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For the love of God somebody help me! I have major OCD and need to clear out my outbox messages, but for some reason I can't. I can clear out my inbox just fine, but when I click 'delete' on the outbox messages it says the deletion was successful but nothing happens. Help!

4/5/2012 #1

I'm also having some issue's with deleting outbox message's. I'm sure it's just a small glitch or something, maybe try refreshing the page? *I doubt that would do anything though ^^;*

4/6/2012 #2
Grey Wolf4

I can't delete my outbox messages because there is no option to do it all, why has this been done?

9/9/2012 #3

Me too. My inbox has the delete option, but the outbox doesn't. Why?

1/5/2013 #4

The delete option concerning the outbox was removed since it didn't function properly. Maybe they'll put it back someday...

1/10/2013 #5
Grey Wolf4

I hope so I got plenty I want to erase.

3/21/2013 #6

Yeah Two years Later and still don't have the option to delete outbox messages. Not right. Having a outbox isn't necesary. Other forum sites have listened and made changes to site concerning the outbox. wish fanfiction.net would do the same.

4/29/2013 #7
I so agree with you! I have some crap in there that I want gone and erased and I just can't! Fanfiction!! Please! Either give me a delete option or get rid of the outbox all together..
7/8/2013 #8

Same here! OMG this is so annoying.

7/22/2013 #9

Glad I read here before tried to contact fanfiction you all have answered my question there is no way to delete all the messages I want gone from my outbox. Thanks.

1/12/2014 #10

Contact them anyways; they NEED to put a "Clear Outbox" button -_-

4/2/2014 #11
Bombastic Barbaric Bastard

It has come to my attention that people clearly want to remove PM's from their outboxes. I have done a little thing, while doesn't really delete them, but can make them vanish and not stay there. First you go to your Outbox, search for the message(s) you want to get rid of, right-click it and scroll down to inspect element. Move your mouse over the highlighted item on the list (should be the PM(s) you want clear, right-click again and choose 'delete node' and boom, it's gone. It works for me so it should work for most of you who follow the steps. This also can be used on ads that appear at the top of a story you're reading, the same steps apply there to. Oh, and you'll have to redo it if the page gets refreshed or, if your lucky sometimes, it'll be permanently gone. Feel free to PM me for any questions you may have. Well, ciao.

Optimus Prime77

9/16/2014 . Edited 9/18/2014 #12
Diego de la Vega o El Zorro

Sometime we will have that option again?.

9/20/2015 #13
Bombastic Barbaric Bastard

I have discovered a newer and simpler method but you can still use the old one if you wish. There is an extension called Page Eraser in the Google Web Store, it's free to download. Once it's installed you can go to your Outbox and remove the messages and they'll stay removed unless you want to change the settings.

Hope this one solution helps.

9/20/2015 #14

I can't believe it. It's been years and they have never fixed this issue!

3/18/2016 #15

I better not hear anyone say "this is getting old!" because it never makes sense to say that something that hasn't even begun is getting old. Outbox deletion is gone and it's not never coming back EVER.

3/24 #16
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