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Since people are quite busy these days with the last two months of school, the mods decided that for this month, everyone would be able to write what they want for the monthly challenge again!

Your entries still need to be 750 words or more. Double claims allowed, but once you see someone claim something twice, you can't claim that character. First come first serve.

This will be due by July 31st. On the day the entries are due, Send stories to the main account email. And fill out the form below.

hogwartsonline at hotmail dot co dot ukwith the following format:

Title: The title of your story

Character: Your character

House:What house you are in

Name: Your pen name, and a secondary name to call you by.(I.E: Love From A Muggle/Kara)

Have fun, everyone!


Dramionefan4life - Harry Potter

Gamma Orionis - Narcissa Malfoy

ChatterChick - Ginny Weasley

CityGirl419 - Draco Malfoy

FrozenShadow52 - Dudley Dursley

Olympus - 117 - Hermione Granger

Love From A Muggle - Ron Weasley

5/8/2012 . Edited by Hogwarts Online II, 9/5/2012 #1

Claiming Harry Potter.

5/8/2012 #2
Gamma Orionis

Claiming Narcissa, please :)

5/11/2012 #3
Hogwarts Online II

Okay, so we know we said this was to be one month, but since hardly anyone has time to write during the summer, we all decided to make this challenge through July.

We also decided to send this in the normal way. Meaning, send your stories to the main account email and we'll all post under one name. It will be up t you if you want to post it again under your name.

We will have a new challenge posted by the end of July to get back on track with challenges.

You can still sign up as long as you get the story in by July 31.

That week of July (The last week in July) We should be able to post the new August challenge.

There's still time to sign up :)

7/11/2012 #4

Claiming Ginny Weasley SVP :)

7/11/2012 #5

Draco Malfoy, please! :)

7/12/2012 #6
Caveat Lector 52

Claiming Dudley

7/12/2012 #7
Olympus - 117

Claiming Hermione Granger please :)

7/13/2012 #8
Love From A Muggle
This is a reminder. All submissions must be sent to the main account's email by July 27th for full points. August 7th is the deadline if you want points at all.
7/25/2012 #9
Love From A Muggle
I'm claiming Ron Weasley with this challenge.
7/25/2012 #10
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