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"I got nothing" Thanatos said

Shadow turned into a cat jumping out of Azrael's arms & disappeared into the house

Azrael glared at her "Papa" he called "Deal with the gods please while I try to calm Shadow"

"Okay Az" Cole said walking over to the door his arms crossed as Azrael went to find Shadow

Jeremy rolled his eyes

9/30/2012 . Edited 9/30/2012 #211

"How about we stay here and watch movies?" Anna said.

Artemis sighed

"I love Nemo" Sophia said

9/30/2012 #212

Thanatos nodded

"I want both of you to leave" Cole said icily giving them a glare his father (Hades) would have been proud of

Jeremy nodded

9/30/2012 #213

Anna put on Harry Potter and sat on the couch

"No" Artemis frowned, crossing her arms

Sophia got popcorn

9/30/2012 #214

Thanatos sat next to her

Cole narrowed his eyes "Lady Artemis how are going to raise Shadow when you act like a child yourself?"

Jeremy chuckled

9/30/2012 #215

Anna laid down and rested her head on his lap

Artemis glared at him "Be very careful what you say"

( skip to after movie )

9/30/2012 #216


Thanatos smiled

Cole glared back

"It's kinda true Artemis" Apollo mumbled

9/30/2012 #217

"See how cute is Nemo?" Sophia said

Artemis turned to Apollo "Like you can talk you have that mautrity of a four year old"

Anna kissed him

9/30/2012 #218

Jeremy nodded chuckling

Apollo glared at her "At least I know how to take care of kids" he snapped

Thanatos kissed her back

9/30/2012 #219

"No you don't" Artemis snapped back "You get their mothers pregent and then never see your children"

Anna kissed him harder

"Who's house are we going back to?" Sophia asked

9/30/2012 #220

"I do see them" Apollo snapped

"Can you guys do this some place else please" Cole said looking annoyed

Thanatos smiled

Jeremy shrugged "Mine if you want"

9/30/2012 #221

"No" Artemis frowned at Cole, then turned back to her twin "You do not see them"

Anna grinned and kept kissed him

"Sure" Sophia smiled

9/30/2012 #222

"Yes I do Artemis" Apollo said "I see all of my kids when I can"

Thanatos kissed her back

Jeremy smiled


9/30/2012 #223

"Which is what once maybe twice in their lives?" Artemis said

Anna wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer

"Can you drive?" Sophia asked

10/1/2012 #224
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Clara started walking. She wouldn't look at Nikko, she felt she made a mistake kissing him, not only because he was her brother's best friend but because her best friend Alexa dated him.

10/1/2012 #225

Just then the smoke alarm went off. Razayna's eyes widened, "Oh, I was cooking dinner wasn't I?" She rushed to the kitchen and blasted the food and stove with ice, "Um, Yazoo, I think we'll be ordering pizza tonight."

10/1/2012 #226

Nikko followed after her

Yazoo chuckled

"No" Apollo said narrowing his eyes "A lot as changed over the years"

Thanatos smiled

"Sure" Jeremy said

10/1/2012 #227

"What's changed" Artemis asked

Anna smiled back

"Thanks" Sophia smiled

10/1/2012 #228

"I'm married for one I know all my grandkids I see all my kids at camp at least once a week & I have a life now" Apollo said

"I love you" Thanatos mumbled

Jeremy nodded

10/1/2012 #229

"A few years don"t change the last few thousand years" Artemis said "And as for being married I'm sure you'll get bored of her"

"I love you too" Anna smiled

10/1/2012 #230

Nat asked, "What was that?"

Razayn was ordering pizza, "Dinner."

Nat raised her eyebrow, "I thought you were cooking?"

"Sure," Razayna said, "If you want spaghetti sickles."

10/1/2012 #231

Thanatos smiled

"I've known her for almost 40 years & been married to her for over 15 years" Apollo said

Yazoo chuckled

10/1/2012 #232

Razayna ordered the pizza.

Nat went to go get something from the car.

Aly wandered over to Coran's room and peeked inside, "How's you shoulder?"

10/1/2012 #233
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Clara took a deep breath.

10/1/2012 #234

Anna smiled back and kissed him again

"To start with be glad she looks 25 because you just made her sound really old" Artemis said "And as if you wont get bored with only having one girl."

10/1/2012 #235

"Hurts to move" Coran sighed "Mum said when your mum comes to get you tomorrow she wants her to look at my shoulder"

Nikko glanced at her

Thanatos smiled

Apollo rolled his eyes

10/1/2012 #236

"Well your not denying it" Artemis said

"You have a cute smile" Anna giggled

10/1/2012 #237
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Clara pushed her hair behind her ear.

10/1/2012 #238

Nikko sighed

Thanatos blushed

"Let's just go" Apollo said

10/1/2012 #239
Hannah Grace Gilbert-Lockwood

Clara scratched her arm.

(Alex wanna skype?)

10/1/2012 #240
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