and redheaded and, well...Weasley. Yeah.

8/8/2011 #21

Hi, Nikki! I'm reading Paramnesia right now -- it's very good. Feel free to check out our Randomness Corner, where we have...well, random discussions. If you have any ideas for the forum, feel free to PM me!

8/8/2011 #22


You have absolutely no idea how long I have been looking for a forum like this, but have been too lazy to make one. Well, you can't really know, actually. BUT I'M TELLING YOU, IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME.

RoseScorpius is my number one OTP. It's like, all I can ever write. It's just so beautiful.

Anyway, enough nonsense. My name is Ro, and it's so wonderful to be here :)

8/14/2011 #23

Hi, Ro! Check out the challenges, the Randomness Corner, or start your own challenge/discussion panel/whatever.

8/14/2011 #24
yellow 14

Name: Yellow 14

Why are you here? Because I was invited by Stiricide and I like ScorRose.

Three random facts about you:

1: I like to experiment with ideas.

2: I write for thirteen seperate categories and adding to that list.

3: I like warbirds

8/14/2011 #25

Hey, guys! I'm Mad, and I ship ScorRose, though I also ship ScorDom, but shush, don't tell anyone.

I love them when they're well-written or not cliche, though :)

Nice to meet you all :)

8/16/2011 #26

Hi Mad! I'm a newbie at NGF, and yes, I love your Scorrose. :D Especially that James POV one...I'm forgetting what it's called right now. /sheepish smile

Welcome! I'm crap at this mod thing, so you can make your own topics and whatnot. Just don't go crazy. :)

8/19/2011 #27
she was the book thief

Hi everyone! You can call me Cass or Cassie. I am 14 and live in the US. I am a sophomore in high school. I LOVE Scorp/Rose. I agree with whoever said they love Albus/Rose/Scorp as best friends, since it's just so much like Harry/Ron/Hermione. I also love James/Lily stories, but this isn't really the place to say that, I guess. :P

Does anyone else absolutely LOVE Oliver (Wood)? He's one of my favorites. And Fred and George of course. And Luna. And McGonagall. And Dobby. I have a lot of favorites. What are everyone else's?

- Cassie

8/27/2011 #28

Hi Cassie! I'm Alice, this forum's mod, and I'm 13 and a freshman in high school.

Aside from Al/Rose/Scorp, I love the original trio, Fred and George, McGonagall, Snape, and Remus, James, and Sirius, and Peter when he was good, I suppose. :P

8/27/2011 #29
yellow 14

Hello Cass. I LOVE it when the three are friends. That's how I always write them. Other characters I like? Well it tends to vary as to who I'll focus on. Cho Chang, the Patil twins, Theodore Nott and others. Welcome

8/27/2011 #30
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