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Love From A Muggle

Attention! Pottermore's open to the public now.

This is the thread where you can talk among other Hogwarts Online II students about Pottermore.

Here, you can share your names, get help, and vent about how horrible potions really is.

So, come in, sit, chat, enjoy Pottermore!

The world that J.K.Rowling created after the books.

Say the names like this so we can add them to the list:

include what pottermore house you're in too.

Love From A Muggle aka: AshDust237: Pottermore House: Hufflepuff!

Pottermore names:

Love From A Muggle aka: AshDust237: Pottermore House: Hufflepuff!

ChatterChick aka SunStorm13448: Pottermore Hufflepuff

under the weeping cherry tree aka bunny: CastleElm11524 Pottermore House: Slytherin

Principi Phantasia aka DraconisRune21: Pottermore House: Ravenclaw

Cyrilken aka BloodAsphodel79 :) House: Ravenclaw

LovingYouAtFirstSight aka: OakDragon5658 House: Slytherin

Harder Than The First Time aka FireboltMist15339 House: Ravenclaw

Inkfire aka: WizardEcho180: House: Slytherin

Dramionefan4life: WizardDraconis19644 in Slytherin

MilkyStars (Max) aka: SicklePotion9774: House: Ravenclaw

CityGirl419 aka KeyHallow184 : Slytherin

ThyGreenThing and Phlob aka: DawnPatronus4452: House: Slytherin

Martine Lewis aka: Snitchghost115: House: Ravenclaw

Miss Magenta Lestrange/Taylor aka: PurpleHolly12322 House: Slytherin

MadhatterBellatrix10 aka: ShadowMirror25838, yet unsorted

Phoenixica24 aka: SkyCat31509: house: Ravenclaw!

FrozenShadow52: aka: Shadowchestnut24289: house: Slytherin

fred weasley watcher aka: SwordGhost9395: house: Ravenclaw!

Mad Girl in a Box: HazelHolly22697, House: Slytherin

Sophia Cooper aka: EchoHallow11745: house: Slytherin

Kenesu aka Willowice11254 : Slytherin.

DirectorOfDreams aka HexScarlet49, House: RAVENCLAW!

FlamingMooseNinjasOfEpicness aka BronzeNight8005, house: Slytherin.

opaque-girl aka OwlChestnut5146, house: Gryffindor.

cracklyn aka RainVine6473, house: Ravenclaw

Carma09 aka OwlSeeker14962, house: Hufflepuff

Narcissa-Weasly aka CharmScarlet13656, house: Slytherin.

RubyRed.950 aka MidnightKnight30690, house: Ravenclaw

MadameGiry25 aka MidnightFlame1219, House: Slytherin

SeekerForLife aka SicklePurple29096, House: Hufflepuff

Rosawyn aka ThornGoblet28121: Pottermore House: Hufflepuff

Skyward Rose aka NimbusRose5216 House: Gryffindor

RemaSofiRuin aka: SnitchBlade2925 : Pottermore House: Slytherin

VulTheFox aka: VineFlame14230: Pottermore House: Ravenclaw

4/17/2012 . Edited by Inkfire, 7/3/2013 #1

ChatterChick aka SunStorm13448 : Hufflepuff :P

4/17/2012 #2
summer nights and seashores

fushigi flame heart/bunny aka CastleElm11524 House: Slytherin

4/17/2012 #3
Principi Phantasia

Principi Phantasia aka DraconisRune21 House: Ravenclaw

4/17/2012 #4

Cyrilken aka BloodAsphodel79 :) House: Ravenclaw :P

4/18/2012 #5

LovingYouAtFirstSight aka: OakDragon5658 House: Slytherin

4/18/2012 #6
mollymiccee aka FireboltMist15339 House: Ravenclaw
4/18/2012 #7

Inkfire aka: WizardEcho180: House: Slytherin =)

4/18/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #8
Love From A Muggle

OOPs when I put house,

I meant what house you're on in Pottermore, not here. Sorry if that confused anyone.

4/18/2012 #9

Is anyone on Pottermore with the name CauldronDream and is in Gryffindor? Trying to figure this out..

4/18/2012 #10

Dramoinefan4life: WizardDraconis19644 in Slytherin

4/18/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #11
Hogwarts Online II

All names are added to the list.

4/19/2012 #12

MilkyStars (Max) aka: SicklePotion9774: Pottermore House: Ravenclawwww!

*Happy that my house here and my house on pottermore is the same :D

4/20/2012 #13
CityGirl419 aka KeyHallow184 : Slytherin :P
4/21/2012 #14
ThyGreenThing and Phlob aka: DawnPatronus4452: Pottermore House: Slytherin
4/21/2012 #15
Martine Lewis
Martine Lewis aka: Snitchghost115: Pottermore House: Ravenclaw!
4/22/2012 #16

Phantom of the Common Room/Taylor aka: PurpleHolly12322 House: Slytherin

EDIT: Oh, and I totally requested the lot of you guys as friends on there...!

4/27/2012 . Edited 4/28/2012 #17

Hello There all, I'm needing a bit of help in Pottermore: You see, I'm stuck at chapter three where the letters are flying around the kitchen. The button to move forward isn't locked, but I can't move forward. And everytime I try collecting the items, it won't work, I don't know, did anyone else have this glitch?

Oh and I'm ShadowMirror25838, add me if you'd like to.

(Before you ask, I Am new to this forum, I came from the HPFC and Dark Lord's most faithful forums. so: Hi! :))

4/29/2012 #18
Love From A Muggle

Have you tried another internet source? I tried it on Google chrome, and thought things were looking weird. then I downloaded firefox and it looks normal and worked better.

4/29/2012 #19

I think I'm on Chrome, so I will try a different one perhaps... Thanks :) IDK what to do if that one doesn't work though....

4/29/2012 #20
Love From A Muggle

When chrome didn't work, I used Firefox and it works great. I noticed something was wrong when pottermore looked different on my phone than the chrome website itself.

4/29/2012 #21

Phoenixica24 aka: SkyCat31509: Pottermore house: Ravenclaw!

4/29/2012 #22
Caveat Lector 52
FrozenShadow52: aka: Shadowchestnut24289: Pottermore house: Slytherin
4/29/2012 #23

Fred Weasley Watcher aka: SwordGhost9395. Don't have a house yet because I don't know how to get past the Gringott's vault section.

Do we need to get a key or something? I kind of got excited and accidently skipped a little purple box at 'the hut on the rock' and I don't know if it said anything useful there. I've been trying to get access of it again but i can't. Can someone please help? I love Pottermore so far (I only got it today) but i can't get past gringotts. :'( Please HELP! I beg of you.

5/9/2012 #24

Mad Girl in a Box: HazelHolly22697

Pottermore House: Slytherin

5/26/2012 #25
Sophia Cooper

To get past Gringots you need to drag the key into the lock. You should then be able to go back to Diagonalley.

5/26/2012 #26
Sophia Cooper

Alanna, EchoHallow11745, Slytherin

5/26/2012 #27

Thanks Sophia Cooper!!

Swordghost9395: Ravenclaw!!!!!!!!

5/26/2012 #28

Kenesu, Willowice11254 : Slytherin. Expect anything else of me?

6/3/2012 #29

DirectorOfDreams aka HexScarlet49, Pottermore House: RAVENCLAW PRIDE! (I'd cry if I was in any other house...)

6/20/2012 #30
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