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/stolen shamelessly from HPFC & the lab of morganville forums.

our dear jane's magnificent idea!

Basically, we all post in here with our birthday and favourite pairing(s) & then I, or another Mod, will put your name and info by your birthday. People can flick onto this and see if there's anyone who has a birthday coming up and can write you something, posting it in here to show you.

get it?


19 -- stars fall at midnight (Middy) ; LucyLouis, RoseScorpius, LucyLorc, MollyLysander, TeddyVic [AnnieFinnick, KurtBlaine]



17 -- turnthepageoftime (Rae) ; Scorrose; Domsander; Mollorcan; LouisEliza ( Klaine; Dwilaura; FinnickAnnie)

19 -- birdcaged (Drew) ; lilylorcan, scorrose, tedlily, harmony - 10rose, amyrory - galeniss, finnickatniss, galejohanna - halkaren (Falling Skies)

30 - -just a beautiful m i s t a k e (nic) - rosescorpius, teddyvic, teddydominique, dominiquelysander, jamesdominique, mollysander, katieoliver, dracohermione, and cedriccho.


19 -- felines (aka Alice) ROSESCORPIUS. AmyRory, NineRose, TenDonna friendship, Ten2Rose, ElevenRiver (DW), PeetaKatniss (The Hunger Games), PuckQuinn (Glee)

23 -- weasleyseeker (Lucy) Rose/Scorp, RON/HERMIONE, Remus/Tonks, Katie/Oliver, Tom/Minerva


5 -- jac32oz (Jac) ; Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Zoey/Stark, Cami/Zach

16 -- The Original Horcrux (Nayla) ; Scorrose. Neville/Luna, Ron/Hermione, Kurt/Blaine.

25 -- Cannibal Farm (Summer) LucyLorcan, JamesScorpius, AlScorpius, RoseScorpius and ZachariasSmith/KatieBell.


5 -- hppenguin0023 ; Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Lily/James

12 -- DreaG1996 (Andrea) ; DracoAstoria, TheoDaphne, RoseScorpius, RonHermione

20 -- when words sting (Isha) ;Domsander, Scorrose, JamesII/OC, Sirius/Marlene, Drastoria (SAM/QUINN, Eleven/RIver, Cinna/Portia)

20 --Ice Phoenix In The Starry Sky (Kim) ; Scorrose, Scorminique, Druna, Drinny, Hansy, Dramione, Teddromeda, Remadora and Bellamort

29 -- Anonymity Effect (Ro) ; dominiqueteddy, scorpiusrose, jamesililyi, seamuslavender, daphnetheo, dracoastoria


5 -- a color will be perched (Cassie) - LilyJames, RoseScor, HarryGinny, RonHermione, Mollorc, Domsander, TeddyVic, KatieOliver...possibly others.

8 -- heading for a huge collision (Tatoe) LilyScorp, RoseScorp, GaleAnnabeth(PJO/Hunger games), HazelAgustus(TFiOS), and Rose10(DOCTORWHO).

23 -- we are the hurricane (Summer) ; ten/rose, 11/amy, doctor/master, 10/donna, amy/rory, hal/cutler, mitchell/annie, hal/alex, rose/scorpius, draco/hermione, katniss/peeta, prim/rory, john/sherlock, kurt/blaine.


2 -- downstage (Louise) Tedromeda, Xeno/Luna's mother, Lucissa, LucyAlbus, RoseScorpius, LilyiJamesi, DracoAstoria, LucyLorcan- anything, really :)


3 -- blurs of red and blonde(Vicky) LilyJames, OliverKatie, GideonMarlene RoseScorpius, TeddyVictoire, Mollysander (NON HP: Clyrnin, MyrninVickySam, Samelie, WillTessa, Clace, IsabelleSimon, MagnusAlec, RoseTen, ReedJosh, NoelleDash, HaleyNathan & LucasPeyton) note: if my otps are fuddled with, i will kill you.

