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the title is quite self explanatory. I have searched up several ways of doing it but the way people list it is so confusing and i just don't get it. lol.. how in the world do i upload a new chapter to my story?

1/24/2011 #1


Sign in, do you see the screen with all the taps on the side saying: Account, Publish, Private messaging and so on?

Click 'Publish' tab. Click 'Document Manager (Upload)'. Upload new document. Label it, browse, leave format as story (I don't know what DocX is sorry), submit document. Back under the publishing tab click 'Manage Story'. Choose the story you wanted to add a chapter to. (Click the title or edit) The first blue bar says 'Editing Story:___' Click 'Content/chapters' Scroll down to the blue bar saying 'Add new chapter (__) to end of story' Name it and select the document you just uploaded. Click add chapter and you should be good to go!

Hope this helps (^^)

9/29/2011 #2
Sebi- Survivor of the Wastes
My bar does not show that and can you please tell me why my fan fiction does not show up on the search and how come it has no category
10/16/2012 #3

i cannot find it either i also made this acocount in october. has it changed?

10/31/2012 #4

I can help anyone

11/3/2012 #5

thank you:) i wud really appreciate the help :)

11/7/2012 #6

Omg, thanks much. been looking for an answer forever. i iz eternally grateful :3, Peace out. xx


11/25/2012 #7
Penguin Worshiper

thanx helps me alot!!! - im new here c:

12/7/2012 #8

thank you so much, this is really helpful, merry chrismas! xx

12/22/2012 #9

Thank u sooo much!

1/19/2013 #10

This was sooo helpful, you are amazing *bug hug*

1/29/2013 #11

thank you i was looking for it for ages and done it now :D xx

3/8/2013 #12

OMG thanks. I was like "I CAN'T PUBLISH OMG NOOOOO!!!" But then you helped so yessss!!! ヾ(@ー@)ノ

*Hugs you*

3/24/2013 #13

thanks. this was extremely helpful.

4/1/2013 #14

I am soooooooooooo confused please can you explain it simpler?

4/4/2013 #15

you are a life saver 3

4/20/2013 #16

Hey what if your story is registered in a story format but shows up as a document. How do you add chapters and how do you put it in story section? I dont understand why but I can only find my stories in my document section. What did I do wrong?

5/2/2013 #17
Booklover D

It did not help me. It just did my first chapter twice. =/

5/7/2013 #18

If you are using a mobile device to do this, it won't work. You have to use computer.


5/24/2013 #19
Damon X Misaki

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

it's been a great help, i thought i was lost (_)

Gamsamhida 3

5/25/2013 #20

Thank you! Being a newbie is tough AP

6/4/2013 #21
Cynthia Snowflake Bookworm

um, thx. my computer was different, so I had to do it another way, but that helped

6/13/2013 #22

WAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh Thanks DreamReap This is the best ever simple way I found and help me!!! Thansk again!!!

6/18/2013 #23

What I did was I made the document then I went into manage stories clicked on the story that I wanted to add the chapter to. Then at the top of the page there should be 5 boxes click on content/chapters, and then under that there will be 2 more boxes click on the first one which should be POST NEW CHAPTER.

I hope I helped

6/29/2013 #24

Do I have to those steps for every single chapter that I want to upload? Or is there another way to do it?

7/2/2013 #25

Yeah, this is the easiest way to upload a new chapter.

7/3/2013 #26
FanWriter Asher

I did this, followed everything the same way and it says that the chapter has uploaded, in manage stories, under the story itself it says three chapters yet when I find it and read it only two show up? can you help? thanks, really appreciated. :)

7/9/2013 #27
FanWriter Asher

Doesn't matter, figured it out. Haha, thanks anyway.

7/9/2013 #28

Here is the process. You do what the person said until the manage stories part. I will guide you from there.

1) Click on Manage Stories

2) Click on the story you want to add a chapter to

3) Find the Content/Chapters button. It's like on the top left just a little further down.

4) Under the bar of the Properties, Content/Chapter, Preview, Download, and Delete Story. You will see a bar that says 'Post new chapter , Replace/update chapter.' Click on the post new chapter button.

5) Select the document that you posted up as the next chapter to your fanfiction

6) Click post new chapter.

7) Then the second chapter should appear on the bar below the post new chapter button.

I hope this helps. _

7/11/2013 #29

OMG i found a way to publish on your mobile device!

Ya know when you read fics on your device its different from when you read on the computer?

If you gou on your computer, at the top, you see FanFiction.Net (line) unleash your imagination and then there's this picture with Mobile next to it?

You see it?

If you go on your device and access a fic, it'll usually go to the mobile site.

If you want to post something on your device instead of the computer, just go to the main website, access your account from there and you'll see it as if it was on your computer! Then I think you can publish, i haven't tried it yet, i kinda stumbled on to it when the site wouldn't work on my phone.

If everyone already knew this, I'm very sorry for bothering you and wasting about a few minutes of your life while you read my grammar-lacking explanation.

7/11/2013 #30
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