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Ok, so this thread is to help with real life problems.

But please remember we aren't fully trained therapists, and can only offer advice from our own experiences. If we feel something's too deep, we will pm you, and tell you to tell your parents.

I must say this though. Based on the previous thread we had, I'm saying it here. If you have deep thoughts about suicide, please pm a MOD. I'm serious. that's not the answer for anything, trust me. this is coming from a personal experience with a friend, so please do not do that. It only harms your family and doesn't help the situation.

Aside from that, we will try to help you if we can about any 'tea and sympathy' problems.

8/1/2011 #1

Ok here goes first post in here,

For some reasons I'm torn between liking two guys at once one who is the perfect guy for me, british, peircing blue eyes, caring, likes the HP series, shy, super nice, is the one I should be liking but I've really only ever talked to him once and added to that my friend started liking him recently too, my best freind even says he likes me. But I can't help but have feeling for this guuy that I completley hate, I mean I can't stand this guy but yet whenever he's around he either makes me really angry or just feel really nervous, the problem with him is that all my freinds hate him, he insulted my best freinds twin and last year when I used to be a bit bigger he even insulted me, he just makes me so mad but yet I think about him all the time, really everyone says he's changed and I sort of agree he's nicer now and he will just randomly talk to me out of the blue, I hang out with him more then the other guy since we have mutaul freinds, he's obnoxius, rude, loud, like seriosley you can hear him from a feild away, but then he turns around and is really nice, he still is always making jokes and insults but when he knows someone he really cares about them. Personly I think the reason he's like this is because of his best freind adam dying in grade five, so now I think he takes his anger out on everyone, but really he;s hurting inside. my freinds say I'm not his type, and that he likes really skinny girls with big breasts, but I see somthing diiferent in him, for some reason I can see the nice side of him a lot more now, my freinds still say he's a jerk though, and I still hate him but......... he's funny, nice when he wants to be, cocky, but sweet somtimes, he raps at random moments and he says stuff like "School a dark dismal place where kids come to learn regurgitated answers to repetitive questions" and "Dazzle me a dazzle and call me dazzle" I could go on and on. As you see from all I've said i think about him a lot, and it's killing me, theres so much I wish to say about him but I don;t want this to become 1000 words long so I'm quiting while I'm ahead, anyways help, I need to know why I hate him yet love him and why I'm constantly playing the song here without you, or I hate everything about you. *Glares at inaminate object* I hate him.

8/2/2011 #2

OKay just a few more things to add to my previus post, My friend's analogy of him is that somewhere inside him is a skinny little girl screaming to get out. jsut thought I'd throw that in their, I'm in the mood to rant about him, oh and also when I asked my friends what he signed their yearbooks with most of them said they didn;t let him sign their yearbooks and the two of my friends said all he wrote was 'penis' which is horably imature and then when I asked him to sign my yearbook he signed it with this 'Grayson (And then a heart, it won't let me write a heart for some reason)' ,........ *Glares*I still hate him

8/2/2011 . Edited 8/2/2011 #3
Royal Gryphon
I truly can not give too much advice on this as I have not been in a similar situation, but it sounds like tout have a lily evens problem, you both hate and like the same guy, it sounds like he needs to mature before he is ready for a real relationship maybe you can give him the proverbial Kick in th ___ but as for direct and usable advice get to know the other guy swell so you can know which you like better again I am by no means an expert on this but maybe I helped. Another thing to consider but most relationships in school ( before college) don't last very long so don't stress on it too much enjoy what you can while being safe and true to yourself but unless you truly believe some one us "the one" just have fun it's experience for when you do find the one and half of dating is finding the wrong person so you know who the right one is later.
8/2/2011 #4

Thanks, and no we don't both like and hate the same guy, we both like this really nice guy, but I'm the one who for some reason likes the guy that I hate.

8/3/2011 #5

´When I read your post I notice that you was talking much more about this "hate-guy" than the "nice-guy". I think you should spend more time with both of them, maybe it solve itself, you figure out who you like best. And don't let your friends choose for you, in any way, but remember her feelings.

8/4/2011 #6

Okay I've been in a sort of similar situation, but I liked one of my exes who hates me and the nice guy was totally immature. I went out with him and he got himself expelled. I broke up with him and ignored him for months. When I started talking to him again as a favor to my best friend, he convinced me to go back out with him. He wasn't exactly abusive, but we fought more than anything, and he always started it. He had to be better than me or more depressed than me. I had to feel sorry for him, even as I lay on the ground bleeding and he had a party-life. It sucked. However, it's not the exact same situation you're in, so give them a chance. Just sit back for now.

