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Love From A Muggle

Come, enter the friendly yellow and black common room. You will see Professor Star at the tea and coffee station. Take your pick, sit down and enjoy a conversation with your beverage and chat with familiar faces or with new ones. Talk to the professor about school, or anything random.

This is dedicated to Visions of A Scarlet night, Alex, you are gone but NEVER forgotten. you will forever remain in the hufflepuff hearts of those who knew you. And even those who were not Hufflepuff, you will forever last in our hearts.

If you wish to know about her, please ask the mod, not the common room.


this is important.

I am changing the way I do homework. From now on, homework will be this:


too easy: a character

Easy-A character, and 1 prompt

Medium-A character, 2 prompts, and a quote

Hard-A Character, setting/plot, 3 prompts, one quote

Extra hard-two characters, setting/plot, 4 prompts, two quotes

(extra hard will be given more points if it's over 1,000 words)

How to get Points by reading stories and participating in events with the forum.

So, noYou can review any story from both libraries that we have, and from any challenge in the Buy sell and exchange your stories thread. As well as reading and reviewing prompts of the day.

4. you can get more points by writing prompts from the main school, to My house. If you combine both prompts and write a short story-less points, if you combine prompts and write a really long story- more points.

5. you can also get points if you participate in the Monthly Challenge set by the mods. get the story in on time and you get a full set of points. Turn it in late and you get some points taken away.

7. All homework goes http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/73734/36355943/1/ there. In the McGonagall's office.

8. You can request a challenge, answer a challenge and read them (for points) here: http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/73734/24711374/1/

9. our three libraries: Hogwarts_Online_Our_Library and Hogwarts_Online_Prompt_of_the_Day_Library and Hufflepuff_House

Any questions that I did not answer, just send me a PM and I'll answer quickly.

should you need any help, our warm Hufflepuffs will help you with the forum if I'm not around!w you've seen the common room. It's not much now, but once we reopen it will grow into a family again.

Take a seat by the fire and enjoy your time at Hogwarts. Any questions? Just ask the Professor or a Hufflepuff.

7/26/2011 . Edited by Hogwarts Online II, 9/12/2012 #1
Love From A Muggle

Hello Hufflepuffs! We're open again!

I've missed all of my Hufflepuffs!

8/1/2011 #2
Love From A Muggle

and right now i'm talking to myself! i'm a lonely hufflepuff who has had way too much coffee :)

Edit: And now I gotta go

8/1/2011 . Edited 8/1/2011 #3
Thanatos Angelos Girl
Hi! I am back! How are you all? Unfortunately I will be gone this weekend so I have a little bit of a chance to relish in this new forum! Anyway I am happy to be back! By the way Kara how is coffee? I haven't really drinken any coffee and when I have I wonder why it has such an appeal... Could someone explain that? I might just be a soda girl.....
8/1/2011 #4

Hello Hufflepuff house!!!!!! I've come to say goodbye... I'm changing houses, but I'll still see you guys, I hope! LOVE TO ALL ♥

8/2/2011 #5
Royal Gryphon

Hello my fellow Hufflepuffs and Azzie who is now my fellow prefect i am happy to be back on the forum but i think we should send out some PM's to the others to get them here, that is if that has not been done already i don't know. i cannot be on long or often until after Saturday as i am still on vacation but you can send me a pm if you want to talk and ill get back to you :) I'm off for the day right after i stop in the great hall for a sec ttyl

ps. all Puffs please check in on the roll call thread currently we aren't listed (other than Kara and myself)

8/2/2011 #6
Caveat Lector 52

Hello everyone! I'm so happy the forums back, I was getting lonely! Hope the others come back quickly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of people here.

Kara, could I please have some medium homework?

8/2/2011 #7
echoing noise

AZZIE! (hugs) NOOOOOOOOOO! Ahh... it's really happening! You wound me. D: I'm in the Great Hall, obviously, okay?! I need to marry Matthew Gray Gubler quick so that we can get on with our plans. :/

8/2/2011 #8

Hello everyone! It's so nice to be back! Ahh... *leans back in a random plush chair :)*

8/2/2011 #9
Caveat Lector 52

Penflyer! Hiya, what's new?

8/2/2011 #10

Absolutely nothing! Don't you love summer vacation? :)

How're you?

8/3/2011 #11
Caveat Lector 52

Bored. The TV's broken, it's too hot to go anywhere, and even being on the computer's getting old.

I'm actually looking forward to school. One month to go!

