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Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Kiana called Zack.

9/6/2012 #2,971

Kurai put her in her crib

"What Fodo is so cute" Anna smiled.

"How have I changed?" Sophia sighed

9/6/2012 #2,972

"Hello?" Zack said answering his phone

Savannah stayed asleep

Thanatos nodded

"Before you left the only time I saw you was when you fought with someone in your family, you got drunk & Liam told me you got angry a lot" Jeremy said

9/6/2012 #2,973
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Kiana said, "Hi Zack."

9/6/2012 #2,974

Kurai went downstairs.

"Can I dress Ryuk up like Frodo for Halloween?" Anna asked.

"To start with I saw you because I wanted to see not because I was angry, second every teenager drinks sometimes and third I'm angry at Liam because he's snitch" Sophia said

9/6/2012 #2,975

"Hey love" Zack smiled

Nikko was writing music looking tired

"If you want" Thanatos said

Jeremy sighed "Something could have happen Sophia if Liam didn't come get you"

9/6/2012 #2,976
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Kiana said, "What are you doing tonight?"

9/6/2012 #2,977

"Nothing as far as I know" Zack said

9/6/2012 #2,978
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Kiana said, "Do you want to go see a movie?"

9/6/2012 #2,979

"Why so tired?" Kurai asked, standing at his door.

Anna clapped "Yay!"

"What could have happened?" Sophia said

9/6/2012 #2,980

"Sure" Zack smiled

"Didn't sleep last night" Nikko mumbled

Thanatos chuckled

"Oh I don't know killed or raped or kidnapped" Jeremy said

9/6/2012 #2,981
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Kiana said, "Awesome. I'll see you around 5 then?"

9/6/2012 #2,982

Anna grinned "What are you laughing at?"

"Why?" Kurai asked.

"It's not like I haven't been kidnapped before" Sophia said

9/6/2012 #2,983

"Sure" Zack said

"You" Thanatos said

"Dreams" Nikko said

Jeremy sighed

9/6/2012 #2,984
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

"Kay love you." Kiana said.

9/6/2012 #2,985

"Why?" Anna giggled.

"What dreams?" Kurai asked.

"Your over reacting " Sophia said

9/6/2012 #2,986
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

(I gtg bbt)

9/6/2012 #2,987

"Love you too" Zack said

"Your happy that you get to dress Ryuk up like Frodo" Thanatos said

Nikko shrugged "I really don't know mum"

Jeremy shook his head "I have to go Sophia me & Alaric have to work on a project for school together"

9/6/2012 #2,988

"I'm dressing Louis up as baby Harry Potter" Anna said.

Kurai sighed "Have a nap"

"Whatever" Sophia sighed

9/6/2012 #2,989

Thanatos chuckled

"Can't" Nikko said

"I love you" Jeremy said before he hung up

9/6/2012 #2,990

"And I'm going as Bellatrix" Anna girnned.

"Why not?" Kurai asked.

'Love you too" Sophia sighed haning up ( Want to skip to when she comes back soon? )

9/6/2012 #2,991

Thanatos chuckled

"Homework for school" Nikko said

(You have to ask Mia) Jeremy sighed

9/6/2012 #2,992

( Yeah ohh maybe they should go visit her )

"I havent decided what to dress you as yet" Anna grinned.

"I'll write you a note" Kurai said.

Sophia sighed

9/6/2012 #2,993


"Death" Thanatos chuckled

Nikko shook his head "I need to finish this" he mumbled "It's already a moth late"

9/6/2012 #2,994

( Yay visitng military school lol )

"Nah to obvious" Anna giggled " Ohh you could go as Gandolf to make Ryuk"

"Why is it a moth late?" Kurai asked.

Sophia was in her dorm room

9/6/2012 #2,995

(yay lol)

"Fine" Thanatos said

"Because I missed a month of school" Nikko said

9/6/2012 #2,996

"Come on we need to get going" Emily said.

"Yay" Anna grinned, kissing him on the cheek.

"Still you look exhuasted" Kurai said

9/6/2012 #2,997

(Guess what! 2 Hours military drills...I mean volleyball practice and I have a partially sprained knee and I might have a black eye!...But it still fun anyway!)

Clara fell asleep on the way home.

Aly was blabbering about how adorable Gabe and Savannah are.

9/6/2012 #2,998

( That sounds very not fun lol )

9/6/2012 #2,999

Nico chuckled listening to her

Kadaj nodded (Is Liam going also?)

Thanatos smiled

"I know" Nikko mumbled "Savannah keep whimpering last night"

9/6/2012 #3,000
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