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The Queen of Pixies

First name: Jade

Last name: Harper

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Bubbly, Flirty, Sweet, Party girl, can be serious when it comes to school

Hobbies: Shopping, reading, working on projects for college, dancing

Occupation: Student at NYU-majoring in photgraphy, works as a manager at Macy's, part time model (so she can see how to get better pictures)

Where they live: Apartment

Pets: A Sphynx cat ( named Rosie

History: Jade lived in the quiet town of Ashville, NC with her mom and dad and older brother. She was excpeted to follow her brother's plans and go to Mars Hill to major in education since she was little. In sixth grade she took an acting class and discovered modeling, witch she soon took. When she was in eigth grade she took up photgaphy, her parents blew it off as nothing, until she started talking about schools for it. Her parents strictly banned her from it. She applied for NYU anyway, she got accepted and on her eighteenth birthday, she found an apartment and moved in. She continued a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Tyler, for a few months after until she called him and found out she was cheating on her. She continued abandoning her friends and working more shifts (at Macys) and getting more gigs (for modeling) and continued on with school work. As far as she knows, her parents have disowned her.

Family: Mother, father, older brother (Andrew), younger sister (Lakotia)

Appearance: Her eyes are different colors at different lights. (Gray, Green, Blue are what they change to)

Height: 5'4

Other: She has a southern accent

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First Name: Rebecca

Last Name: Havery

Age: Twenty-four

Gender: Female

Personality: Mean and cruel; she's a cold hearted girl. Rebecca was nominated for prom queen and princess for her senior and junior year at high school. She is like the queen of all beeyotchs and don't mess with her or you social life is ruined.

Hobbies: Flirting, gossiping, and ruining peoples lives.

Occupation: The manger in Hollister and a part time model. ( She finished college already.)

Where they live: Town house

Pets: None

History: She was born in New York on October Fifth, 1996 and later on, a little girl was born seven years after her birth. Rebecca instantly became popular; her father was a vice president for a huge company and her mother was a model like she is right now. Rebecca can get any boy's attention in a snap because of her amazing looks;so she usually switches boyfriends every once a week,but if they are lucky. The relationship would last a month and sometimes, she would steal her sister's boyfriend.

After graduation, Rebecca was instantly accepted to a bunch of colleges,but she choose NYU because of it shopping sprees and even in college, she was a total beeyotch. She started to get modeling jobs and sooner or later, was hired as a manger in Hollister.


A little sister that's Eighteen and going to Columbia University with a half scholarship.

A father that's Forty-two and the vice president of a major company.

A mother that's Forty-two and a model like Rebecca.

Appearance: Long silky dirty blonde hair with emerald green eyes and a prefect body. She usually wears a pair of black sunglasses and always wears something new & fashionable. Rebecca has cherry red lips with an oak brown eye shadow and a thick layer of lip gloss.

Height: Five feet and six inches.

Other: N/A


First Name: Elizabeth "Ellie/Emily"

Last Name: Havery

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Personality: Ellie's more like the shy type girl; she's really sweet and innocent ,but Emily's always scared of her sister. Sometimes she can be mean if you wake her up, but not really; Ellie got the highest IQ out of her whole school. She's really dorky also, unlike her sister; Emily's really friendly and nice, but Ellie is kinda afraid of everything. (Fire, bugs, etc.)

Hobbies: Writing stories on her laptop or a new notebook. Engineering, because discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge. Painting on the walls in her apartment because it express herself. Playing the classical instruments because it also express how you feel.

Occupation: Studying in Columbia University (Major~ Engineering & Science) and works at Jedson Engineering as a designer & builder.

Where they live: Two room Apartment

Pets: A small chocolate fur yorkie named Aura.

History: She was born on December fourteenth, 1993; Ellie always loved to read and write, so the girl usually stays locked in her bedroom reading and writing, unlike the other kids at school. Emily would always be painting on the walls of her bedroom; explaining her life story. Sometimes, when her sister isn't home, Ellie would tip- toed down stairs and play the piano. Her big sister would use Emily as a maid and tell her to do everything for her.

