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Kadja nodded

"I don't know" Namida said

6/4/2012 #2,971
Sophia got a drink. Layla said "Come meet my dad"
6/4/2012 #2,972

Sephiroth was trying to get his tea back from Kadja

"I will tomorrow" Namida said

6/4/2012 #2,973
( Replies will be slow ) Sophia laughed. Layla said "It will be fun"
6/4/2012 #2,974


Kadja grinned

"Ya" Namida said

6/4/2012 #2,975
"Your not as funny as you think dad" Sophia said. Layla said "I love you"
6/4/2012 #2,976

Kadja shrugged grinning at his daughter but pouted when Sephiroth got his tea back

"I love you too" Namida said

6/4/2012 #2,977
"Haha" Sophia laughed. Layla smiled "I'll see you tomorrow"
6/4/2012 #2,978
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Ariana said, "Yeah I know."

(Hello Besties!)

6/4/2012 #2,979


Kadja rolled his eyes

"Mkay bye" Namida said hanging up

6/4/2012 #2,980
Sophia stuck her tounge out. (Mickey!!! )
6/4/2012 #2,981
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

(So Alex what are we doing with the Alina/James thing?)

6/4/2012 #2,982

Kadja did the same

(Umm Mia said it was okay, & she wants Nico & Rayne to have another kid, but Alina & James kid will be born first so its older then his aunt)

6/4/2012 #2,983
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

(Okay so do you want to make it like Alina already found out and she has to tell James?)

6/4/2012 #2,984


6/4/2012 #2,985
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood


Alina had just taken 3 pregnancy tests when the first one tested positive just to make sure it wasn't a mistake. She was pregnant, she was in her bedroom at home crying trying to be quiet just incase Blair or Damien were hom she didn't want them finding out, she didn't want anyone finding out.

6/4/2012 #2,986
"There a four year olds more mature then you two" Emily said (Want to use some more chsracters )
6/4/2012 #2,987
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Ariana was sitting in the hospital room where belle was the next afternoon with her fcae in her hands when she heard, "Mom." She looked up and saw Belle looking at her.

Ariana said, "Oh Belle thanks god your alright." She hugged her daughter.

Belle said, "What happened?"

Ariana said, "You were in a car accident, but your okay."

Belle nodded, "I love you."

Ariana said, "I love you too."

6/4/2012 #2,988

Kadja rolled his eyes "Love you too Em"

James was at home doing homework


6/4/2012 #2,989
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Alina decided she had to go tell James, so she went to his house and knocked on the door.

6/4/2012 #2,990
"Feeling the love" Sophia giggled. Kurai woke up
6/4/2012 #2,991

James went & answered it "Hey" he smiled pecking her on the lips "What's up?"

Sephiroth chuckled

Itami was in the kitchen on the phone talking to Dusk

6/4/2012 #2,992
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Alina said, "We need to talk."

6/4/2012 #2,993
"So besides everyone picking on me and dad whats up?" Sophia asked. Kurai came downstairs
6/4/2012 #2,994

Sephiroth shrugged

Itami looked up & smiled at her

James raised an eyebrow "Sure go up to my room while I make some tea"

6/4/2012 #2,995
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Alina said, "Okay." She walked up to his room and sat down in the seat by his window looking outside.

6/4/2012 #2,996

(Gr...My parental units are irritating me)

Rayne heard voices, "Nico, I think James is home. We should probably get out of bed."

Alysse was in her room.

Nat said, "They trie to do the paint thing, but I dodged it and they ended spilling it over their pom poms."

Annabeth said, "Danny, wait!"

Avery said, "When can we see Belle?"

Lily smiled, "Hey."

(Ooh, Mickey, forgot to ask you. Do you have an idea for our forum logo?)

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #2,997
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Ariana came to the door of the room and said, "Guys come see Belle, she's awake."

6/4/2012 #2,998
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

(Well its called The Empire, so I thought a picture of the Empire State building would work.)

6/4/2012 #2,999

(LOL Dan's dating his step cousin)

Avery walked in and sat next to his sister, "Hey, sis. How are you feeling?"

6/4/2012 #3,000
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