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most rps are dead so i made should join
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If you have an idea put it here

near rhyming accidentally (like a boss #chrissmoove)

8/30/2011 . Edited 11/8/2014 #1

Hey, can we have the ship as a hostal Raptorian ship? And yes, Raptorians can be space worthy, savage dose not also mean dumb.

9/4/2011 #2

can i blow up at least 3% of the citidel i hate the place

9/23/2011 #3

you can blow up the storage area that we are in.

9/23/2011 #4

Using a hijacked Mass Accelerator (like, say, a Mass Relay hijacked and repurposed?) to snipe a lone Reaper, ala the derelect Reaper in ME2?

As a VERY late-game thing, of course.

10/16/2011 #5
BSG Legacy

could we join, or at least meet, archangel while on Omega?

10/16/2011 #6

@mind-game-king sure

@BSG if someone will control him

10/16/2011 #7
BSG Legacy

Hey, since the plague has hit Omega, can I lead a team of quarians slash anyone who's used to wearing a suit to go find Dr. Solus and find a cure?

10/17/2011 #8

you could find mordin but not a permanent cure maybe one that delays the effects or something I want to at least follow the timeline a little

10/17/2011 . Edited 10/17/2011 #9
BSG Legacy

Well, yeah, but, since Naro only got a partial dose of the plauge (Katrin sealed his helmet and ran decon-apps designed for quarian suit breaches) he's probably better off than most turians.

On another note: would Mordin know about the collecters, I just realized it's possible to segue straight into the cannon ME2 plot.

10/17/2011 #10

I don't want to get into ME2 right now

10/17/2011 #11
BSG Legacy

fair enough, just realized there was a possibility there.

10/17/2011 #12
BSG Legacy

In any case, it there anything even remotely resembling an overarching plot?

10/17/2011 #13
BSG Legacy

Hey, Sr, for the "Go rescue the reporter" quest, how's this sound for a plan of attack.

The squad space-jumps from one tower to another, thus bypassing most if the security. Naro, who's not totally healed, will stay behind and provide sniper cover and over-watch.

10/19/2011 #14

sounds good to me

10/19/2011 #15
Dark Wolf Greigar

here's an idea:

a special type of biotic amp that can drain biotics/life/electricity from the enviroment to make the user more powerful.

10/22/2011 #16

As long as it's only temporary

10/22/2011 #17
Dark Wolf Greigar

i suppose it depends on how much it drains in the case of life/neuroelectric energy but otherwise yes it would be temporary.

10/22/2011 #18
BSG Legacy
Hey, as for the plot, how about something involving the Leviathan of Dis?
10/30/2011 #19
Admiral Aureis

I like the above suggestion. The Leviathan is very intriguing.

10/31/2011 #20
BSG Legacy

Yeah. I've always thought of it as kinda an anti-reaper.

10/31/2011 #21
Dark Wolf Greigar

ok sangis' loyalty mission: cerberus captures a wraith and experiments with turning people into half wraith with a retro-virus and we have to stop them

11/29/2011 #22


Loyalty mission for both: The guy that the ship was stolen from found them and attacks them.

Loyalty mission for Eric: The last living member of his family (besides him) was killed by a gang and he wants revenge

Which sounds better?

11/29/2011 #23
Dark Wolf Greigar


11/29/2011 #24

1 vote for #1

11/29/2011 #25
Dark Wolf Greigar

well theres only a total of 3 people on this rp and active including you so it will end up as number 1 or a tie in which case you flip a coin :P

11/29/2011 #26

That is true.

11/29/2011 #27
Dark Wolf Greigar

i am always right.

11/29/2011 #28

What is the best dessert ever?

11/29/2011 #29
Dark Wolf Greigar


11/29/2011 #30
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