Every time, when she got a boyfriend; her sister would always still him from her. The girl always have heartbreaks and usually likes to be alone by herself. She never believes in love, since her parents only cares about the first children. She would always make her own food and bring it upstairs to her room, eating it alone as the rest of the family was chatting & laughing.

After graduation, she was granted a half scholarship to Columbia University in New York; so the girl started to pack her things and go to Columbia. After half of the year in a dorm, she finally got her own apartment and a small cute puppy to keep her company.


A big sister that's Twenty-four and a model.

A father that's Forty-two and the vice president of a major company.

A mother that's Forty-two and a model like Rebecca.

Appearance: Long sandy blonde hair that reaches her waist and usually pulled into a messy bun. Frost blue/sea green with a flicks of gold eyes and peachy pink lips. She usually doesn't wear make-up because it's always get mess up, but sometimes, Ellie does when she isn't at work. She usually wears something modern with a dash of vintage; like a ruffled white lace tank top, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a golden heart locket, a pair of rusted red flats, and a light purple sweater jacket.

Height: Five feet and four inches.

Other: She sometimes write down lyrics and turn it into a love song.

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Accepted! Do you want to be a mod?

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First Name: Storm

Last Name: Tempest

Age: 18

Gender: female

Personality: Cheery. quick-witted, has a bit of a temper, but genrally kind

Hobbies: Reading, surfing the web, karate kicking the sorry butts of all the stalkers in Central Park

Occupation: Just about to finish school

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): They are a border at the school and will be getting a joint apartment with friend Cassandra Golde when they finish school

Pets: None.

History: Parents are African American and live on the other side of the States. They work very hard to send her to school

Family: Mom: Yazmin Tempest. Dad: David Tempest. Working class

Appearence (May be a picture) Very pretty and wears nice clothes, but doesn't think she is pretty at all. This photo was taken by her dad as she left a party from her friends house, she needed a quiet moment to read and there was a little forest next to their house and he whipped out the camera. It shows her with her guard down and looking very beautiful.

Height: tallish....wishes she was short

Other: Will attack if you show stalkerish tendancies or be racist or insult one of her friends

(Can I accept myself because I'm a mod? Just kidding!!!)

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Sure, Mia! ^-^

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First Name: Erica Desirae

Last Name: Blanchett

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: Erica is still practical and resourceful, but she's loosened up more and is more open-minded. She's more of a dreamer than she was before, but she's still realistic. She's an intelligent and quick-thinking young woman who thinks through her decisions. She smiles more than before and is a more positive. She's still sarcastic and cynical, and her jokes of often of this nature. However, she still doesn't get that close to people because she thinks they'll just leave her. She's not sure whether love will last. To her close friends, family, and children she is caring and protective.

Hobbies: Writing, running, reading, playing piano

Occupation: Student at NYU, majoring in pediatrics. Minoring in journalism and literature.

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Apartment

Pets: A West Highland White Terrier named Athena

History: Her dad died when she 6 because of a drive-by shooting and she moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she lived with her aunt in a small apartment. She didn't have the best kind of living, but she got by. Her aunt wasn't very responsible though, so Erica became very independent. After high school, Erica got a scholarship to NYU and moved to New York City to pursue pediatrics. She was offered to be a model when she was 15 or 16, but she turned down the offer.

Family: James Blanchett, father (deceased), Lacey Blanchett, aunt (legal guardian)

Appearence (May be a picture): She has honey blond hair that falls in wavy layers below her chest that often fall in her face, so she sometimes clips it back. Light blue eyes with gray flecks framed by thick lashes. Fair skin and fit physique, slim. She's very pretty, but she sometimes doesn't believe it. Pretty fashionable, and she wears knit hats and scarves a lot.

Height: 5'7''

Other: She has a hobby for photography.

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Oops! I'm so sorry I didn't see this topic when I started rping. I'll make it up right now.

Name: Sapphire

Last Name: Waters

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: She is slightly depressed right now. But when she is happy, she is kind and open minded. But when she gets angry it's not pretty.

Hobbies: Shopping, dancing, singing, and tennis.

Occupation: She is in her senior year of high school and has a part time job at Macy's.

Where she lives: Apartment

Pets: A cat named Jewel to match her name.

