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Feel free to make as many as you want! NO MARY-SUES

First Name:

Last Name:








Appearance: (May be a picture)


Blood Type:



Hobby's (optional)

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved):

Postition: (If yes, must be approved):

Prefect: (Must be approved)

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved)


7/28/2011 . Edited 9/21/2011 #1

First Name: Nicolette Francine

Last Name: Frank

Gender: Female

House: Gryffindor

Year: 5

Age: 15

D.O.B.: October 31

Pet: N/A

Background: Her family moved from France when she was nine, and she speaks French fluently. Her mom is a pure-blood wizard and her dad is a half-blood. She has two older brothers who have already graduated from Hogwarts, and she is the baby.

Appearance: (May be a picture) Dark brown hair that reaches her waist, olive skin, and dark brown eyes (Nina Dobrev look alike)

Height: 5'7

Blood Type: Half blood

Grades: Eh could be better.

Personality: Headstrong, likes to do things her own way, and if she tried, she could be really smart.

Hobby's (optional) She's a really good singer and artist, can play the guitar, piano, and drums.

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved): Nope

Postition: (If yes, must be approved): Nope

Prefect: (Must be approved) Nah

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved) No

8/1/2011 #2
Name: Myra

Last Name: Wolfe

Gender: Female


Year: 4rd

Age: 14

D. O. B. July 15, 1998.

Pet: A pure white cat named Pearl

Background: A wealthy family's daughter that happens to be a witch. She has a sister named Maya whose the exact opposite of her.

Appearance: Long wavy blonde hair that goes down to her waist. Bright green eyes and a slender body.

Height: 5'5"

Blood Status :Muggle Born and a siren

Grades: Bs and Cs.

Personality: Warm, friendly, always there when you need help. Likes to make people feel better.

Hobbies: Helping people, singing, drawing, daydreaming.

Quidditch: No.

Position: nope

Prefect: No.

Head Girl: Not a chance.


Name: Maya

Last Name: Wolfe

Gender: Female


Year: 5th

Age: 15

D. O. B. January 15, 1997.

Pet: A pure black cat named Smokey.

Background: Same as Myra

Appearance: Long straight black hair that goes down to her waist. Cat green eyes and a thin body.

Height: 5'7"

Blood Status: Muggle Born and the siren princess

Grades: Straight As.

Personality: Cold and likes to pick fights. The only ones whom she shows her soft side are her family and friends.

Hobbies: Dueling, Quidditch, singing, and picking fights.

Quidditch: Yes.

Position: Beater

Prefect: No

Head Girl: No.

I want/need another character so I will make one!

Name: Christian "Chris"

Last Name: Wolfe

Gender: Male

House: N/A

Year: N/A

Age: 17, almost 18

D.O.B. : Sept 12

Pet: A silvery black wolf named Knight.

Background: Maya and Myra's older adopted brother. He ran away and joined a gang a few years ago when their beloved uncle died. Maya had a huge crush on him and was heart broke when he left. She hated him since. He is now at Hogwarts, working as the Potions Apprentice. He exceeds at magic and actually graduated early at Durmstrang Academy.

Appearance: Wavy dirty blonde hair and clear midnight blue eyes. Somewhat tanned and very tall.

Height: 6'1"

Blood Type: Pure blood.

Grades: Was Outstanding on everything, now, N/A

Personality: He was really kind and humorous but he changed to be a very cold person. He has gotten happier over the years but he still is a bit cold.

Hobbies: Quidditch (was a beater), mixing potions until he makes something, dueling, going to clubs, and fighting martial arts style.

Quidditch: N/A

Position: N/A

Prefect: N/A

Head boy: N/A

Name: Duncan

Last Name: Mason

Gender: Male

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 5th

Age: 15

D.O.B. March 14

Pet: An eagle named Jet

Background: His mother is a Muggle born witch and his dad is a squib. He used to live in Spain but moved to England later on.

Appearance: Short black hair with natural white streaks. Slivery green eyes and a tanned. Fit and well muscled.

