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Everyone at my new public school teases the kids and just generally, my old school. It's so... annoying.

2/8/2012 #721
Love From A Muggle

Yea, I know what you mean. I had a back brace and was teased (this was back in 9th grade), but it did help that later in high school my sister was friends with the cheerleaders/jocks so they were nicer to me.

2/8/2012 #722


But most people don't know I use to go to my old school which is good...

2/8/2012 #723
Love From A Muggle

Well that's good then.

So what's everyone working on now writing wise?

2/8/2012 #724

Re-copying my science which got burned.

But seriously- A LilyLunaxTeddy fic for my friend

And a FayxDraco story for a contest.

Also, I think... a Daphne and Astoria sister fic for another contest.

2/8/2012 #725
Love From A Muggle

I'm trying to work on the song fic challenge for this forum.

I need to work on my Draco/Hermione Alone with you

and I'm itching to write a story with a summary I found, but I can't seem to think of the main characters.

2/8/2012 #726
Cristin Gryphon

Sorry i disappeared for a bit there, i got caught up in the story i am reading. as for what I'm writing, i have a nagging idea about magical creatures but i don't know jet how i want to build a story around it.

2/8/2012 #727

Why me... why do I have to be the one to re-copy my science because it got burned. Ugh. :'(

2/8/2012 #728
Love From A Muggle

write what you have in your mind down on paper so you won't forget, ideas might come to you.

Aww yellow, that stinks!

and I'm going to get offline for about two hours. I just realized I've been online for a while. I need a break anyways.

2/8/2012 #729

Yeah... so annoying.


2/8/2012 #730
Cristin Gryphon

Bye Kara :)

2/8/2012 #731
Cristin Gryphon

so what was written on the paper?

2/8/2012 #732

My important science HW that's due tomorrow...

2/8/2012 #733
Cristin Gryphon

ouch, that sucks i'm sorry

2/8/2012 #734

Thanks but I think it'll be okay. As long as my parents don't find out, I can copy it from my notebook and explain my situation to my science teacher. Hoping she'll understand but I think she will.

2/8/2012 #735
Cristin Gryphon

well that's good, as long as you don't approach it as a my dog ate my hw thing :) playing

2/8/2012 #736

;) I'm re-doing it which would ruin that excuse. Plus, the burn mark is quite obvious :P

2/8/2012 #737
Cristin Gryphon

:) i meant more as an analogy a better example would be "My mother dropped her cigaret on it" but you get the idea and ya re doing it would ruin the excuse

2/8/2012 #738

I meant... yeah, I don't know what I meant. I know it was an analogy but... ;)

Yeah. Almost done re-copying :P

2/8/2012 #739
Cristin Gryphon

what was the science hw about if you don't mind my asking?

2/8/2012 #740

Don't mind at all ;)

We were writing letters as Charles Darwin to... whomever about the Galapagos and evolution and what not. We were burning them to make them look old.

2/8/2012 #741
Cristin Gryphon

ah ok

2/8/2012 #742

Yeah. I wasn't just randomly burning it, if that's what you were wondering ;)

2/8/2012 #743
Cristin Gryphon

no with it being science i thought it might be about how things aged or something like that but i was wrong i guess

2/8/2012 #744

Ahhh... yeah. We're not nearly that advanced ;)

2/8/2012 #745
Cristin Gryphon

if you say so. For a long time i was really into the sciences, only more recently did i decide that it was not the career for me.

2/8/2012 #746

Yeah... ;)

Well, I actually have to go. Bye

2/8/2012 #747
Cristin Gryphon

nice meeting you yellow, bye

2/8/2012 #748
Love From A Muggle
Cristin, if you like reading, the front post of hufflepuff has how you can read to earn points. Also, I'm still away. In fact my phone is about to die, I'll be on soon.
2/8/2012 #749
Cristin Gryphon

ill take a look ty

2/8/2012 #750
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