History: She is from a rather rich family but they want her to learn independence. She has to earn money for extra things herself. She is a bright student and very serious when it comes to work.

Family members: Joe Waters(dad) Diana Waters (mom) Bradley Waters (older brother)

Appearance: Long wavy brown hair down to her waist. Bright green eyes and slightly tanned. Skinny and fashionable.

Height: 168 cm

Other: I might make up some things along the way....

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((Awesome!!! :D))

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First Name: Alexandra

Last Name: Moon

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: Nice, quiet, sometimes shy & acts gothic or emo

Hobbies: Writing music & books, listening to music & reading

Occupation: Works at a Dance club as a Bartender, part time song writer & is working on a novel

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Apartment

Pets: A puppy named Snow

History: She lived in England til she was 18 & moved to New York. She doesn't like to talk about her past. She was born on October 31, 1990, her mother thought she was evil so she moved to America. She kept her dad's name & didn't change it like her sister

Family: Mason Moon (Older brother that lives in NY doesn't know his sister is here)

May Jayson (younger sister she hasn't talk to since she left England)

Josh Moon (Dad that died when she was 17, the only thing that held her back in England)

Brittany Jayson (Mum that remarried when Alexandra turned 19)

Appearence (May be a picture): Long Black hair with purple highlights in her bangs, Grey color eyes, Wears dark color clothes.

Height: 5'6

Other: Still has a British accent even after 3 or so years

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First Name: Rayne

Last Name: Songli

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Rayne always loved the dramatic arts and writing. She wasn't really social so she eexpressed herself through acting and words. On stage, she's proud, confident and bubbly. Off stage in real life, she's very shy and reserved. She's calm, caring, and a good listener. It's like she's a completely different person on stage. She loves music.

Hobbies: She loves playing the guitar, piano, and singing as well as writing music. She loves to act and perform. She also loves to write.

Occupation: Student at Julliard majoring in Performing Arts and Pyscology and minoring in English and Literature.

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Dorm at NYU.

Pets: She has a black Yorkshire Terrier named Cho and another brown and black one named Voldemort.

History: Rayne's dad was British and he married her mum who was Korean. She has an older brother, an older sister, and a twin brother. They all lived in London until Ryan and Rayne, who were the youngest, moved out. Then her parents got divorced. Her mum moved back to Kore, where she had grown up and her dad moved to Scotland. For some reason she kept her mum's name.


Dad - Charles Van Allen

Mum - Chohei Songli

Appearence (May be a picture)

Height: 5'7

Other: She wants to find love.

8/3/2011 . Edited 8/4/2011 #16

First Name: Beatrice "Bean"

Last Name: Brice-Flair (Brice is her adoptive family's last name. Flair is her real one.)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Wild, insane, funny

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, science

Occupation: Intern at the New York science lab. Studying forensic science at NYU

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Dorm

Pets: Little black cat named Moony.

History: She's had never been to New York before college, and was originally from Florida.

Family: Bobby Brice (Older brother,lives in Florida) Vince Brice (father, Florida) Tammi Brice (Mother, Florida)

Appearence (May be a picture) Short blond hair that reaches her chin, green eyes, tan skin, very beautiful

Height: 5'6

Other: She's a recovering anorexic, but small things can set her off again. She is also bipolar. And has a British accent.

8/3/2011 . Edited 8/8/2011 #17

First Name: Bobby

Last Name: Brice

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: Cocky, smart, cool

Hobbies: Playing the guitar and messing with people

Occupation: He's a police officer that was recently transfered to New York

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Apartment

Pets: Goldfish

History: He's Bean's older brother, and it's also his first time in New York

Family: Bean Brice, sister. (others same as Bean)

Appearence (May be a picture)

Height: 6'0

Other: Bean doesn't know he's in NY yet and he wants to surprise her. He's got a British accent like Bean.

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First Name: Tenzin

Last Name: Gray

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, quiet, kind.

Hobbies: Reading, listening to songs on his iPod

Occupation: Still in school and doesn't want a job just yet :P

Where they live: Border at the same school as Storm

Pets: None, not allowed them in the dorms

History: Parents live in Outback Australia but wanted him to have a really good education, so sent him to New York. Nationality: Australian.