12 -- cutecudlyme (cate) TeddyVic, Scorrose, Drastoria


2 -- blue sea glass (Izzie) Teddyvictoire, rosescorpius, nevilleluna, lucylysander, domniquelysander, domscorp, ronhermione; (pjo) percyannabeth, leoreyna, jasonreyna, rachelapollo, racheloctavian; (thg) haymitchmaysilee, finnickannie, catoclove; (dw) amyrory, jackmartha; (pokemon) maydrew

20 -- always forever young (Livvi) Scorrose, LucyLorcan, TeddyVic, JamesAlice (Longbottom), MollyLysander, RoxanneLorcan, and AlScorpius.

29 -- overstreets (Maddie) ron/mione, james/lily, scorrose. ezra/aria, hanna/caleb, wren/spender, spencer/anyone. brittana, niff, fabrevans. everlark, gadge, odesta.


13 -- WithSmallActsOfCourage (Chippy) ; Rose/Scorpius, Dom/FemaleOC, HarryGinny, Drastoria, Romione.

19 -- northern dawn (Naomi) jamesiimollyii, dominiquelysander, lorcanlucylouis, roselysander, jamesiijane, lorcanlily, albuslucy, roxannelouis, victoirejamesii, edmunddominique, teddylily, frediimollyii, lucylysander, lysandermollyiilouis, jamesiidominique, victoireneville, teddymolly, and dominiquefredii.


31 -- forlorn seas (Margo) ; rose/scorpius, james/dominique, mollyii/fredii, lily/severus, amy/doctor, prim/gale, daenerys/robb

10/8/2011 . Edited by felines, 1/2/2013 #1

April 19:

watching stiricide (aka Alice/your lovely creator)

Pairings: RoseScorpius, MollyLysander, LucyLorcan, LilyLorcan, TeddyVic, RonHermione, HarryGinny

10/8/2011 #2
June 5: hppenguin0023 (Kaelee) Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, Lily/James
10/8/2011 #3

March 17- Rose/Scorpius, Molly/Lysander, Lily/Lorcan, Teddy/Victoire or Teddy/Lily, Draco/Hermione, Oliver/Katie, Draco/Astoria.

this is a wonderful idea. :)

10/8/2011 #4

this is a wonderful ideaThanks! You'll have the lovely (and ever-absent) Janeh to thank for this thread -- this is her brainchild.


10/8/2011 #5

August 2nd- MollyLysander, RoseScorpius, Tedromeda, LilyiJamesi, DracoAstoria, LucyLorcan- anything, really :)

10/9/2011 #6
angels weep before they fly

OMG!!!!! My birthday is March 17, too!

Super excited! what a coincidence

Pairings: Rose/Scorp; Dominique/Lysander; James II/OC (specific one, Issy Anderson, from my story Welcome to Hell); basically any canon ;) ; Teddy/ Victoire; Molly/Lorcan; Fred II/ OC (again, a specific one, Sophie Waylind- in my story Welcome to Hell)


10/11/2011 #7

What a coincidence. O.o

Nobody's birthday is coming up so I can't write anything for anybody!

10/12/2011 #8

Oooh! Birthtwins. I'll write both of us a birthday present then. :)

And I know, I want to write too...there has to be people born in oct/nov/dec!

10/12/2011 #9
angels weep before they fly

Oooh! Birthtwins. I'll write both of us a birthday present then. :)

Hehe. If I'm allowed on then, I can try too! If you're comfortable, what year? Cause that would just be creepy- if we were born same year. But different countries, right?

10:01 am, Australian (EST) time. Yes. It was a Monday, 1997. I feel weird knowing this.


10/13/2011 #10

Yeah so um...SAME YEAR. Weird, right!?

But I live in the states of America. And I have no idea what day or time but I know it was around the evening.

AUSTRALIA? That is so cool. I want to live in Australia. Or Europe. Or somewhere cool.

10/13/2011 #11
angels weep before they fly

Around the evening... well, technically, Aus time, you're the 18th. But no worries. FREAKED OUT. I have found my long-lost twin... sort of.

Officially happy.

And I have no idea what day or time but I know it was around the evening.

I sure hope you know the date, though.


10/14/2011 . Edited 10/14/2011 #12
brahdley jims

October 20th - so yeah, in 5 days. xD

Uhm, I love Scorrose (obviously), LucyLorcan, TeddyVic, JamesAlice (Longbottom), MollyLysander, RoxanneLorcan, and AlScorpius. :3

10/15/2011 #13

YAY Livvy! Finally somebody to write presents for!