As for why I'm posting, I have guy problems (again) too. I like two of my exes right now. The one who hates me and the one who was always my shoulder to cry on. "P" is the one who helped me when my first boyfriend, "R"-the one who hates me-broke up with me. He wasn't mean when he broke up with me, and we're still friends. He was always kind of there and it didn't matter if he liked me and I had a boyfriend that I fought with, he would help and only ever tried to keep me happy and safe.

But now I get the feeling he likes me, yes, but in a physical way. I've told him again and again I want commitment, and I want to be older. He understands, but he wants more than we had before. So do I, but I want to know he's the same one who held me whenever I cried before. I want to know he loves me, not just wants me, know what I mean?

Because I still love him. Even though he's not necessarily a virgin-even from the beginning I knew something bad had happened to him. While we were going out, he hinted, but never told me. Something like a month or two ago he told me he was raped when he was eight and his parents were still in Africa (so was he-mission trip for their church-his sister was born there! I'm jealous!)

But I don't care. I mean, I care, that's awful, but that won't stop me from loving him. He says he's scared of how it's affecting him, doesn't think he can have a girlfriend-doesn't think he deserves one. He hasn't said that, but I can tell. He just says he's confused but the way he acts.... I want to help. Even if it means not going out with him. But we don't talk about it much and I don't want to be the one to bring up painful memories. I just want to know if he really loves me, want him to know how I feel, and that I want to thank him for always being there for me, and that I want to be there for him.

I don't know what to do or how to say this.....someone please help me.......

8/7/2011 #7

I HATE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!

My boss and coworker are nightmares to deal with.

Between the pair of them I leave in a rage or tears every. freaking. day. Monday to Friday.

It's only temporary, until school starts, but in the meantime I'm going crazy.

I don't swear, but when i do, one of them is behind it.

8/11/2011 #8

Jess: this all sounds quite complicated, but I hope you can talk things through with "P" and really end up knowing where you two stand. He sounds like he could be very good for you, on the one hand, but you are right to want to make sure the two of you are looking for more or less the same thing in a relationship, else you could get hurt and it sounds like you don't need to get hurt... again.

I hope you two manage to communicate about what happened to him. It must be a really difficult situation and indeed it's hard to decide whether it's better not to talk about it because of the memories or rather to really face the problem, but... I suppose the best would be to just let him know that you are conscious of what he can be going through, and you want to help and support him the best you can. It is all you can do anyway. However, even if you want to help him, even while helping him, remember to take care of yourself. It can be pretty hard to try to help a person who went through something that serious and if you are feeling vulnerable yourself, keep in mind that you can help him, support him and love him, but ultimately there is only so much you can do. It's difficult to keep protecting yourself, in a way, when a loved one needs you, but still... be careful, love. I wouldn't want you to be dragged down.

I'm sorry, but... has he ever seen a therapist for this? Do you know that? I mean, it's something very serious, something huge – horrible, and especially for a child – and if it's one thing if he didn't want to talk about it with his girlfriend, but if he is actually completely bottling it up... it can't be good...

Cee: I'm sorry hun. Rant about it? Get it off your chest? That sounds like the best you can do... -hugs tight- ♥

8/11/2011 #9

Thanks Azzie ♥ that's pretty much want I needed

8/11/2011 #10

Calm down, CeeCee. It's pretty bad right now, but then it'll soon be over. Just like exams (that are driving me crazy now), it'll be soon over, isn't it? When you really feel liking throwing a tantrum, think about times when you and your best friend(s) go out together. That will feel better. And a cup of tea always workds (for me), I do recommend Chinese tea like, well, green tea which helps to slow down your heart beat a little. You still have to work with your boss and that coworker, but you can ignore them unless totally necessary. When it's time to work, just try to cooperate and when it's breaktime, totally get out of that office/building/the place you work at and breathe in the fesh air outside. Try to be more passive. One cannot expect life to be a bed of roses, and even if it is, you will always feel the thorns.

8/26/2011 #11

Okay, this is going to sound like I have a dysfunctional family, but maybe my family is dysfuncational. It's been making me feel like crying for a long, long time. (But the most painful thing is that I can't cry when I want to, and I always have this sour and bitter feeling.) My parents are just quarelling everyday. And both of them always tell me individually that they are trying to work with each other. Sometimes they say that it's my fault they get into a fight. I just shut myself up sometimes and pretend to be happy and just cover up my feelings so well that sometimes I feel like a professional actress.