Family: Mum: Dawn Grey. Dad: Roger Gray


Height: Tall

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First Name: Taylor

Last Name: Victory

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Cocky, funny, player

Hobbies: Song writer, hitting on girls, photography

Occupation: In college majoring in photography, works part time at Starbucks.

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Dorm

Pets: Nada

History: He's lived in NY all his life and has a small NY accent

Family: Tera Victory (sister) Don Victory (dad) Mathalda Victory (mom)

Appearence (May be a picture)

Height: 6'1


8/4/2011 #22

Accepted!...Well, you're a mod, you can accept yourself....

8/4/2011 #23

First Name: Jackson

Last Name: Payce

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: Nice, a little shy, funny

Hobbies: Writing, playing soccer

Occupation: He works part time at Starbucks with Taylor, and is on a Soccer scholarship at college and majored in English

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Dorm

Pets: N/A

History: He lived in Virginia for most of his life but got into NYU on scholarship

Family: Vince Payce (father)

Appearence (May be a picture)

Height: 5'11

Other: Best friends with Taylor.

8/4/2011 #24

First Name: Mason

Last Name: Moon

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Smartass, quiet & nice person

Hobbies: Writing books & music

Occupation: Works at Starbucks as a side job while his's in school to become a doctor

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Apartment

Pets: A white dog named Riddle

History: He ran away from home when he was 16 & has been in NY since he was 18

Family: Alexandra Moon (Younger sister), Same as Alexandra

Appearence (May be a picture) Long black hair spiky at the top with white tips. Dark grey eyes but wears contacts so their white.

Height: 6'2

Other: Has a mix between a New York & a British accent

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The Queen of Pixies

First name: Naveah

Last name: Marshall

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Naveah has always enjoyed reading and writing. She's not social since and has always found ways to express herself through writing. She's quiet, polite, and neatkept.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and taking tours

Where they live: Dorm at NYU

Pets: None

History: Naveah lived in a small town in New Jersey with an older brother and a younger brother until she was six. At that age, her brothers were nine and three, her dad walked out on them. Her mom, working double shifts at the hosptial soon married agian to a doctor when she was eight. Then on, feeling like she couldn't trust her own flesh and blood, started not to trust anyone, but fell for horses. At age fifteen, her mom lost her job and she had to quit riding. Then the owner of the stables, who thought of her as her grandaughter, let her become a stablehand in order to keep riding and make a little money. Her mom is now a waitress, younger brother a football player, while her older brother is looking for thier father. Her father is in New York as a composer.

Family: Dad-Alexander Marshall Mom-Elizabeth Colbert Older brother: Maxwell Marshall Younger brother: Sean Marshall Step dad: William Colbert Step sister: Hannah Colbert


Height: 6'1

Other: N/A

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First Name: Blaire

Last Name: Waldorf

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Personality: Blaire is really snobbish and high class. She comes from a rich family so she is very materialistic. She's high maintenance and has a very big ego.

Hobbies: Shopping, ruining people's social life.

Occupation: New York Socialite/Manhattan Rich Girl

Where they live (Apartment, dorm, town house): Pent HOuse Apartment on Fifth Avenue

Pets: A Toy Dog that she carries around in her purse name Paris

History: She was born in Manhattan, but her family shortly moved to England after that. They stayed there until she was about 13 then her family moved back to California where they stayed for a month before moving back to Manhattan. She went to the rich kid prep schools and spent her days shopping, jetting off for fashion week, and and making out with boys. Her parents never had time for her so they made it up by buying her things. Her brother was always and band camp or boarding school so she rarely saw him until they reached adulthood.


Father - William Waldorf

Mother - Clarisse Waldorf

Twin Brother - James

Appearence (May be a picture):

Height: 5'7, usually wearing heels so 5'10


8/4/2011 . Edited 4/5/2012 #27

Isn't she that girl from Gossip Girl? :O

Snotty rich people always make everything more fun. ^_^

8/4/2011 . Edited 8/4/2011 #28

Yes, yes she is.

I know right!

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I think I'll make a model...

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