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This is where we can RP with the kids from our Percy Jackson RP it is set 15 years in the furture

1/26/2012 . Edited by miarella, 7/26/2012 #1
Max got home from school. Blair was at camp
1/26/2012 #2

Emma was at camp.

Alysse was at the park.

(Ooh! How about at camp there's a cabin for the kids of demigods?)

(I found the perfect person for Emma's appearance.)

1/26/2012 . Edited 1/26/2012 #3
( Good idea ) (Im on my phone so i cant do links ) Max walked through the park. Blair was walking around camp
1/26/2012 #4

Alysse saw her cousin and waved, "Max!"

Emma was reading in the Next Gen cabin.

(Wanna have Ivy and Xavier have a kid on a few years on normal generation so we can put them on here already.)

1/26/2012 . Edited 1/26/2012 #5
( Ivy can find out shes pregnent now if you want ) "Oh hey" Max said
1/26/2012 #6

Hikari was walking to camp from college

James was at the park skating around on his skateboard

Aiden was at camp reading

(Mia do you want Alysse to look alike or not?)

1/26/2012 . Edited 1/26/2012 #7

Alysse said, "Oh, loo k there's James."

Emma saw Aiden and smiled.


1/26/2012 #8

Aiden looked up & smiled back "Hey Emma"

(Sweet I'm so happy I found pictures for all the kids I'm playing XD)

1/26/2012 #9
"What's up?" Max asked. Blair sat near the lake
1/26/2012 #10

(Me too! I found a younger version of Yoona (Rayne) so I used that for Alysse and the girl who plays Jo on Big Time Rush for Emma.)(Hannah do you want them to have a girl or guy?)

Alysse shrugged, "Nothing, I was going to go to camp. Wanna come?"

Emma said, "Hey Aiden."

1/26/2012 #11
( Boy ) "Sure" Max smiled
1/26/2012 #12

"How ya been?" Aiden said tilting his head

1/26/2012 #13

(Okay can I play him since your the mum? and you pick the name) (Alex, do you want Razayna and Yazoo to have a kid later on?)

Alysse nodded, "Kay, wanna ask James if he wants to come?"

Emma shrugged, "Fine."

1/26/2012 . Edited 1/26/2012 #14
( Yeah you can play him ) 'Sure I'll ask Hikari too" Max said
1/26/2012 #15

Alysse saw James riding his skateboard, "James!"

1/26/2012 #16
Max texted Hikari asking if she wanted to go to camp
1/26/2012 #17

James skated over to them "I'm hyper" he said grinning

Hikari sighed walking into camp she wondered where Max was blinking when she heard her phone go off. Looking at it she texted that she was already over there

Aiden nodded

(Ya same with Kadja & Emily too)

1/26/2012 . Edited 1/26/2012 #18

( Huh i missed something what about Kadja and Emily lol )

"Good for you Jamsie" Max laughed "And Hikari is already at camp"

1/26/2012 #19
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Alina was bored.

1/30/2012 #20
Max was looking for them. Sophia started to cry
1/31/2012 #21

Hikari grinned seeing them & jumped onto Hadrian's back "Gabriel I missed you"

Kasai giggled

Liam hugged her tighter

1/31/2012 #22
"Hey Hikari" Hadrian smiled. Sophia was really upset
1/31/2012 #23

"Hi" Hikari smiled

"It'll be okay" Liam mumbled

1/31/2012 #24
"What's up?" Hadrian asked. Sophia nodded
1/31/2012 #25

"Besides having a boyfriend nothing much" Hikari said "You dear little cousin of mine"

Liam held her close

1/31/2012 #26
Hadrian shrugged "Not much" Sophia whipped her eyes
1/31/2012 #27

Hikari nodded

Liam didn't like seeing her upset

1/31/2012 #28

Xander was practicing in the sword arena.

Alysse was in a tree. (Hmm...Everyone related to Nico and Dusk tends to sit in trees a lot...)

Emma was sitting at the dock making shapes in the air with water.

Nat was wandering around.

Lily was jogging around camp.

1/31/2012 #29
Hadrian smiled. "I love you Liam" Sophia muttered
1/31/2012 #30
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