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So, the Game is simple.

First, one person picks a cross over. Say... HP/StarWars.

Then, another person comes up with the plot for that story. "During Voldemorts reign of terror, the dark lord stumbled across an ancient alien artifact, lost to the universe on our world. Yet, before he could fully explore it's potential, he was stripped of his body by 1 year old Harry Potter. 8 years later, a young Hp flees from the latest beatings of his uncle Vernon. in his escape, he spots a falling star, that turns out to be a crashing starship. Curious, He goes to Check the ship, and discovers a injured young man aboard the downed ship. After patching him up, he discovers that the young man is none other than Revan, a Jedi knight of the Republic. His ship destroyed, and himself stranded, the young Jedi Knight takes Harry under his wing, Raising him in the ways of the force until his 11th birthday when he learns of his magical Heritage. Together, the two explore the mysteries of the Magical world, as well as face down revived dark lords turned sith, Fight basilisks, and saving the damsels in distress, oh my!"

Then, once that's done, the person who came up with said plot picks the next cross over, and the game goes on and on and on. You can pick pairings, but try not to as it severely limit's the creativity of whomever is coming up with the said plot. If any of the plots are something you would like to write, please ask the person who made it for permission to use their plot.

9/30/2011 #1
Caveat Lector 52

Guess I'll go first, if that's okay.

The cross over I chose it. . .HP/Princess Tutu

10/2/2011 #2

What is princess tutu?

10/7/2011 #3
Caveat Lector 52

It's an anime about a little Duck who falls in love with a prince and becomes human. But the poor prince doesn't have a heart because he was forced to shatter it while fighting an evil raven that escaped from the storybook it and the prince are from. So now the little Duck-turned-girl must find all the shards of the prince's heart, and she does this by turning into Princess Tutu!

Also, it's a ballet. Much, much better than it sounds.

Here, this can explain it better than I:

10/7/2011 #4


Plot: One day, these new students come into the ballet class - Andrew Flyod, Camille Ryan and Chris Kane. They are actually Ron, Hermione and Harry in disguise, searching for a special duck called 'tutu' who is the key to defeating Voldemort, who has now gained control of Hogwarts, the Ministry, and all of the Wizarding world of England. When they realize Princess Tutu AKA Duck is the one they are looking for, they ask her to come to London with them. Duck, not wanting to leave Mytho, she takes him, Fakir and Rue with her. In England, Rue realizes that Voldemort is her father's second form, thus joining his side, leaving Mytho and Fakir with the wizard rebels. In the end, Rue realizes that The Raven/Voldemort isn't her true father, and leads Harry, Fakir, Mytho, and Duck to him, and they all kill Voldemort/the Raven togehter.

Crossover... How about

HP/iCarly? Yeah, Two completely different things. Let's see what happens :D

11/26/2011 #5

During the holidays between Hugo's four and fifth year, he finally convinced Hermione to let them have the muggle internet. While looking at all the exciting things including cracking codes so he could look into real wizarding archives, he came across a website called iCarly. It became an automatic addiction, he laughed at their silly jokes and crazy stunts, watch as Carly and Alex fought and felt sorry for them, but mostly he fell in love with Carly. A few weeks later Carly stopped being around because she had gone travelling and as much as Hugo still loved the show it just wasn't the same without Carly. After watching it for a few days he took a trip into London with Rose only to bump into Carly herself. Hugo was absolutely stunned but quickly regained himself and started talking to Carly, only to find out she was just as lovely and asked him out with her to see London. When Hugo dropped Carly home that night she kissed him and gave him her phone number and on the way home Hugo made a mental note to convince his mum to get him a muggle phone.

This was fun, maybe unrealistic but oh well.

Crossover – Harry Potter/Tangled - Have Fun

4/8/2012 #6

Oh, I like this idea.

Gothel was, perhaps, the most beautiful and gifted student at Durmstrang Institute. However, there was one student who resisted her charms - Gellert Grindelwald. This, of course, only made her try harder to win his affection. At first, she attempted simple charms and potions. Such things worked on less talented students, but Grindelwald was far too clever for such ruses. Next, she tried more complex spells, something to bind his attention, if not his affection. All to no avail. Finally, she convinces the school librarian to 'accidentally' lend her a book of the most dark and potent magic. The book tells of a flower, rare and magical, and Gothel believes that this will be the thing that finally wins her Grindelwald's heart...

Crossover - Harry Potter/Indiana Jones

1/12/2013 #7

Let's see...

Harry always thought that he would become an Auror after school, but he had no idea that he would actually become a treasure hunter. He becomes employed at Hogwarts as something of a History of Magic teacher, but he actually teaches magical archeology. One of his students, the daughter of Ron and Hermione, becomes particularly interested in a legend that depicts a magical crystal that has been lost for years. Together, they go on an adventure to find the lost crystal...

Crossover - Harry Potter/Diary of a Wimpy Kid

3/11/2013 #8

Ive never read it before, but my roomy has a copy so I went and read it. Not bad, but I think im just a little too old to relate to the characters.

Harry never had any friends growing up, and was often picked on by his cousins gang. When he learned that he is a wizard and would be going to Hogwarts he was sure things would be the same as they were before. After his meeting with Draco Malfoy, the last place he wanted to go was Hogwarts. That changed when he met another muggleborn, Gregory "Greg" Heffley. Harry and Greg, along with their friends Hermione and Ron, enter their first year alone. By the time its over, they'll never be seperated.

Crossover- Harry Potter/ Silent Hill

1/6/2014 #9
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