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The PhantomHokage

I have notice and so has a friend that the ad-blocker is gone is that for all users now? And if so why is something going on with the ad-blockers are they removed now cause I really liked them before and all.

8/12/2013 #1

Hi, the ad-blocker is gone on my end, too. I still managed to access it yesterday by looking for it in my browser history and it functioned, but today it just won't block ads anymore. Hopefully they'll let us know if it's only temporary (and I really hope it is).

8/13/2013 #2

Yeah, I noticed it too. I'd personally like to see it back.

8/20/2013 #3
The PhantomHokage

Well glad to see at least two people agree with me maybe if we can get more we can see about FF.Net getting that back on again but we will need more than the three of us I think sadly

8/20/2013 #4

The good news is, other people are complaining in the comment sections of the blog (then other people advise to use add-ons, which I did, and it works fine). At least we are heard, but the staff says nothing for now.

8/20/2013 #5
The PhantomHokage

Really how does using add-ons help if I can ask

8/22/2013 #6

They block ads on pretty much every website. It works just like the good old ad-blocker here :)

8/23/2013 #7
The PhantomHokage

Oh ok check on that

8/23/2013 #8

what addon do you have to enable or disable to block the adds?

9/28/2013 #9

I use Adblock Plus, I think you can download it from their website

9/28/2013 #10
Boris Yeltsin

I don't like that they got rid of the adblocker either. How do I get another adblocking thing to use on the sight? I don't like tha ads.

12/23/2013 #11
The PhantomHokage

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome than go to add-ons and look for ad-blockers you can find a few that do it just make sure you read them carefully ok

12/23/2013 #12
Boris Yeltsin

I use Internet Explorer.

12/23/2013 #13

I have been using ABP previously, but am currently using AdGuard - Adblock to ensure every ad, banner, malware and virus is blocked. Interestingly, I found it way better than Adblock Plus due to less memory consumption and its lighter weight. I think you should alsso give it a try.

3/12/2014 #14

I'll definitely try it! Thank you :)

3/12/2014 #15
Boris Yeltsin

I'll try it too if it works with my internet explorer 11.

3/12/2014 #16

Yeah, I think its extensions are available for almost every browser incluing the Internet explorer 11 version. I hope it's gonna solve your problems too. Best of luck!

3/14/2014 #17
Boris Yeltsin

Thanks. Now, what's it called again, and where can I download it?

3/14/2014 #18

@Borris: It's called Adguard on its official website and Adblock - Adguard or Adguard - Adblock on Adblock Advisor. I don't know whether this forum moderator allow placing links in the comments or not, but since you asked for the website, I am posting its link here: This is where you can have all information about it. I hope it will help you get your desired details. Good luck!

3/15/2014 #19
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