And the worst thing is that, your parents should be the closest to you, but in my family, there's always lying and some secret alliance. We're never truthful to each other. My mother asks me to spy on my father becaues he leaves the house sometimes without telling where he's going, while my father complains to me about my mother, how untidy and lazy she is, and how unreasonable she is. I do believe that she is unreasonable, but I also do believe that my father's trying to hide something.

And examples of how a quarrel starts? Whether I should go to bed by 10pm or not. Whether my father should turn off the TV when we are eating dinner. Whether the dumpling's skin is too thick. Whether I should use two towels after showering. I know this is really stupid to all of you, but I must get used to all these when I am at home. And I'm the only child. I don't trust my friends to understand me, but I think some of you here do. I'm always comforting my friends when they feel downcast, but somehow I feel that I have the responsibility to soothe them, and I never have anyone to spill my thoughts to. Should I just turn mad because of these emotions trying to escape from me?

8/26/2011 #12

I'm not sure whether this will make you feel better or not (I'm terrible at comforting people), but a similar thing happened to my friend. Her parents were fighting every night, over small and big things. She kept on trying to peacemake, but eventually gave up. Eventually her mum walked out on her dad. It really shook her up for a bit, but then her dad got a girlfriend. My friend kept an open mind while meeting her, and now (6 months later) she is loving her life so much more with a spilt family, and is really loving her new step family.

So the point of that anecdote, sometimes things work out for the better, not nessicarly a divorce but even just your parents realising their wrongdoing. Maybe talk to them how you feel about them fighting, possibly they don't realise it's effecting you. Try and get a friend you can talk to, it helps. Just hang in there, and you can always vent to us! =)

8/29/2011 #13

I know exactly how you feel, its why I'm so happy to be away from my house and in college! My parents always bicker and argue over the smallest things, I just couldn't stand it anymore, but things will get better :)

8/29/2011 #14

Thanks so much Sapphire. My parents did threaten to divorce before. They even had a deadline. And rd, I do love to go out with my school, sometimes our teacher brings us overseas for excursions for about a week and I love it so much. :)

8/29/2011 #15
Blonde Pickle Mule

Crystal, I know exactly how you feel. My parents had a patch of arguing over nothing- I'd be downstairs for a few minutes and they'd be fine, then I'd walk upstairs and within five minutes I could hear them yelling through the floorboards. They'd argue over ridiculous things as well, like bed times and such.

The trouble was they were both at fault- my dad just didn't want to discuss anything when he should have, and my mum never wanted to let anything drop when she should have. Sometimes I just wanted to scream at them that they were both being stupid.

Things are getting better now, and the way I dealt with it was to stay out of their way and try my hardest never to get involved. My parents have always been able to sort things out by themselves, even if they never learn from past arguments, and I do still worry about them.

But when it comes down to it their relationship is something they need to work through by themselves- and that goes for your parents as well.

As for your friends, I can relate to that too. I've always been the peacemaker and the shoulder to cry on, and when I've had problems I've always been told to buck up and get on with it by quite a few of them. But you shouldn't have to feel like that, because friendship goes both ways, and if they care about you, then they shouldn't mind being there for you when things are hard. I've got a few very close friends who are always there for me to cry on if I need to.

I hope I've helped by sharing my own experiences, even if all I can do for you is sympathise. Sometimes it helps knowing you're not alone. *shrugs*

9/1/2011 #16
Thanks so much, Bridget. ( Nothing like a caring Hufflepuff for comfort.) It does feel better after reading what you have written. Sometimes height counts too. Without surveys or experiments you realize that shorter people tend to be prone to crying in public or be extremely dependent. I'm extremely independent on the contrary but sometimes everyone just need some comfort. Okay, I'm not going to dwell on my issue anymore. I expect other people have their own problems too.
9/2/2011 #17

Ok, never thought I'd be posting in here about guy problems, but here I am.

I really like this guy, but long story short the chances of anything ever happeneing between us is so slim. He's in the year above (although we do talk a lot and have the same interests) and there's no way he would ever go for me.

Ok, needed to let that out. =) Anyone have any tips for un-liking someone? It's pretty easy to spot flaws in this guy, but I still like him anyway. I'm just so frustrated. I let my hopes get up at the littlest thing, and it annoys me because I've read stuff like this in books and think what a stupid person the main character is, but now that person is me.

