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Emma nodded.

Rayne chuckled, "It's okay."

Aria said, "No, I want to cook it for me."

(Alex do you use a romanized english-korean translator?)

3/25/2012 #2,971

(No I use Google translate)

Hikari looked her eyes

Liam looked at her

Nikko looked at her

James nodded

"Okay" Mitchel said

3/25/2012 #2,972

Xander sighed.

Aria smiled.

Rayne turned to Itami, "Geuui eomeonineun jigeum eodie issnayo?" (Where is his mother now?)

Ethan pulled her onto his lap.

(When are WIll and Dusk and Kadja and Emily going to the hospital?

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #2,973

Mitchel kissed her

"Wilo hangug" (Back in Korea) Itami said with a sneer

(Now I think)

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #2,974

Rayne sighed, "Nan geunyeoga geuleul pogi geol mid-eul suga eobsda. geunyeoga geuleon jonglyuui salam ilamyeon nisko dangsin-eul deo naass-eul geos-ibnida." She set James down. (I can't believe she would just abandon him. If she's that kind of person Nikko is better off with you.) Aria smiled and kissed him back.

3/25/2012 #2,975

"Okay guys time to" Emily said, Picking up Liam in on arm and Sophia in the other.

Max was still playing.

Darci kissed Ethan

3/25/2012 #2,976

Liam nodded

"Max Hikari time to go" Dusk called out

Itami nodded "Geunyeoneungeobjang-i ibnida. nan geunyeoga Ares uittal-ibnida bangbeob-eul ihae moshalgeoya" (She's a coward. I'll never understand how she's a daughter of Ares) He sneered before looking down at Nikko "Geunyeoneun geuege danji nisko leuljeonche ileum-eul juji anh-ass"" (She's didn't even give him a full name, just Nikko)

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #2,977

Sophia pouted she hated when anyone else but her dad picked her up.

"Otay" Max said, running over to hi mum

3/25/2012 #2,978

Kadja chuckled taking her from Emily & held her instead "Your so spoiled Cher"

Dusk chuckled

3/25/2012 #2,979

"Daddy" Sophia smiled.

Max smiled at Dusk

3/25/2012 #2,980

Kadja chuckled "Yes Cher?"

Liam rolled his eyes resting his head on his mum's shoulder

Dusk smiled back as she picked him up "Lets go see your new cousins"

3/25/2012 #2,981

Rayne sighed as she smoothed Nikko's hair, "What are you going to name him then(Korean)?" (I'm in my phone now so I'll just say if she's speaking Korean or not.)

Ethan smiled.

Alysse was sucking her thumb.

3/25/2012 #2,982

"Why is Liam wolling his eyes?" Sophia asked.

"Hope you like my surprise" Darci smiled.

Max nodded

3/25/2012 #2,983


Itami smiled "Nikko Tatakau Songli" he said

"He thinks your being Silly" Kadja said

Dusk & Will took them to the hospital

3/25/2012 #2,984

"Am not" Sophia pouted.

Max wanted to see the little babies and was getting excited

3/25/2012 #2,985

(LOL but I remember how to say hello)

Rayne smiled when Will and Dusk got their, "Annyheou!" She them realized she was still speaking Korean, "I mean hi guys."

Aly giggled, snuggling up to Aiden.

Ethan said, "I love it."

3/25/2012 #2,986

"Rayne if your not going to speack english at least go with greek" Will laughed.

"Good" Darci smiled, kissing him

3/25/2012 #2,987

Kadja chuckled

"Hey" Dusk chuckled as she put Max down

Hikari saw the kid in Itami's arm "See Lulu uncle Itami does have a kid"

Aiden smiled

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #2,988

Rayne laughed, "Max, Hikari, this is your cousin Nikko."

Alysse giggled.

Ethan smiled.

3/25/2012 #2,989

"No being swlly Liam" Sophia said.

"Fine you right" Max said.

Will chuckled

3/25/2012 #2,990

Hikari grinned "Hi" she grinned

Nikko looked at her his eyes wide

Liam nodded

Aiden smiled

3/25/2012 #2,991

Rayne smiled, picking Hikari up, "Nikko is from Korea."

Aly yawned.

3/25/2012 #2,992

Max walked over to Hikari and Nikko.

"Alright let's go" Emily said.

3/25/2012 #2,993

Kadja & Emily went to the hospital with the kids

Nikko looked at Max before he hid behind Itami's leg

Hikari nodded

Aiden yawned too closing his eyes

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #2,994

"Are we going to see the baby?" Sophia asked

3/25/2012 #2,995

Kadja nodded "Babies though Cher" he said "Aunt Rayne had twins"

Nikko peered around his dad's leg looking at Max & Hikari

3/25/2012 #2,996

"Twins are cool" Sophia smiled.

Max waved

3/25/2012 #2,997

Kadja chuckled

Nikko made a small wave back

3/25/2012 #2,998

"No one is coolder then twins" Sophia smiled.

"Hi" Max said

3/25/2012 #2,999

"Your only saying that since you are a twin" Kadja said

"Ello" Nikko said trying not to hide again

3/25/2012 #3,000
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