Height: 5'11"

Blood Type: Half blood

Grades: Average. Outstanding in Transfiguration.

Personality: Slightly cocky and will get mad if you call him punk. Likes to joke around and enjoy life. Very laid back and careless.

Hobbies. Quidditch, clubbing, pulling pranks, making fun of people who are bullies.

Quidditch: Yes.

Position: Beater. If not availible, chaser.

Prefect: Don't excel too much on school work. So No.

Head Boy: No.

8/2/2011 . Edited 8/2/2011 #3


8/2/2011 #4
Oh yeah, they all are on the second gen. But you knew that already.
8/2/2011 #5

First Name: Storm

Last Name: Tempest

Gender: Female

House: Gyffindor

Year: 7th

Age: 17

D.O.B.: April 27th

Pet: Snowy Owl

Background: African American, moved too England when she was 1

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes. Dark skin.tall, strong (knows karate, kung fu and most other matial arts) Quite light

Height: tallish

Blood Type: Muggle born

Grades: Exceed Expectations, the occasional Acceptable. Always Oustanding in transfiguration and DADA. Troll in potions

Personality: Intelligent, kind, will get mad if you bully people, comes up with cutting retorts, hates Twilight and any sappy romance stories. Confident and a trouble maker. Also the Queen of Pranks

Hobby's: Reading, attemting to kung fu the ghosts

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved): Yes

Postition: (If yes, must be approved): Seeker

Prefect: (Must be approved) No (to much of a trouble maker)

(Second gen)

8/3/2011 . Edited 8/3/2011 #6

First Name: Faith

Last Name: Everwood

Gender: Female

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 5

Age: 15

D.O.B.: April 16

Pet: A small silver kitten named Artemis.

Background: Born and raised in America until she turned eleven, her parents moved to England so they could be closer to her when she went away to school.

Appearance: (May be a picture) Waist long, light blonde hair in natural, tight ringlets, with a silver highlight. Creme colored skin, dark green eyes, petite.

Height: 5'2

Blood Type: Muggle born.

Grades: Straight O's

Personality: Very kind, mothering sometimes, a very good listener. She can be very shy and timid and doesn't usually socialize, she's very secretive and doesn't like talking about herself unless she really trusts someone.

Hobby's (optional) She plays the piano and sings.

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved): No

Postition: (If yes, must be approved): No

Prefect: (Must be approved) Sure...

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved) No

8/4/2011 . Edited 8/4/2011 #7


8/4/2011 #8

First Name:Blair

Last Name: White

Gender: female

House: Gyffindor

Year: 4th

Age: 14

D.O.B.: 7th of August

Pet: owl

Background: Her mother died when she was 1 year old, her brother is a deatheater and her father is very sick.

Appearance: light brown hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin (really pretty)

Height: normal hight

Grades: straight 0 student

Personality: Funny, Kind, sarcastic, quiet, a bit shy, has a really bad tempter (only if you really annoy her) really nice person.

Quidditch: yes

Postition: keeper

Prefect: yes

Blood Type: Pure

8/8/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #9
She can't be a prefect if she's in 7th year.
8/8/2011 #10

I have Discontinued this character

8/18/2011 . Edited 8/22/2011 #11

First Name: Morana

Last Name: Lestrange-Malfoy

Gender: Female

House: Slytherin

Year: 3

Age: 14

D.O.B.: October 31,

Pet: Snake named Thanatos

Background: Bellatrix didn't want her so she left her for dead when Draco found her seeing a note that said that the useless thing was a outcasted from the Lestrange name, then later brought her to Astoria, who loved her at first sight. They had her live with them, she called them Mum & dad & thought Scorpius was her brother. One her 11th birthday Draco & Astoria told her that she was Draco's aunt's daughter therefor his cousin. She was upset about that, then they Adopted her & she was made a Malfoy. She still kept Lestrange, so now she is named Morana Libra Lestrange-Malfoy.