-Venting over-

9/6/2011 #18

Saphy, it's not stupid, not at all. I've been in exactly the same position - I liked a guy for nearly three years, even though I knew he didn't - couldn't - like me back.

I don't think there's a way to un-like someone; but I wouldn't start looking for flaws, because that makes him more human and thus more appealing. Unless, y'know, it's something really bad like dealing drugs or something. But I doubt that would be the case.

I would suggest avoiding spending time with him, if you can. Don't be rude or anything, but it's easier to get over someone if you're not around them all the time and talking to them a lot.

I hope that helps a bit, and remember - it's not stupid, no way.

Love you honey, and if you need to vent again, you can PM me any time ♥

9/6/2011 #19

Awww Saph, I completely agree with Erin.

You need to spent less time with him and thinking about him, keep your mind busy. And slowly you'll start to forget. :)

You know that if you need something, you can PM as well.


9/6/2011 #20

Along with all the other guy-rants, here's mine.

I have a friend, and if you want to get all technical, we've known each other since 1st grade. This years really the first year we've talked a lot though, we're those two friends who bickerbickerbicker and abuse each other. One of my other friends liked this guy for a while, and I used to tease her about it, so I suppose this could be along the lines of karma. But now I like him, and in biology, the only class we have together, there's a Sophomore, and she and him bicker a lot too, and now I just want her to go away, because now I think he likes her. I want to find out who he likes, but he's never told me before. I don't want him to know that I like him, but I want to find out who he likes without telling him. And none of my friends know I like him, or I would ask one of them to find out for me. I'm scared to tell anyone, I dont know why. But how can I find out, or let him know in a casual way without embarassing myself?

9/6/2011 #21

Wow, guy-problem season or what?

Okay, here goes nothing. I'm probably logging off right after this, though, so I'll check Friday-I'm not coming home tomorrow.

Everyone who knows my boyfriend, well, we've been on/off for about a year now. My problem is I hate it when we're walking, holding hands or something, and people scream PDA at us then there's two Mexicans practically doing each other and no one comments. I hate kissing or anything in public because it's always in school, I practically live there. That and my parents/friends don't approve of him, so I can't see him outside of school. And we always get in trouble/yelled at and I hate it. I always get in trouble and yelled at at home, and I'm just sick of it. School is my one refuge-other than the Internet.

But he's noticed and is starting to comment like 'Well, if you really cared, it wouldn't bother you so much' or 'I'm getting the feeling you don't care that much'. It's pissing me off cause I love him, I honestly think he's the one for me, and it's just the publicity thing. I'm a shy girl to start with, and not having my family/friends support takes a lot out of me.

I think part of it is I'm exhausted-I have more work than he does, and less time to do it in, so he doesn't get why I'm breaking down, but I honestly can't take this.

Every time I say I miss him, he wants to run away and sneak over to my house in the dead of night-bad situation all around. Then he gets upset when I tell him no, like I don't care. I'm trying to keep his sorry self out of jail! My parents don't even know he knows where I live!

After that, he just gets more and more depressed/depressing and takes me with him, keeping me up later than ever, which is something like 10pm here and I'm up early and up late to start with, and later tomorrow, with more homework than ever.

I get so scared when it comes to being paranoid about being rejected-I've had too many people I loved tell me I'm not good enough. It feels like he's about to break up with me, but he says he'd never do that. It's scaring me to death and I'm just generally falling apart.

I don't even know what advice I'm asking for, I just needed to tell someone, anyone.

Dest-I'm seriously about to go back. I can't do this.

9/7/2011 #22

Jess. I'm pming you. Why didn't you tell me when you were on earlier! Don't Jess! Please!!! Don't!!!!

9/7/2011 #23
Blonde Pickle Mule

Jess- Have you tried talking to him? Like really sitting him down and telling him exactly how you're feeling? It's the only thing I can think of to help, I'm not really sure what I would do otherwise. I've been in a situation a bit like that (well, feeling like the guy would break up with me) and I didn't do anything, and it got me nowhere...but then it sounds like you've talked to him quite a bit already. Maybe you need to tell him everything that's in this post all in one big sitting? I hope I've helped, and I'm sorry if I haven't!

Time for my guy-rant now.

I'm stupid. I'm the stupidest stupid person to ever live in the land of stupid. That's how stupid I am. There's this guy that I like, and I've gone back to him so many times, on and off again, it's really pathetic. We were together once, but then he broke it off, and we've remained friends, though not as close as before. There's always been something awkward there because of the relationship we had. For a long time after that I was not over him at all. I really, really loved him. My first love and all that.

