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Name: Frank Jaeger

Species: Genteically engienred human

Gender: Male

Age: 39 but has been enginered so that his body stays at around 26

Apperance: white eyes that apper to have green mechanical wiring instead of the red veins on the sides, black hair, wears a grey shirt with blue jeans with sunglasses to cover when in crowds, when in combat wears a black shirt black pants and a tactical vest

Class:infiltrator/bounty hunter

Bio: a man with only one true skill set and that is hunting and killing, was offered a spot with Cerberus because his gentically enhanced and cybernatically enhanced abilitys but turned them down, his eyes are fitted with a scanning microchip on the inside of the eyeball which in sync with his omni-tools VI allows him to pull up a persons profile which incluides age, homeworld, run ins with law enforcments, address, bountys, and practically every detail of a persons life right in the inside of his eye just from looking at their face. He does not work for any one agency or person but will work for whoever can afford his prices. Main weapons include a Incisor sniper rifle, a locust SMG, a small group of biotic powers incluiding warp, wreave, slam, along with tech powers Cloak, overload, and AI hacking

3/22/2012 #331

both accepted

3/22/2012 #332
Dash Driver

Sr, do I need to do a character creation for Marko's lawyer? He/she will only be in as long as the trial.

3/22/2012 #333


3/22/2012 #334
Jack Barrington

DHC7, reply to Annika and to my PM?

3/22/2012 #335

@DHC no

3/22/2012 #336

Is it ME3 aswell now?

3/23/2012 #337

No. ME2.

3/23/2012 #338
Cybernetic Author unit 5

(A redo of Steel, his original character was scrapped and he was never included in the RP)

Name: Steel

Species: Krogan

Age: 15, but is fully grown to adulthood.

Appearance: Stands 8 feet tall with full dark grey armor and mask.

Class: Soldier

Bio: Steel is the remnants of a weapon project funded by Cerberus. He was an attempt to make a supper soldier for suicide missions, someone expendable who could punch through enemy lines. They wound up with a giant, mute Krogan with anger issues, a warped sense of honor, and a increased regeneration rate. Steel acts a s a bodyguard for the people wealthy, or desperate enough to employ him. His odd, self made moral code is the one thing that drives him, and once he has made a friend, ally or has been recruited, he will become totally loyal to them, following orders without question or hesitation.

3/24/2012 #339
Dash Driver

Good to go.

3/24/2012 #340
Karol of Sunshineville

Name: Dore (Theodore) Grenado

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Apperance: Short, spiky blonde hair, Heterochromic eyes, with the left eye being Blue, and his right being Brown. He has a large, almost circular scar his cheek, and wear a green stud earring on his right ear. Off-duty, he wears a long-sleeved Green t-shirt with a black Sleeveless vest over it, and wears long black jeans and grey shoes. On-Duty, he wears Kassa Fabrication-Made armor, customized to have the primary color of the armor be a Dark Green, with the stripes, only two going down the center of the chestplate, are colored black.

Class: Sentinel

Bio: A man with ideals of a peaceful galaxy, Theodore Grenado grew up in the Citadel, away from most crime and Violence, but surrounded by Con artists and politics. He lived his childhood without his mother, whom was always off on Alliance duty, to which she then left and joined Cerberus after being sent on pointless missions and regulations, so he was left with his father, a very Politically involved defense attorney, whom taught Theodore the harsh realities of the other systems and planets out there. Theodore didn't attend school and was home-schooled by a tutor his father paid to teach, by the name of Naomi T'oli, an Asari. Theodore became attached to Naomi as a mother figure, though she was strict during school hours. Dore began to see more of Naomi, and when around the age of 17, noticed that his father was having an affair with Naomi against his mother, which threw Dore into a depression state, being taught that cheating on others was wrong from Naomi herself, he decided to leave and join the Alliance at the age of 18. He then went through Alliance Military camp, and began to hear less from his family over the 7 years he was apart of the Alliance, he then opted to go Mercenary, which he though would be the most equal ground between Cerberus and Alliance. He's now located on Omega, causing a bit of trouble for the Blood Pack, though isn't working alongside the Merc known as Archangel.

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3/24/2012 #342

Hey can i make it so Frank Jaegar is pretty much a ME3 Cerberus phantom class and give him a sword?

3/24/2012 #343
Dash Driver

(Is there a reason you want to take a knife to a gun fight?)

3/24/2012 #344
Cybernetic Author unit 5

because people with swords are cool

3/24/2012 #345

3/24/2012 #346

(why the hell not but he does have some other weapons to, he has a hurricane smg also)

3/24/2012 #347

(its more for when he is using cloaking because using a gun when cloaked ruins the cloak)

3/24/2012 #348

he could be Cerberus's first attempt at one

3/24/2012 #349
Dash Driver

A shotgun to the face ruins the cloak too.

3/24/2012 #350

a shotgun to the face is a bigger buzzkill than buzz killington. (Family Guy referance :D)

3/24/2012 #351

( Or a futuristic arrow to the knee also XD)

3/24/2012 #352

(actully yeah that works considering he has the cybernetic implants and the gentic guessing no anime type stuff where he can block bullets..............maybe just have him put up a biotic barrier)

3/24/2012 #353

that works. also Kai Leng is a cheater it's not star wars you can't just block bullets with your hand like that!

3/24/2012 #354
Dash Driver

(Thanks alot SR, now I have to finish that line; "Stewie, do you know why W.S. Gilbert was frequently drunk on his trans-Atlantic crossings? No...Because he was quartered on the ...port side. Now that I got you, let's both revisit the birth of the Doylie Cott Opera Company...Ahhhh)

The answer to Phantoms: the Black Widow

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #355


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3/24/2012 #357
Azriel's lament
Name:Navri Meastrom, race: human, appearal: medium lengthed black hair, with redish eyes, wheres combat armor similar to jacobs but with red instead of white, he has a upside down V scar on his left cheek, weapons: m37 falcon, gender: male, bio: born on the shanxi Navri was raised to be a killing machine. Once he became 20 he left to become a merc mich to the displeasure of his family, age: 25
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3/27/2012 #359

Name: Janeso Arok

Species: Salarian

Age: 35 Years

Appearance: Has a medical dress that he recived from STG. (Looks akin to Mordin.) His skin tone his a faded olive.

Class: Medic

Bio: After being born on a small city in Sur' Kesh, Janeso's parents raised him to be in the medical field. His mother was a Nurse (Or the equivelent) and his father was a Surgeon. After attending a medical school to learn the biology of all races and subraces (ex. Yahg), he went deeper into the career and gained knowledge about all of the sickness/diseases. Another few years, he was taught how to treat major wounds (ex. broken/fractured bones, organ problems, gun related accidents, etc.) and finally was announced as a master of the major injury arts. He left Sur'Kesh to Thessia to learn more about the Asari.

3/27/2012 #360
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