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Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

This topic is for all the lemons and whatnot for all the RP. I have no rating on how graphic you are on this forum, but I do realize that some people are comfortable with it so I thought it's just be best to gather up all the lemons and put them into a basket a.k.a this topic.

(Sorry, Mickey, tweaked it just a bit ;D)

12/15/2011 . Edited by miarella, 12/15/2011 #1
Michael took a hand away from her to reach back and hook a thumb into his waistband, yanking pants and boxers down. His now free hand grabbed the shower rod for balance as he lifted a leg to pull his pants down with his foot.

While that was happening, he had lifted her shirt over her breasts, then drew her back to him, cock pressing against her body.

4/3/2012 #2
Michael tensed, the sensation drawing a low growl from him. He dropped his mouth to her neck, lightly nipping at her collarbone.
4/8/2012 #3
Michael pulled his mouth away from her neck and pulled her shirt off, then returned his mouth to hers, stepping into the tub.
4/8/2012 #4
(Actually, he only pulled it up.)

Taking a quick glance at the faucet, he then pressed her against the wall, one hand sliding down her body to slip between her legs.

4/8/2012 #5
(No big. Battery on red.)

Michael knelt, his mouth kissing down her body. When his lips reached her cunt, he dove in. His right hand reached back and turned on the shower.

4/8/2012 #6
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