Then I got over him a bit, and then it came back. It's the same cycle that always repeats itself and I can't break out of it. I mean, people say that distance is the best thing to stop liking someone, but I've not seen him the whole summer and its not seemed to make any difference.

I've tried telling myself that he'll never love me, because he won't. He already tried it, and it didn't work for him. But it never seems to work, no matter what I do. In a way, I really want to be over him. I just don't have a clue how to be.

9/8/2011 . Edited 9/8/2011 #24
Love From A Muggle

Bridget, it's really hard to get over your first love.

My first love was when I was in the 6th grade. I dated a guy for a whole year, my longest ever relationship (at that point) and was in love. He broke up with me On April fools day, in a note. At first I thought it was a joke, but he was serious.

it took me a year to get over him, but i did.

Keep your mind busy with other things, when you see him it'll hurt at first, but then you'll get use to being just friends.

9/8/2011 #25

Thanks Dest, Bridget. We did talk it over-and I think I got my point across but he also got me to understand what he meant a little better. We're working on it.

Dest, I pmed you the details, kay? Love you girly♥

Bridget-this sounds like me and my first boyfriend. Let me say this: Ryan-first boyfriend-was not right for me. Granted, we weren't friends, and so he showed me the nasty side, his mean side, for almost two years now. I'm probably as close to over him as I'm going to get. Yes, there are times I still look at him and wonder, but then I think of my current boyfriend-Andy. He's everything for me Ryan was not. Everything I'd dreamed of and more. Yes, he has his faults, but don't we all? The trick is finding the guy whose faults we can live with.

I'm not sure what to say except open your eyes. Look around you. there's probably a really sweet, shy guy waiting for you to notice him. XD you're so amazing, I can't imagine that there wouldn't be, you just have to find him.

It also helps to ask yourself: Who am I? Who do I want to be? What kind of person am I looking for? Like me, I was looking for someone who understood why I'm who I am, who wouldn't push me to change, but let me figure out who I want to be, who would help me develop as a writer, composer, and artist. Someone who would let me be me. Once I figured that out, I realized the only guy I'd ever met who had all of that was Andy. So I ignored what everyone else said, and we're happy. -No one in my family or friends approve of him, they all think I deserve 'better', but their idea of 'better' is 'popularity' which, notice, is not on my list of things I was looking for. In fact, it's a no-no for me.-

Not sure if this helps, but I hope it does!

And don't forget: It might not happen right away. Be patient, and no matter what, we love you girly ♥

9/9/2011 #26

Confessions of an Ex-Best Friend.

Last year, I had three best friends - let's call them 'Hailey,' 'Kayla,' and 'Lexus' (apolgies to anyone named Hailey, Kayla or Lexus). Over the summer, Hailey and Kayla stopped talking to me. I've managed to contact Hailey via internet and she said that 'we're too different to continue this friendship,' and that she finds being friends 'too stressful.'

She didn't even bother to tell this to my face. I asked her in person multiple times, and she just gave me the cold shoulder. After two months of begging, she finally sent some rather hurtful emails. Now, we're going to the same high school, and she's in one of my classes. She's also stolen the first friend I made at this school, and is slowly turning 'Wanda' into a mini-her.

Kayla hasn't responded to anything I've sent her. At the beginning of the summer, she told me that her computer was broken and that she would only be on sporadically, but two days later, I found loads of comments from her all over deviantArt, all from the previous day or that morning. I let that pass, because maybe she'd gone to her aunt's house and gotten an hour on the internet there. No biggie. I sent her an email. Three days later, no return email and many more comments.

Over the last two months, I've sent her four other emails asking how she's been, and commented a few times on her dA stuff. She hasn't responded to any of my inquiries, although she's been far from dormant - she comments on lots of stuff, every day. Her computer isnotbroken.

As for Lexus, she's really hard to contact. She rarely texts or picks up her phone, never emails, and only occaisionally responds to comments on dA. She says she'll talk to me more if I get a facebook account - something which I have no intention of doing.

So, basically, I've been cut off from three girls that I've spilled my deepest, darkest secrets to - Hailey's burned her bridges, Kayla's well on her way to doing the same, and while Lexus is still a friend, we're not as close now because she goes to a different school, so I can't talk to her in person or via the phone/internet.

