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KARIN! IT'S BEEN AGES SINCE WE WERE ACTUALLY ON AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha, the whole locker key thing sounds very similar...Me and my friend would often steal/hide my other friend's locker key. Fun times... Although I'm not sure how fun it was for me friend...

10/20/2011 #751

Saph! I missed you again! I don't like school!

Yes we oten steel eachoters keys, but then we give them back before next lesson so the other person can get their book. My friend picked up the keys and FORGOT that she did it. We had been searching for the keys almost the whole lunch break.

I don't understand why it is so funny to hide other's things, but it is not fun at all when others hide yours.

Anyone here still, or are you all asleap?

10/20/2011 #752

:( I don't have a locker yet, but I will soon!

10/20/2011 #753
Principi Phantasia

Got my braces off today! :D :D :D

Four excrutiating hours ._.

10/21/2011 #754

Yay! :D I know exactly how you feel...HATE braces.

10/21/2011 #755
Principi Phantasia

TOTALLY! haha xP

10/22/2011 #756

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know that I changed my pen name from FL7 to storry-eyed :)

PS - is there anywhere else on the forum where I should post that I've changed it?

10/23/2011 #757

I really dont know, but hey!

10/23/2011 #758

Hi! I'm Lynne :) And I'm so sorry but I don't think I know your name!

How's your day?

10/23/2011 #759

Hey Lynne! Good to see you around (:

Please, you need to go to the Severus Snape Roll Call Thread and publish your previous Penname, your new one and your house.

10/23/2011 #760

Good to see you too! How are you?

Okay thanks! Off to do that right now :)

10/23/2011 #761

I'm good thanks, a little bit stressed with school :/ but good hehe

And you?

10/23/2011 #762
Principi Phantasia

And I think you should post in the Owlery as well?

Same here, Lola! Totally stressed out with school! :S :(

10/24/2011 #763

AGYSIFDUHKJEDF I'M SO STRESSED! *deep breath* Bleah. Two exams on thursday and I'm slightly stressed (incase you couldn't tell.) I really shouldn't be so stressed with just 2 exams in grade 10, but they kinda decide who gets the top of year award which I really really want. Probs wont get, but still! FYGAHUFIDJK *exits in a puff of smoke*

-vent over, back to studying-

10/25/2011 #764

Okay, I'll post there too :) Thanks!

10/25/2011 #765

Saph, calm down, you are worrying way to much. The exams are going to be easy for you. I am sure you are going to do exelent, you are a ravenclaw after all :) What subjects is it?

10/25/2011 #766

I know I know...I can't help but worry before every single exam. afjufhdjkcifj. I've got a maths and a science tomorrow, and after that I'll be happy!

10/26/2011 #767

Good luck Saph!!! :) You'll do great!

10/26/2011 #768

Saphy, don't worry. You'll do brilliantly, I know it :D

10/26/2011 #769

ERIN! How are you???

10/26/2011 #770


Hi Lola and Erin!

10/26/2011 #771

Karin!!! How are you??

I'm good thanks... stressed with school and my volunteer and everything... but good...

A hurricane is coming near the zone where I live O.O

10/26/2011 #772

A HURRICANE?! Please Lola tell me you are joking?

Right now I'm having a nervous berakdown becuse you are close to a hurricane, but before that I was fine. Had SPT today.

Lola? It is safe where you are isn't it?

10/26/2011 . Edited 10/26/2011 #773

Yeah... a Hurricane... it wasn't supposed to pass through my city... but apparently it changed its way :/

Yup, it's safe, but you still feel the wind and the rain :S

10/26/2011 #774

Exams over! Woot!

Ohh Hurricane! If they are anything like the way cyclones act around here, it will change its way another 20 times before hiting. :)

10/27/2011 #775
Principi Phantasia

I guess I'm too late to wish you good luck, Saph..

I've got a bunch of exams coming up next week, and one tomorrow.

Plus, I received my report card last Friday and I wasn't too pleased with the result. I know that 11th year is way harder than 10th year, but still, it's a disappointment to see my scores kinda drop. I have to work extra hard this term! gah. But don't know how it's gonna work for me. It's just too difficult to get grades :S

Enough of my ranting. How's everyone?

Sorry I haven't been around lately, but as you can see, I'm awfully busy :S

10/27/2011 #776

Prissie - good luck on your exams!! And don't worry, your Ravenclaw knowledge will shine through on all your grades :)

I'm really happy because I'm having a good day for the first time in awhile - it's my 18th birthday!! :D

10/27/2011 #777

Lucky Lynne. I'm stuck back here at age 13.

10/27/2011 #778

haha youre not the only one

10/27/2011 #779

I must not be...anyways what's up?

10/27/2011 #780
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