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I was editing my post when you said that.

I'll say it again.

Good night Desty!

9/12/2011 #2,611


Night Tiffy. I'll talk to you in the morning. (:

9/12/2011 #2,612

I'll be here...eventually.

9/12/2011 #2,613

didnt get much reading done, then?

9/12/2011 #2,614

Wow Dest...forget me...*sobs*

9/12/2011 . Edited 9/12/2011 #2,615

No I didn't. I didn't reach my quota for fic reading that week.

9/12/2011 #2,616

Love you Mianopolis!!! Don't worry! :ppp

NIght everyone. Oh and Tiff. When monse comes on... make sure to tell her to document this night. It may be the only one. ;pp

9/12/2011 #2,617

Mianopolis? Lol. I like it. *supermegaglomps* Now SLEEP!

9/12/2011 #2,618

Oh I will.

Dest voluntarily going to bed early, at 8pm no less. Definitely something worthy of being documented.

9/12/2011 #2,619

Oh shushh.

Alright. Last post. Night everyone.

9/12/2011 #2,620

Well, tu la monde, I think I'm gonna poof for a while. Nice meeting you Ryan and Britt. Buh-bye!

9/12/2011 #2,621

Bye Mia! Argh, Its only 5:30 here and I already had dinner...

9/12/2011 #2,622

*has apparently poofed back for a moment*

Tiiiiifffffffffffyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Homework time!

Bye all again.

9/12/2011 #2,623

Thanks Mia.


9/12/2011 #2,624

Mhmm who's still here? Or semi here?

9/12/2011 #2,625

I'm in a bad mood, the football game is not going well for my team...

9/12/2011 #2,626

What team?!

9/12/2011 #2,627

I'm going to actually do my Spanish homework...so I may not reply a lot.

9/12/2011 #2,628

New England Patriots, but they just scored so its all good!

9/12/2011 #2,629

Go focus on your work Tif!

Patriots? Haha, one of my friends will not stop talking about football, so word kinda gets around. (Literally, when a teacher related someone to football, he gave the whole overview of the game in like 15 secs. flat. Mad skills)


9/12/2011 #2,630

My family is from Boston, so they are my team. I'm somewhat of a sports fanatic...

9/12/2011 #2,631

Haha, only sport I follow: Figure Skating.

Football...I watch the....super bowl? Its also a big excuse for us to pig out.

9/12/2011 #2,632

I follow everything, football, soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, you name it haha

9/12/2011 #2,633

Haha, wow. Verrry sporty? Do you play any though? I usually watch the big ones, like Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics, that big basketball one....I really don't know names. Oh, and I watched part of the Stanley Cup.

The only things I really don't watch are golf and tennis.

9/12/2011 #2,634

I was on my high school swimming team, soccer team, and track team. So yes, I play and follow sports

9/12/2011 #2,635

Lol, I swim and occasionally do track. Although I'm thinking of just going on the dance team and quitting swimming. Eh. ^_^

9/12/2011 #2,636

I loved swimming, it was so laid back and relaxed unlike soccer or track

9/12/2011 #2,637

I like to swim...just to swim. I really am not the biggest fan of laps. :) I've never played soccer, so I wouldn't know.

9/12/2011 #2,638

Our swimming coach was just great and it was way less demanding than soccer.

In soccer, we had to run a whole lot. There were practices where we just ran for 2 hours straight, then do sprints. Everyone hated our coach... Track was alright, somewhere in the middle of swimming and soccer.

9/12/2011 #2,639

Eh, I guess it depends on the teacher.

Ooohhh, that really sucks. For skating, we have to run, but not to that extreme. I can see why he was so...disliked....

Mhmm, I like track...not really field.

9/12/2011 #2,640
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