-cough don'tbesurprisedifIgiveyouavirtualpresentforyourbirthday cough-


10/15/2011 #14
symphonies of you

MARCH 30.♥

Favourite pairings: RoseScor, TeddyVic, domTeddy, Mollysander, katieoliver, dracohermione, and cedriccho.

10/15/2011 . Edited 10/15/2011 #15

tis up, mon ami

Whew, we have a lot of March dudes in here :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

and i'm all alone in dear are a lot of people in months


10/15/2011 #16

I'm on my iPod, but I'll probably edit this in anyway.

December 19, and j'adore: Scorrose; LucyLysander; JamesJane ;) ; JamesOC (Er, I wouldn't write this, I only like my OCs and me with him XD); JamesRose (totally not contradictory. Ahem. It's never happy, though); LilyLorcan; TeddyVic; DeanAstoria; BlaiseDaphne; LunaBlaise; LunaDraco ((Yes, I'm weird ;))); SalazarHelga; LilyDraco; DominiqueDraco; DominiqueBlaise; LucySirius; MollyIIGodric; SiriusMary (MacDonald - don't ask, I have weird characterizations) and many, many more.

but ScorRose, LucySander or LilyLorcan are good. Very good. ;) As are DracoDom, DracoLily and DeanAstoria.


10/17/2011 #17
angels weep before they fly

those are quite interesting pairings. Am I the only one who is Molly/Lorcan, rather than Mollysander? That is sad. Cause I strongly believe in Domsander, so... INDIVIDUALITY!


10/18/2011 #18

Ha, Rae, I'm weird. ;)

Dude, I don't ship Mollysander at all. ;) It's my third least favourite Lysander pairing :P

The only two Lysander pairings I'm less fond of are RoseSander and VicSander - but, tragically, I must write a Mollysander. ;)

//psst, if I write Tily, my universe dictates RoxyLorcan or MollyLorcan. If you want a fabulous writer who ships MollyLorcan, you should talk to Ellie - her penname is s i l v e r a u r o r a :)

//spamming, my apologies

10/18/2011 #19
angels weep before they fly

Glad to see you don't hate Domsander :D it's one of my top TTP (ten true pairings.)

I'll look her up.


10/18/2011 #20

June 12th

pairings: Draacoastoria, TheoDaphne RoseScorpius RonHermione


10/18/2011 . Edited 10/18/2011 #21

October 29th:

Rose/Scorpius (DUUUH!) , Draco/Astoria , RonHermione , LucyLorcan , HarryGinny , DeanLuna

10/19/2011 #22

Expect a gift from me Madeline.

(Can I call you Maddie?)

Livvi, my gift may (read: will) be a little late, just fyi..

10/19/2011 #23


You are getting a birthday present from me, i swear, and it'll be in here by Sunday, but I don't have the time tonight whatsoever.

Know this's all planned out for you!!!

10/20/2011 #24

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...!

Expect a gift from me sometime over the next week. :D

10/20/2011 #25

/has finally finished the RoxanneLorcan freeverse, just waiting for it to upload.

EDIT: Other Weasley is dooooooone!!!

10/21/2011 . Edited 10/21/2011 #26
suffocating lies


happy late birthday, Livvi.

I'll write you something soon. c;


Birthday: 19th, November, 2000

Still years away until I'm actually legally allowed to have an account, but --


and jamesiimollyii, dominiquelysander, lorcanlucylouis, roselysander, jamesiijane, lorcanlily, albuslucy, roxannelouis, victoirejamesii, edmunddominique, teddylily, frediimollyii, lucylysander, lysandermollyiilouis, jamesiidominique, victoireneville, teddymolly, and dominiquefredii.


I have a weird taste in pairings, and hardly ship anything 'canon'. xD

10/21/2011 . Edited 10/21/2011 #27
angels weep before they fly

ooh, yay another domsander fan


10/21/2011 #28

/hopes Livvi is still subbed in here

Dusky Pink Shadows

TeddyVictoire, hopes you likes it XDDD

10/21/2011 #29
brahdley jims


/has been in the middle of moving house so hasn't been able to come on until now.

And Vicky, that's so sweet, thank you. 3

So who's birthday is next? I want to write something. :3

10/22/2011 #30
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