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Remus sighed "Ok" he handed her a chocolate bar "if you need someone to talk to I'm here...I think James is being unfair at the moment" he sais as he walked away

8/11/2011 #91

James sighed where he was hiding, why did Evans want to talk to him when all he wanted was to be left alone

8/11/2011 #92

Remus and Sirius stepped into James's hiding spot

"Thats it Prongs!! We need to talk!" Sirius growled

"You've been avoiding us" Remus said looking annoyed

8/12/2011 #93

Lily walked to the Common Room and sat down in her favorite arm chair.

8/12/2011 #94

James sighed "What do we need to talk about Padfoot & Moody have not" he said

8/13/2011 #95
peter was worried he hadnt seen his friends all day
8/13/2011 #96

Lily was moping in the Common Room.

8/13/2011 #97
Peter was looking for his friends. Blair walked into the common room and saw Lily "Hey"Blair said
8/13/2011 #98

Lily looked up, "Oh. 'Ello, Blair." She sighed sadly.

(Hello, darling!)

8/13/2011 #99
(( hey im on my phone and dont want to use all my credit so ill be on and off untill my mum is finished on the computer)) "whats wrong?" Blair asked Lily
8/13/2011 #100


Lily sighed, "It's James...."

8/13/2011 #101
"what about him?" Blair asked
8/13/2011 #102

(I gtg. So tired.)

8/13/2011 #103

Remus jabbed his finger into James's chest in a rare show of aggression

"Lily thats what. You have been mooning over her for FOUR bloody years and now...poof! Suddenly your affections gone....she's crying James. CRYING!"he hissed

Sirius nodded "I think she just realised that she liked you, C'mon James! You can't what you did. You didn't even say it gently! What you did was...was...cruel James and it isn't like you!" he said in a serious tone

Remus finished "Why give up now James? Why?"

8/14/2011 #104

James rolled his eyes "Yes I've been trying for four bloody years Moody & everytime I ask her out she either yell or hex me" he snapped hurt shining through his eyes

Bellatrix hummed evilly as she laid down on her bed

8/14/2011 #105

Lily sighed, "I'm too late, Blair. I finally realized I like him, and..a-and now it's too late. I've lost my chance. He hates me."

8/14/2011 #106

James closed his eyes sighing leaving Padfoot & Moody to walking around the halls joping to not see any teachers

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/14/2011 #107

Lily curled up in her chair as Blair left. Her hair covered her face as little tears ran down.

8/14/2011 #108

(Where is she?)

James leaned against the wall closing his eyes biting his lip, he knows he made Lily cry but she didn't know how he felt never

8/14/2011 #109

(In the Common Room.)

Lily wrapped her arms around her legs.

8/14/2011 #110

James sighed once more before walking into the common room & sitting in one of the chairs in the far corner

8/14/2011 #111

Lily glanced at who entered, but quickly looked down again when she realized it was James.

8/14/2011 #112

James looked down at his lap so he couldn't look at Lily

8/14/2011 #113

Lily was having a war with herself. Should she go over and talk to him or keep to herself?

8/14/2011 #114

James played with his fingers

8/14/2011 #115

(Sorry! gtg bbl.)

8/14/2011 #116

(Bye bye)

8/14/2011 #117

Sirius grinned as he pulled his ear back from the door,

"PRONGS!! I NEEEEEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!!" Sirius bounded across the room, sending a few startled first years flying.

Remus caught up to him "What *gasp* is *wheeze* the *cough* hurry *choke*?" he panted, he had a massivley heavey library bag

"I just heard Lily tell Blair that she likes James but now its too late!!!" Sirius gasped

And then Remus summed it up in a very un-Remus phrase "Bloody Hell" he shouted

" ya know where Prongs is?" Sirius said

"'re about to run into him." Remus grinned

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/14/2011 #118
Blair was furious that james had upset lily so much. She was walking around looking for james and his friends
8/14/2011 #119

(So sorry I didn't come back!)

8/15/2011 #120
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