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I hate to be quoting Ke$ha up there -- she's an atrocious artist -- but ah well.

Also, this thread was inspired in part by the "Forum Fads" thread found on the NextGen Fanatics forum.

This is the traditions thread! We have loads of them here. And what constitutes a tradition? It's not just something that many people are doing at the same time. No, it's not merely a fad, nor an obsession. Instead, any tradition is something that we always do given a certain time and place. For example, at the end of every Corner, we always have something resembling a singalong.

So post away with all our forum traditions! Perhaps someday we'll look back at some of the older traditions and wonder why we were so weird. ♥

3/20/2012 #1
angels weep before they fly

End of a corner- to Starkid!!!

3/20/2012 #2

Singalongs at the end of each corner :3

trolling alice's advice blog

worshipping rae ;)

3/21/2012 #3

Vicky editing people's posts.

My obsessive penname changes

3/21/2012 #4

Vicky disappearing from a conversation and returning with: "omg. you're all weird."

Bullying Summer's house

Begging for reviews

3/21/2012 . Edited 3/21/2012 #5
angels weep before they fly

PAGECLAIMS!! For whatever's on our mind

3/21/2012 #6
keep my issues drawn

Getting a creepy anon and assuming it's Middy ;)

3/21/2012 #7
iridescent bookyworm

Talking about Glee

4/30/2012 #8
brahdley jims


yelling at each other about various Glee pairings because nobody seems to agree on anything.

5/1/2012 #9
iridescent bookyworm

Vicky page claiming for Samalie and Clyrinin

5/1/2012 #10

everyone loving vicky

posts being edited by a mysterious force.

5/7/2012 #11
iridescent bookyworm

Worshipping Livvi's avvies

5/8/2012 #12

my sobbing over fabrevans-y perfection

5/8/2012 #13
brahdley jims

Glee sob parties with Middy and Livvi.

5/9/2012 #14

My complete and utter flawlessness.

6/9/2012 #15
The Original Horcrux
Creeping out newbies :)
6/9/2012 #16

sending vicky sex anions on her amelie tumblr account :P

6/9/2012 #17
keep my issues drawn
Absolute trolling.
8/22/2012 #18
iridescent bookyworm

Using the words flawless, creys, o.t.p, shag, bulge, frenchstick and perfect almost every day

8/22/2012 #19
brahdley jims


8/22/2012 #20

Hey guys, I'm in the mind to lock/delete this thread. It's kind of gotten off track and a lot of the things posted aren't really traditions per se but just forum fads. So...comments?

9/15/2012 #21
keep my issues drawn

i think it would be okay to lock it but i'd rather it weren't deleted because it's nice to have the memories and to keep us where we are on the forum listings :)

9/15/2012 #22

Lock it, but don't delete. ;) we can always unlock in the future and redetermine what the thread is!

9/15/2012 #23
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