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Are we allowed to put author notes at the beginning/end of chapters? or is it only at the beginning/end of the story?

7/9/2011 #1

I would be careful about putting Author's Notes. As per rules, you cannot have a chapter consisting fully of an author's note, story update, whatever, with no story. If you have to put an Author's Note, keep it brief and simple. Personally, I have semi-long ones that I delete when I post the next chapter so I don't inflate the word count. Depending on what the Author's Note is, you can place it at the beginning if it's like a disclaimer, update on real life, etc, but if it has to do with the plot line in the chapter you are uploading, etc, then it goes at the bottom. Don't want to spoil the chapter do you? Just use discretion and common sense. Hope that helps.

7/18/2011 #2

It really depends on what works better for you and your story. Some authors just put a note at the end of the chapter. Others just at the begining. Some just put a general disclaimer at the begining of the first chapter and that's that. I like to put a short(ish) note before, and a little comment at the end of each chapter.

I just strongly recomend to shy away from putting an author's note in the middle of the chapter. It chops up the rythm of the story and 99% of the time it's either unnescessary or it just means you need to explain something better within the story itself. :)

7/19/2011 #3

You can put an author note at the beginning/end of each chapter if you would like. It isn't limited to end/beginning of the whole story. Like the others said, don't be annoying about it (though I don't think that's what your question was about.) You should also have a disclaimer at some point, I put a standard one in every chapter partially because I like the way it looks more uniform. And then an author note at the end of the chapter, be sure to thank your readers in it! Hope this helps.

10/25/2011 #4

How do you put Author's notes at the beginning/end of a chapter? (I'm new)

6/30/2012 #5

Well, you can write the AN at the top of the story or below before you submit it as a story to the site. Or you can manually write it in when you edit the story after you submitted it but before you publish it using the editing box. When you do so, be sure to add some form of scene break, either one you create yourself or using the scene breaks ff.net offers.

Example of AN's at the beginning: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7704804/1

6/30/2012 #6

To Yoizen:

It's against the rules to keep an entire "chapter" for an author's note. And frankly, it's annoying. Try keeping it as short and sweet as possible and place it at the end of the chapter (it's more convenient, but lots of authors place it at the top too)

8/7/2012 #7
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