Appearance: (May be a picture) Mini Bellatrix but hair is flat & has bangs sweep over her right eye with Pink in them

Height: 5'5

Blood Type: Pure-Blood

Grades: Good

Personality: Quiet, keeps to herself, is protected of Scorpius,seems emo at some times

Hobby's (optional) Reads & listens to music. Spends time with Scorpius mostly.

Other: Will hurt anyone that hurts her cousin in anyway. Acts like Bellatrix when mad or really really Happy

8/21/2011 #12

Im gonna get rid of Stella i just dont like playing her

8/22/2011 #13

First Name: Ella

Last Name: Mark

Gender: Felamle

House: Gryfindoor

Year: 4

Age: 14

D.O.B.: 22 of march

Pet: cat

Background: Has two brothers, her Dad works for the ministry

Appearance: Blonde hair, brown eyes, pale skin

Height: normal

Blood Type: halfblood

Grades: straight o student

Personality: Funny, loud, out going but really nice

Hobby's (optional)

Quidditch: no

Postition: (If yes, must be approved):

Prefect: no

Head Boy or Girl: no

8/25/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #14


8/28/2011 #15

Annabelle 'Anna' Lestrange, 14, Slytherin (Year 4)

Vladimir 'Vlad' Lestrange Dusk, 16, Slytherin (Year 6)

Damian 'Dami' Izaya, 15, Ravenclaw (Year 5)

Nathan 'Nate' Izaya, 15, Ravenclaw (Year 5)

Jason' Jace' Moon, 15, Hufflepuff (Year 5)

Alexandra 'Andra' Black, 16, Slytherin (Year 6)

11/10/2011 . Edited 11/29/2011 #16

(All my characters from Dana's roleplay)

Ally Granger/Potter 16 Slytherin (Year 6)

Austin Healey 14 Gryffindor (Year 4)

Aliyana Riddle 11 Gryffindor (Year 1)

Elena Bennett 15 Slytherin (Year 5)

Primrose Mallerk 15 Gryffindor (Year 5)

11/11/2011 . Edited 3/19/2012 #17
Prim can have Hugo on this on!!!
11/11/2011 #18

okay. But i want them to be friends before anything happens.

11/11/2011 #19


Sorry, I fell asleep last night!

11/12/2011 #20

First Name: Lucy

Last Name: Weasley

Gender: Female

House: Gryffindor

Year: 4th

Age: 14

D.O.B.: December 14

Pet: Gray Owl named Diamond

Background: She's the daughter of Percy Weasley and Audrey....She's a Weasley....yeah....

Appearance: (May be a picture)

Height: 5'4

Blood Type: Pure

Grades: below average and average

Personality: She's really mischevious and stubborn. Lucy is a bit of a rebel and more like her Uncle George than her dad. She can be really sweet and is always playing pranks.

Hobby's (optional) Quidditch, playing pranks

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved): yes

Postition: (If yes, must be approved): Chaser

Prefect: (Must be approved) Hell no

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved) nope

Era: Next Gen

Rayne Songli, Ravenclaw, 13

Lucy Weasley, Gryffindor, 14

Hugo Weasley, Gryffindor, 12

Blaire West, Slytherin, 16

James West, Slytherin, 16

Ethan Perris, Hufflepuff, 15

Lexi Vallen, Ravenclaw, 15

Alyse Rivera, Slytherin, 14

Alex Vanderbilt, Gryffindor, 15

11/13/2011 . Edited 1/13/2012 #21

First name: Hadrian 'Rain'

Last name: Izaya

Gender: Male

House: Goes to Durmstrang

Year: 7th

Age: 17

Pet: idk

D.O.B.: July 7

Background: Dami & Nate's cousin

Appearance: Long dark brown hair that's pulled back into a ponytail, dark blueish purple eyes, wears black

Height: 6'4

Blood type: Pureblood

Grades: Good

Personality: Quiet, sweet, has a temper

Hobby's (optional): Reading, drawing

Era: Next Generation

11/29/2011 . Edited 11/29/2011 #22

First Name:Nicolette

Last Name: Delacour

Gender: Female

House: Beauxbaton Academy

Year: 7th

Age: 17

D.O.B.: February 24th

Pet: Owl named Belle

Background: Nicolette is Fleur's niece. Her mother is Fleur's cousin. Nicolette grew up in France and attended Beauxbaton and has never met, only heard of her aunts new family, the Weasleys. Like her relative's she is 1/8 Veela.

