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Got a review you feel the need to complain about it? OR you have a review that seems so weird you want to share it? OR you have a really horrible review and need cheering up? Got an unsigned review that was horrible? This is the place to complain about your reviews.

7/28/2011 #1

Ok I'm currently working on a fic where Fred and George find the list of things I'm not allowed to do at hogwarts, so it's supposed to be wacky and a parody with them randomly standing up and singing the mysterius ticking noise. But I got an usigned review saying and I qoute "Dude what are you smoking" I got a litte upset about that one

8/2/2011 #2

That's horrible, Jess. I hate it when people leave reviews like that, there's no need for it. Delete it and don't take it to heart. They're just trying to upset you.

8/2/2011 . Edited 8/2/2011 #3
Slytherin Head

Jess, they have no right to say that. Obviously they didn't pick up that it's a parody and they obviously don't know about the other 100 stories that are based off the same idea, and are fun to read.

8/2/2011 #4

Yeah I guess some people just don't care to read what the genre of the story is before reading it.

8/2/2011 #5
echoing noise

Have you considered that it may be a compliment? I'm not trying to be condescending, I promise, but I do know a lot of people who say that when someone says something particularly funny. While I'm not happy that it upset you, it might not have been meant as an insult -- some people just aren't aware of how their words sound over the screen. (I'm one of them, lol...) Anyway, I hope that makes sense. :/

8/2/2011 #6

I agree with echoing noise. The person may have meant it as a compliment. I mean, a lot of good stories are all over the place, and this person might have just been saying, "Great crazy story." :)


8/7/2011 #7
oh nargles

I'm one of those people that get tiffed with a small review, I mean I know people have better things to do than review my stories but I love in depth reviews, I recently got a review with two words: "great story!" I feel really happy that someone liked my story but I would've liked it even better if the person wrote why they liked my story.

9/11/2011 #8

I'm one of the people that leve two word reviews sometimes, it can be hard to point out sometimes what you like with a story and then I think it is better to leve a short review and continu reding the next chapter than stop up. And hopefully the most of the reviews are long ones. One thing that I haave notice is that the more humor you have in your story the shorter reviews you get.

I have one reviewer that iritate me very much. He/she read all the chapters in my story months afterI posted it. Gave me name ideas and then complained about that I didn't chose his/hers names, but I had all ready written the chapter! And his/hers reviews jut got more and more insulting, complain about the horrible and ugly name I had chosen.

11/10/2011 #9

Reviewers that leave one word annoy the heck out of me. There's one person who keeps reviewing my Doctor Who fics and all they say every single time is 'awesomeness!' Can't you expand on that, even a teeny weeny little bit? *stews*

12/12/2011 #10
Love From A Muggle

I just got a review for an old story.

"Can you believe its been 5 years since shes updated?"

Um huh? Its an old story of mine I didn't think people would be still interested in it.

12/21/2011 . Edited 12/22/2011 #11

I've gotten a couple annoying ones. The worst one was for a TP fanfic, so I won't post it here. I DID get one on my Drastoria fanfic that was frustrating. I edited it for language, but copy pasted. That's all the writer gave me, no reason why it irritated her, or even WHAT! It was signed too! I pm the author, but no response. :(

"...What the f***? Why the bloody hell would she do that?...Urgh. This irritates me."

12/25/2011 #12

I don't really get a lot of annoying reviews but the one that really upset me was:

I hate this story. Emily is stupid and not even half way real. Rose is major OOC! Bernadette and Hannah are obbessed with people they haven't met, and Belle is NOTHING like her parents. Plus your spelling and grammar sucks! I fucking hate this story and you slut!

Okay?? I honestly don't think my story is that bad. A) Emily is a mixture of me and my best friend, so the two of us are stupid and fake? That's nice. Bernadette and Hannah have met the boys they have a crush on, if you have not noticed they are all in Ravenclaw together. B) Rose is a next-gen character. How can she be OOC? J.K. Rowling barley gave us any information about her. C) Belle isn't going to be like her parents. Most people aren't. And of course the language isn't necessary.

1/5/2012 #13

That is extremely rude, and completely uncalled for. I definetely agree, how can Rose be OOC? And I haven't actually read the story in question, but I sincerely doubt it's that bad. And language is just...ugh, I hate it when people swear. It's so... uncouth!

I'm sorry someone was so rude to you.

1/9/2012 #14
Love From A Muggle

so I woke up this morning after posting a new story last night to 9 favorite stories by one person, not a single review. The stories mostly had to deal with the Weasleys.

Should I send a thank you note to them?

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #15

I'd say yes. Even though the fact that a story has been added to someone's favorite list means that you might get more reviews, I'd say that whoever it was should have given you something along the lines of 'great' if nothing else.

1/10/2012 #16
Love From A Muggle

Good idea. I wonder if I post more stories about The Weasleys, if they'll put me on favorite again.

Thank you for the advice.

1/10/2012 #17
Amused Thalia

Well, if anyone ever leaves a really weird / bad review... I'd be happy to stalk out their profile and return the favour. Half the time they can't write themselves. :)

2/8/2012 #18
Martine Lewis

This is the review I got for one of my stories a little while back:

what is this ? petrificus totalus? expeliarmus? all of that vocally AND shouting? what are they 12 year olds playing cops and robbers ^^ and all that rated M? ty but no ty

Wouldn't you agree with me that this person doesn't know their cannon very well? I e-mail that person and told them to go and read how Voldermort was defeated...

4/26/2012 . Edited 4/26/2012 #19
Love From A Muggle

I love it when people tell me in a review they love my style of writing. I haven't had that said to me in a long time.

4/27/2013 #20

I love your writing, Kara! *hugs*

4/27/2013 #21
Love From A Muggle
Aww thanks Very! *hugs* they said my style of writing was excellent. I didn't realize I had a style.
4/27/2013 #22

Was just looking through some of my old reviews, and I found one that made me chuckle. On a Harry/Luna Lovegood story:

It very weird that Harry Potter duaghter call him Harry. Aside from that, yo should probably have mentoned Luna his daughter so everyone would know, I kn ow because I looked it up at Harry Potter wiki.
8/17/2013 #23

*face palm* Only everyone who read the epilogue knows that Harry has a daughter named Luna, at least her middle name....

8/17/2013 . Edited 8/17/2013 #24

I'm wondering how this person got through books 5 to 7 without knowing who Luna Lovegood was... Considering they seemed to mix her up with Harry's daughter, Lily Luna ;)

8/17/2013 #25

I have absolutely no clue. You'd think that the person would be more familiar with Luna Lovegood than with Lily Luna, seeing that Lily Luna hardly appeared!!

8/17/2013 #26
Slytherin Head

You think that's bad? There's some where people get Lily Luna Potter confused with Lily Potter-nee Evans. Or they get James Potter Sr. mixed up with James Sirius Potter. =_= People, I swear... though, I guess to be fair, Harry REALLY should have gone out and bought a baby names book.

8/19/2013 #27

I am not actually here to complain or sulk. I am here to show that sometimes reviewers review with constructive criticism. For example, a reviewer reviewed me and complimented my story. This reviewer also told me something that I might be doing that had depleted my chance of getting reviews. She also gave me a suggestion to resolve the problem. This reply is not to make people feel bad. This reply is to help you feel happier. How? If you thought that some constructive criticism was a complaint then after you read this you will know that this person was trying to help.;];];];];];]

12/2/2013 #28

Completely agreeing—some reviews are just plain bashing, but criticism can also be much welcome! :)

12/3/2013 #29
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