Anything Durarara!
I really don't know what to say. The title says it all. You can come here to pole play, or just chat about the anime. Enter the forum to see.
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Here you can chat about anything in the anime, or involving the anime. I really don't care if you stray off topic, just enjoy yourself and follow the rules.

8/2/2011 #1

hello i want to talk about episode 7 of durarara

11/19/2011 #2

Episode 7 eh? Do you still want to talk about it? Sorry for replying so late.

Do you watch Durarara in sub or dub?

11/21/2011 #3
In sub i like the flashback part when they were in highschool
11/29/2011 #4

Yep. I think the sub is a lot better than the dub.

Anyway, I loved that episode. Especially because Shizuo is my favorite character, and I thought it was awesome to learn more about him and his past. I also love the fights that Shizuo and Izaya get into.

11/30/2011 #5
I loved the part were it shows all his past jobs wich was hilarious
12/10/2011 #6

xD Yeah, that was great too!

12/13/2011 #7
When he was a child actor was hilarious cuz well it just is.
12/18/2011 #8

Yes. I concur.

12/30/2011 #9
Air Siren

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3/4/2012 #10

I recently got my hands on the first volume of Durarara, and I realized how different the drawings are compared to the anime. Well, they look super different to me. What do you guys think? Are they different? What other differences are there between the manga and the anime?

4/5/2012 #11
I can't stand reading the manga cuz of how different it looks :T I loooove the anime Shizu is Mah favorite
7/8/2012 #12

That's funny because I love the manga and how different it looks. Also, Shizuo is my favorite character as well. xD I love him. I liked the bit in the anime when you get to learn about his past and stuff.

7/8/2012 #13

Hello everyone.... just kinda joined

12/8/2012 #14

Hi,I just joined as well.

12/10/2012 #15

so hows life ??

12/10/2012 #16

Hello and Welcome to both of you!

Is anyone interested in role playing? C:

12/10/2012 #17

Well, if I do rp,I guess I have nothing to lose(even though Idk how). So,yeah,I'd be interested in rp.

12/11/2012 #18

yeah, same i have no expirence so, umm idk how to do this stuff ... -_-

12/12/2012 #19

Role playing is basically the same thing as general writing. You just write about your character and interact with the other character. I'm bad at explaining this, aren't I? OTL

You'll get the hang of it. :3

12/14/2012 #20


You have to make your own character, you can't just take mine over and start controlling them.

I know it's your first time role playing, but please understand that my characters are mine and not yours to use.

I deleted your post, so please make your own characters and try again.

12/14/2012 #21

So,so,so,so,so,so,so,VERY sorry. I forgot to ask you,plus when I declared to be Semyon/Simon, I couldn't wait. So I rp at the very instant I tried to be him. Again, I apologize if I seem to not listen or not care.

12/17/2012 #22

It's alright. Really. I made everything on this forum very vague and unclear, and that's my fault.

I look forward to seeing your character then?

12/18/2012 #23

Um, hello? Is this forum still alive? Because if it is, I'd like to discuss the anim with other people...

1/15/2013 #24

Hey Cinderlaton. I'm gonna lay off trying to rp for a while so that I can improve my writing.(sorry I was gone for so long)

@HibiscusAngel15 It's still alive as long we talk on it. Anyways, what do you want to talk about from the anime?

1/16/2013 #25

@Cindertalon Sorry again, my brother messed me up on your name. (He's turned 7 three days ago)

1/16/2013 #26

Well, I'm watching it from a friend's recommendation (on episode 20, I believe) and I have a few questions. Maybe they'll be explained later, or not, but I would still like to get some answers.

So, here goes:

How does Saki know Izaya in the first place? I know he said he's sort of her guardian, but how did he become her guardian in the first place?

Also, why didn't Shizuo "fall in love" with the Saika "children" when he got slashed?

I'm not sure I got what Anri was talking about when she said she was only able to supress Saika because of her lack of emotion. Could you please explain in a clearer way?

Um, that's a lot of questions...I still have more, but I don't want to overload this post with my questions....

1/16/2013 #27

Alright here goes nothing:

1. Saki knew him through Masaomi while was leader of the yellow scarves. After Izaya betrayed him, Masaomi didn't want to see Saki again, so Izaya stuck by Saki and reminded Masaomi constantly.

2. I think it had something to do with his strength and his bones breaking all the time, so a slash would kind of be a simple papercut to him I think.

3. Anri has a lack of emotions because of her father. He started to choke her and her mom, the original holder of Saika, killed him and commited suicide. Anri didn't want to fall in love again because of that.

Hope this was helpful.

1/17/2013 #28

Thanks so much! So many things have become clearer to me now! _

So, why did Masaomi create the Yellow Scarves to begin with though? Was it because he was bored?

1/17/2013 #29

Sorry for being gone for so long. OTL I kind of forgot about this forum. I'm willing to continue role playing if you're up to it.

1/18/2013 #30
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