This has left me feeling really awful. I don't feel like I can trust people anymore, because two years ago, something similar happened - my former best friends 'Casha' and 'Milly' made up rumors and stories about myself and a bloke named 'Terry,' gossiped behind my back and totally betrayed me. There's also the issue of 'Janet', 'Delainey,' 'Marcia,' and 'Prudence'; a week before school ended, they marched up to me and accused me of saying some really awful things that I didn't actually say. I told them this, but I heard them muttering among themselves as they walked away. Terry has hated me since he transfered to my school three years ago, and I don't know why. We're in different high schools now, but it still bothers me.

I don't know what to do - at first, they were all really great people, but in the end, they turned out to be rotten. I'm having troubles committing to friendships now, becuase I'm scared that I'll be dropped again. Because I spent all this effort in being friends with both sets of girls (first Casha and Milly, then Hailey, Kayla and Lexus), I've retreated into a shell and lost the outgoing girl I used to be.

So there are my ex-friends, in a nutshell.

What am I supposed to do?

9/10/2011 . Edited 9/10/2011 #27

Hey Mia, you sound so much like me that it scares me – mostly because I wish I could give you answers, but I'm still figuring this out myself.

However, I know that friendships can naturally fade over time. You might grow apart, you might be in different places in your life, you might be in different schools. Not every friendship works out either.

Girls are a funny thing, and cliques are even funnier. All it takes is one girl to decide you're not worth it and it's over. You wouldn't believe the number of friend-circles I have had to cut out over the years over drama. Sometimes it feels like I'm starting over every few years. I think you can benefit from having smaller scale friendships, maybe girls who don't all hang out together. I found a core problem would be one girl in the group would have a problem with me and convince the others to 'kick me out'. The others would have weaker personalities and just follow with the leader, but years down the road would confess they didn't actually have a problem with me but so-and-so did. Having a number of different groups allows me to still have close friends, even if I'm having a problem in the main group I hang out with now.

The majority of people ARE good! Don't give up over a few bad experiences. It would be like if you swore off dating because you had a couple ex-boyfriends. Everyone puts time and effort into relationships and have them fail at times. That shouldn't mean you give up on your next one before it even begins.

It's not a solution, and it hurts to lose someone you thought was a good friend for no apparent reason. I honestly have no idea why your friends did that to you. However, if you're as like me as I think you are, I know you can build up new friendships and learn to trust in people again. As for your old friends, just to be graceful and move on from it. Yeah, that's asking a lot, but you'll come out of it a better person. Don't see people as either 'your friend' or 'their friend', why can't they be both? Be polite to them and try not to start fights. Who knows maybe in time it can be repaired. I had a friend who sided with a bunch of mean girls, eventually grew out of it, and we became friends again. Granted, never as close as we once were, but we can hang out in the same group without any hard feelings now.

Anyway, just keep putting yourself into friendships and be the type of friend you want others to be. I think people respond well to that. It can be discouraging at times, but you'll discover you're stronger than you think. Sooner or later you'll meet the right group of people.

9/10/2011 #28

I'm sorry to hear about this, Maya. I actually know a little of how you feel here. But you shouldn't be afraid that this is going to happen again, it just means that these people weren't ever true friends, because they would never do that to you. But not everyone will do this, and these people are just missing out, because from what I've seen so far on here, you're really funny and quite nice, and it's their loss for not continuing to be your friend.

Something similar happened to me in my 7th grade year, towards the end I suppose:

I used to sit with my friend (A) and her three friends (K, A2, and L). I knew K, A2, and L from elementary school, but had never really been very good friends with any of them. Really, the only reason I ever sat there was because A sat there, and I didn't think that two of them would have the reaction they had. But two of them, K and A2, started glaring at me, especially when I would talk. A told me some of the things they said, and once they told her that they didn't want me sitting there anymore. I still don't understand why they did this, I wasn't particularly loud or talkative, and I was not a mean person. But eventually, after I caught them glaring at me for the last time, I got fed up and left. But I still had a class with one of them, and she still glared at me then. By then I was sick and tired of it, and returned the glare. Then on the last day of 7th grade, I sent her a mean message on FB, but though it wasnt as bad as how they made me feel, I still felt really guilty. She responded, and when I tried to apologize she said she would never forgive me.

It's been two years and we haven't spoken a single word to one another, or the other two who sat at the table. I still talk to A, but the other three I've completely lost touch with. They made me feel worse than anyone ever has.

9/10/2011 #29

Thank you for your kind words, twinnie-Val and Maggie both. You guys are superstars :) I believe the reasons that Hailey's done with me is because I'm too 'harsh on people' and 'live in a fantasy world.'

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