8/3/2011 #12
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Oh! By the way Kara have you thought of my homework yet? Glady take your time! I know after everything things have been crazy and I was wondering so I might get started on it before I leave to see family over the weekend.

Everyone: Is anyone here? How are you all?

8/3/2011 #13

Hiya! I'm fine, just sleep-deprived and boiling hot.

Oooh! I've officially been on FFN for six months!

8/3/2011 #14
Caveat Lector 52


I'm going to bed now, nighty-night everyone.

8/3/2011 #15


And HI EVERYONE!!! I'm sooooososososososo excited that the new forums open! I missed everyone!

This cheered me up a bit because I kinda had a bad day yesterday :((( My best friend's twelve year old german shepherd had cancer. They found out & she was put down in the same day. My friend-and me- was/were devastated. Also it was totally unexpected.

8/3/2011 #16
Caveat Lector 52

I'm so sorry to hear that, Alex. My cat had to be put down a few years ago, so I know how hard that can be.

8/4/2011 #17
Royal Gryphon
Hi guys I'm just checking in with a message from Kara, turns out her pc has a bad virus and she cant get on with her phone so she will be out for a few days. She told me to give out HW while she is gone, so If you guys remind me of who wants some and what level I can get back to you tomorrow night. I am still on vaca so I will check in morning and night ( right now it's about 11:10 pm) and can answer questions or help with things then In the rest of the time it would be best to go to other mods or prefects. I will be home from vaca Saturday night and will be on more after that. On a side note we are currently the least active house so if you guys get the time tell the rest to came join the new forum. I can't wait till our family is all here again. :)
8/4/2011 #18
Thanatos Angelos Girl
So when you give it out it will be issued from her just given out by you right? In that case I asked for Hard homework. I know! We are not active because there are only 4 or 5 Hufflepuffs and there are wayyyy more Slytherins and Ravenclaws now. I also wanted to ask that when you read something from the house library and turn it in to McGonagall does the HoH have to mark them? I noticed everyone else got points added except for me and I thought that might have been why. Just checking. Anyway how are all of you? Sorry to hear about the dog by the way! I had to put my ten year old golden retriever down when I was in elementary school because of cancer...
8/4/2011 #19
Royal Gryphon

actually she asked me to give them, i can probably get you some by tomorrow night. finding a good quote will be the hard part. and i don't know about the reading from house library i do know they give points for reviews but idk i can ask for you if you want though.

8/4/2011 #20
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Oh okay! I was just making sure I had gotten that right.... Well that's fine. I can't wait to see what you can assign! :D

Well the Ravenclaw HoH had added the points to everyone else's reviews and they were all Ravenclaw Library stories and mine wasn't and I am a Hufflepuff.....I reviewed from the Hufflepuff Library so I think that's it but if you could ask her when it's convient just so I know for future reference that would be amazing!

Plus before I had reviewed from the Prompt of the Day Library and another HoH had given me points for that so I think that's it....

8/4/2011 #21
Royal Gryphon

ok ill ask her tomorrow morning ttyl im about to pass out :)

8/4/2011 #22
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Hello? Anyone here?

8/5/2011 #23
Caveat Lector 52

I am, what's up?

I asked for medium homework, by the way.

8/5/2011 #24


Alex, that's terrible about your friend's dog. May they rest in peace. :(

8/5/2011 #25
Slytherin Head

Stepping in with Kara's permission.

Brooke, the reason why Professor Lola didn't grade your work was because it's considered Hufflepuff homework, hence Professor Kara is the only who can give you points. But because she can't online Professor Lola and I will be able to give you the points for your work.

8/5/2011 #26
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Oh! Thank you for explaining Professor Monse! :D

8/5/2011 #27
Caveat Lector 52

So, I've been thinking of changing my user name. TheNightShadow4 is great and all, but I feel like it represents the younger, less talented me. I feel as if I've out grown it, if you know what I mean?

What do you guys think of FrozenRose52?

8/5/2011 #28

FrozenRose52 sounds pretty and would fit your avatar well, but I also like your current name. Maybe you could try a combo of the two, like TheNightRose or FrozenShadow, so that if people search Night or Shadow or something you'd sill come up. But y'know, if you want to change it, change it.

8/6/2011 #29
Royal Gryphon

Hi guys, well im back from vacation but im off to church so ill give you your HW when i get the chance im sorry i didn't post it earlier like i said but packing up after vacation got very busy and goodbyes to people i wont see for a long time are not something to miss.

Anyway ill get you both your Homework by tomorrow morning not that i'm home i should have more time and will be on more often.

8/7/2011 #30
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