Appearance: (May be a picture)

Height: 5'4

Blood Type: 7/8 Wizard, 1/8 Veela

Personality: At first, she seems snobbish and cold, but once you get to know her she is slightly kinder, but only slightly. Even if she likes you she always has a cold demeanor about her. If she was at Hogwarts, she would be in Slytherin.

Hobby's (optional): Dueling, Charms club

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved): N/A

Postition: (If yes, must be approved):

Prefect: (Must be approved)

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved)


11/29/2011 #23

First Name: Isobel

Last Name: Furey

Gender: Female

House: Salem Witches Institute

Year: 7th

Age: 17

D.O.B: January 10th

Pet: Cat named Midnight

Background: Isobel was born into a wealthy family living in England. She is muggle born and her parents abandoned her when they found out. She found her way to the Salem Witches Institute and has been there ever since.


Height: 5'3"

Blood Type: Mudblood

Personality: Shy, loyal, trustworthy, friendly, short tempered and fiesty

Hobbies: Swimming, spellcasting, gymnastics and dancing

12/10/2011 #24


12/10/2011 #25

Michaela, Salem is in America so wouldn't Isobel be American?

12/15/2011 #26
spinning round in teacups

First Name:Saskia

Last Name:Everest



Year:(Same as James Potter 2)

Age: (same as James Potter 2)

D.O.B.:11th November

Pet:Owl called Shadow

Background:She is a half-blood, her mother dying in childbirth to her little bro. Her father is a muggleborn and her mother was a pure blood

Appearance: (May be a picture):

Height: 5'1

Blood Type:half blood

Grades:Exceeds Expectations

Personality:Very adventurous, hard-to-please, humouristic, She is very out-going, and forward with her opinions... making her seem very blnt. She is fierce, independent, and quite strange and mysterious, but chatty and talkative once you get to know her. She loves to read and listen to music, and carries around an enchanted bag to hold her books, and then some other things. She keeps her palm-top and iPod and iPad near her at all times.

Hobby's (optional)

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved): Yes

Postition: (If yes, must be approved): Seeker if not Chaser

Prefect: (Must be approved) No

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved) No

Era: Second Gen

1/6/2012 #27


1/13/2012 #28

First Name: Lexi

Last Name: Vallen

Gender Female

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 5th

Age: 15

D.O.B.: July 7

Pet: Owl named Locket

Background: She's a muggleborn and her parents tried to convince her not to go to Hogwarts because they disapprove of magic, but she insisted to come. Her parents send her off to crusises and camps during the summer so they don't have to be with her.

Appearance: (May be a picture)

Height: 5'4

Blood Type: Muggleborn

Grades: abover average

Personality: She's really sweet and kind, but shy.

Hobby's (optional) Charms club, art, photography

1/13/2012 #29

First Name: Alysse

Last Name: River-Lockings

Gender: Female

House: Slytherin

Year: 4th

Age: 14

D.O.B.: January 5th

Pet: Owl named Catty

Background: Her mum's a Spanish beauty from a noble wizard family. Her dad's a British pureblood who's a cousin of Theodore Nott

Appearance: (May be a picture)

Height: 5'5

Blood Type: Pure

Grades: average

Personality: She's really snotty and a snob, but can be sweet besides the rich girl part.

Hobby's (optional)

Quidditch: (If yes, must be approved):

Postition: (If yes, must be approved):

Prefect: (Must be approved)

Head Boy or Girl: (Must be approved)


1/13/2012 #30
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