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Set 25 years after ME3... (No duh)... The show goes on...

6/18/2012 . Edited 11/8/2014 #1
Aya sat in a secluded corner on the Citadel's Dark Star nightclub, drinking a martini silently and watching the people come and go.
6/18/2012 #2
Dark Wolf Greigar

Sanguis was helping direct the geth in the construction of the nearly completed Dyson sphere. Over the years he had himself implanted extensively to the point where was practically part Geth.

( Dyson sphere:

6/18/2012 #3
A voice sounded behind Aya. "Well, T'Vedri, if you're going to pull a deal out of your hot blue ass, you might as well stand up." Aya looked behind her, where stood a large Krogan in Blood Pack armor. "Jaruut.." Aya muttered.
6/18/2012 #4
The Geth known as Guardian typed in it's consoles, saying to no one in particular,"Dyson Sphere at 97% completion."
6/18/2012 #5
Dark Wolf Greigar

"Exellent, we will soon be ready to return to the galaxy."

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #6
Guardian turned 180 degrees without moving it's legs, it's top half simply spinning in place. "Preformace rates are at an all-time high. Sphere will be completed soon."
6/18/2012 #7
Dark Wolf Greigar

"Good. Have the scout ships returned any salvage from the Old Machines?"

6/18/2012 #8
Guardian whistled. "Yes. If we can correctly augment the weapon technology, we can obtain the beam weapons the Old Machines possessed. Also, many vital parts of Harbinger have been recovered."
6/18/2012 #9
Dark Wolf Greigar

"Good. Run a diagnostic on the sphere, we must not allow any problems to arise at this critical stage."

((Since Sanguis got so many implants what do you say that this is light speed Geth communication?))

6/18/2012 #10
Aya smirked. "Alright, Jaruut, how much red sand does Blood Pack have?" Jaruut grumbled and handed her a datapad. "Hmm," She said,"You've got a good supply. The best Vorcha can offer, I'd say." Jaruut smiled his Krogan smile. "Vorcha are useful," He said, shortly. "How much creds are we talking here, Aya?" Aya smirked. "A good...250000 to 300000? How does that sound?" The Krogan pounded it's fists together and roared. "I'll take it!" He exclaimed. "Very well, Jaruut, you know where to meet my sisters. Purgatory, 3A.M. sharp. Be there."
6/18/2012 #11

On the other side of the bar Eric downed another drink as he lined up a shot at the Krogan with his pistol under the table.


On Rannoch Nia sat on the balcony of their ridiculously large house staring off into the stars.

6/18/2012 . Edited 6/18/2012 #12
(Yes, to anyone else it'd just sound like chirps and stuttering.) Guardian nodded it's head, typing on it's terminals. "Element Zero cores functioning. Dyson Sphere heat levels nominal..."
6/18/2012 #13
(Does Eric know who Aya is yet?) Aya smirked and sent the idiot Krogan on his way. The red sand was worth ten times what she offered. And if she could sell to the Blue Suns, she'd make a fortune.
6/18/2012 #14
Dark Wolf Greigar

((I'm actually trying to learn to mimic those sounds for real. Best I got is a demonic insect....))

"Is the solar wind from the star disrupting any systems? Recommend constructing vents to release buildup of ions within the interior of the sphere."

6/18/2012 #15

(Yep that's why he was going to shoot the Krogan if he started anything)

Seeing the Krogan walk away Eric returned to his drink.

6/18/2012 #16

A ship approched the Geth station. It did not match the ship of any known spacefaring races and it did not seem to come through the relay. It just appeared.

6/18/2012 #17
Guardian turned to another console, typing away. "Acknowledged, shall send a detachment of drones to conserve vents."
6/18/2012 #18
Dark Wolf Greigar

"Unknown vessel approaching, attempt to hail them. If they do not respond or become hostile, destroy them."

6/18/2012 #19

"Geth we come in peace. We are sympathetic to your cause and wish to offer an alliance." A voice said.

6/18/2012 #20
Aya stood, swirling her drink, and strode over to the bar. "Well, Eric, my dear. I didn't expect to find you in this yuppie hell-hole." Aya smirked. "You're well informed. How'd you find your old barrier-carrier?"
6/18/2012 #21
Dark Wolf Greigar

"Please identify."

6/18/2012 #22

"I came here for a drink. Finding you here was just coincidence." Eric replied as he downed another shot.

6/18/2012 #23

There was a long pause. Finally the voice replied. "Raloi."

6/18/2012 #24
Guardian looked curiously at it's transmission. "This is Unit 4583 speaking, more commonly know as Guardian. We ask for identification, this is a request, not an order."
6/18/2012 #25
Dark Wolf Greigar

"Raloi not found in the database, we do not know you, how do you know us?"

6/18/2012 #26

"During your retreat from Rannoch you passed by Turvess. We saw you."

6/18/2012 #27
"Well, Eric, you might have noticed I'm not so much of my old bubbly self.." She said, taking another shot, this time a brew normally made for Krogan. "Eclipse Sisters. Heard of them yet? I took down Jona Sederis and her idiotic Salarians."
6/18/2012 #28
Dark Wolf Greigar

"How did you come here? The relay was not activated."

6/18/2012 #29

"Bout time someone did." Eric downed another shot.


"We do not need relays."

6/18/2012 #30
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