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Powered individuals, christened Supers, have begun appearing all over the world. Take control of your own Super and play as a Hero...or Villain. I know this is in Marvel, but it is not Marvel, DC, or Independent specific
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For all of you extra creative people who really like your character, you can throw down a little prelude to, how they got their powers, a little mini adventrue before the RPG, etc, etc. Something to tide you over if the RPGing gets slow

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(Here's a little example of Character Expansion. This is how Joseph and Juan came to meet in NYC)

Juan ducked quickly between alleyways, the footsteps of his three pursers thudding quickly behind him.

Great he thought, becoming more terrified with each passing graphitized building wall, I'm in New York City for two minutes…and I'm already getting chased by these puntas.

"Where you going amigo?" came the jeering call from one of the three gang members behind him. "We're just here to talk compadre."

"Dejame en paz gilipollas!" (Leave me aloneassholes!) Juan threwoutoverhisshoulder.

"What he say?" oneaskedtheother.

"Got me…," he replied.

Finally Juanran into his stopping point in a large crumbling wall. Lip trembling, Juan turned to face the three thugs. They were all black, dressed in baggy clothes, two of them with hats turned side-ways, and the third with gold on his teeth and a tattoo up his whole left side.

They didn't seem like the friendly type…

"Well guys…umm…holla," Juan stammered, scared shitless.

"What up, punk ass," Ugly One grinned.

Juan grimaced.

"Whatcha running from us fo?" asked Gold Tooth, eyeballing Juan angrily. "We was only wanting to talk"

"Sorry, punta (bitch). I make it a habit not to talke to pendejos (motherf***rs)." Juan said with his biggest smile. He knew these guys had no idea what he was saying.

"Hey now, we don't need none o'that fancy foreign shit speak," Ugly Two snarled. "You making us feel dumb."

"Maybe you should check if that caps cutting the blood flow from your head…"

"Hey, now no disrespect," Gold Tooth grunted. "I'd hate to have to beat you and make you cry like a bitch."

"Why don't you save the crying like a bitch for your cock sucking friend Tony chico gayo," Juan retorted. He slapped his mouth shut quickly. He hadn't meant to spill that, but there was a big rush of information coming from those three and it had slipped out…

Too late for that though. Gold Tooth was furious. "Oh you wanna play that way punk? Bitch I'm cappin your ass now motherfu-"

"Still pickin' on little guys Al," came a voice from behind the thugs.

Everyone whipped around to face the speaker. It was a tall guy, head shaved, dressed all in a black leather jacket and some torn jeans. He had a cigarette tightly clamped in his mouth, which he promptly lit with a flip of his Zippo lighter and then snapped shut with the same flourish.

"Oh…look who it is," the newly named Al snorted at the newcomer. "What you doing out so late at night, don't your momma worry 'bout you."

"Seeing as the last time I saw you, I had knocked you unconscious in a back alleyway, I wouldn't say it's my mom that needs to be worried huh?" the new guy spoke out of the corner of his mouth, not bothering to remove his smoke.

"Yeah well everybody gets lucky every now and then don't they shithead?" Al yelled angrily. "Not this time though bitch. Guys, knock all his teeth out."

Ugly One and Two advanced menacingly on Juan's savior, but he didn't look the least bit troubled.

"Hold on," he said, raising his palm up as the two gangsters came up to him. They both stopped in confusion.

The new guy put two fingers up to his cigarette inhaled deeply and then exhaled the smoke back into the thugs faces.

"There we go," he said smartly, placing the death stick back between his lips.

Ugly One bellowed in rage and brought his fist back to jack the intruder in the face. However, calm as could be, the guy lightly tapped Ugly One right on his forehead.

He stood there, fist cocked back comically for a second, and then fell over like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

"What the hell?" gasped Ugly Two. He looked at The Stranger quizzically. He just shrugged, and then belted Ugly Two in the face as hard as he could. He joined is friend on the ground, out cold.

"Oh damn…," Al grumbled in dismay. "Oh hell no…"

The Stranger took a few steps towards Al and Juan, but he was in no hurry and still was a good distance away.

Suddenly, Juan was hit with what Al was going to do.



The world froze for a minute… And then Al slumped over, a large red hole in his chest.

The Stranger walked up to Juan slowly, smoking gun in one hand, smoking cigarette in the other. He stepped in to the light of the alleyway lamp and x-rayed Juan with his eyes.

"How did you know he was going to shoot?" The Stranger asked.

"Lucky guess yo supongo (I guess)…" Juan muttered. He squinted at this Stranger to get the lowdown on him and was met with a surprise; he got nothing.

"Is something wrong kid?" The Stranger asked.

"I can't read your mind," Juan blurted before he could stop himself. He waited on edge as The Stranger looked over him.

"Can you normally read minds?"

"Si…," whispered Juan, almost ashamed.

"One language at a time kid," The Stranger muttered. "Well…how about that… Another one…"

"You've met someone else with powers?" Juan gasped, barely able to believe his luck.

"I did. But I killed him," The Stranger muttered. "He…wasn't very nice."

"Oh…" Juan muttered, looking away.

"Yeah…," Juan's savior rubbed his chin thoughtfully, obviously puzzled. "Well…you take care kid."

Juan watch, slightly deflated as the one person who had ever admitted to having powers began walking away.

"Espera! Wait! What's your name?"

"Call me Null," he said, without turning around. "I make all your problems disappear…"

Juan watched sadly again, and suddenly, when Null was a good distance away, the usual flood of brain information came back. And not all of it was good…

"Hey wait! NULL! Alto!" Juan took off after his savior.

"Jeez kid, calm down, don't go shouting my name out…," Null muttered angrily.

"Don't go thatway," Juan begged, pointing down the main alley Null was headed.

"Why not?" Null frowned.

"Someone was following you… Guy named Marco? He's got a crew to ambush you! And unless your power involves being bulletproof…"

Null looked at Juan closely.

"You're sure about this?"

"Positive," Juan nodded, though he couldn't double check being so close to Null again.

"Hmmm…," muttered Null. "Well how about that; must have Jesus Christ looking after me."

"Jesús Cristo salva amigo," smiled Juan.

"You know that is one hell of an annoying habit…switching languages?"

"Sorry Null," grunted Juan.

Null looked at Juan for a few second, debating something in his head...and finally motioning to him to follow him a back route.

"Come on Jesús, you can set up shop with me for tonight. And don't keep calling me Null. That's just a stage name. My names Joseph Rizzo.

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