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Enter a Medieval World and create your own storylines. Play as a noble, knight, royalty or even a peasant. Is now a Historical/Fantasy Fiction Roleplay. Different roleplays span from the 0AD to 1600AD.
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Name: William Shields

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Rank: Knight

Occupation: Knight

Country Of Origin: England

Allegiance: Matilda but respects Stephen.

Personality: Proud, noble, a leader, intelligent, gallant and tactful.

Appearance: Dark hair and green eyes he also a slight beard, he is tall with an athletic build, he is slightly tanned with a scar running down his back from a fight with Scottish rebels.

Family: George Shields (Father)

Mary Shields (Mother)

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Captain Koradis of the Empire

Name: Agravaine Bertrand

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Rank: Mercenary

Occupation: Mercenary

Country Of Origin: Normandy, France

Personality: Sarcastic, cynically and entirely too bold. Is fully aware of his skill and boasts of it to potential employers. However, he is both insightful and resourceful, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat on several occasions.

Appearence: Average height, toned, shaved head and ice blue eyes and a constant light stubble. Has a small chin scar.

Family: Maurice Betrand (Father, Norman French) Lily Betrand (Mother, English)

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Name: Margaret Shields

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Rank: Noble

Occupation: Lady-in-Waiting

Country of Origin: England

Allegiance: Matilda

Personality: Quiet, but has a fiery temper when ired enough, elegant and graceful.

Appearance: Blond, wavy flowing hair with blue eyes and pale skin. She is of average height and with a slim, slightly voluptuous figure.

Family: George Shields (Father) Mary Shields (Mother) William Shields (Older brother)

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