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I really don't know what to say. The title says it all. You can come here to pole play, or just chat about the anime. Enter the forum to see.
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Here is the thingey for making your character. I think that this is it for now...




Group(Yellow Scarves, Blue Squares, Dollars):




8/2/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #1
Name: Harley Hujiki Age: 20 Sex: Female Group(Yellow Scarves, Blue Squares, Dollars): She is a info broker, so she just knows all of the gangs business Appearance: Personality: As she likes to always say "please, don't be fooled by my adorable looks." Harley is a bit of a smart-Alec and sarcastic, but tends to keep cool. She doesn't get into stuff that gives her nothing, in other words, she will not do anything unless it benefits her. History: As a little girl her parents were involved in all sorts of gang activity, soon her mother went missing and her dad was shot. Harley was 13 when she was finally completely on her own. She was lucky enough to make it on her own and became very well know by gangs, not to long after she started selling off information and from then on she has been the info broker she is today.
8/7/2011 #2

name:Ozayi Tishiga



group:dollars only cuz of izaya

appearance: black hair auburn eyes black jacket with fur

personality: she makes everything that happens in her life into a joke she loves to watch anime shes an izuo fan for that stuff she is overly happy she loves stalkin izaya

history: she moved to ikebukuro from ikashito cuz of the past she had with her last bf he cheated on her and she hurt him out of pure rage. shes been avoiding relationships ever since even though the first time she saw izaya she fell in love with him

thanks for lettin me join if u do let me if u dont *sad look* ill be sad anyways thanks if u do i love izaya so much ;) hes so evil

11/1/2011 #3

oh sorry about that last sentence wrong chat just ignore that last part please

11/1/2011 #4

If either of you wants to role play still I'd be glad to. :3 I'll just post my character then.

11/26/2011 #5

Name: Alex

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Group: Yellow Scarves

Appearance: Short wavy red hair, blue eyes, tall and skinny, normally wears a t-shirt with dark jeans, black glasses, yellow scarf that she wears around her neck

Personality: She likes to be with her friends, jokes around a lot, happy, loyal, doesn't like her parents, she's catious about people she doesn't know well

History: Alex lived with her family for the first 12 years of her life. On her 13th birthday she got into a large fight with her mother and ran away from home. She joined the yellow scarves on the same day. She lived at thier hideout for the past 4 years. She's a junior at the local high school and has one close friend, Arron.

Other: She has a 14 year old sister named Eland who she talks to sometimes in chatrooms on the internet.

I'm very sorry for taking so long to get this up, and the crappyness of my character. I hope that you will forgive me. We can finally role play now, so I look forward to it!

11/26/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #6

Hey is this still going on? If so, can I have Izaya? :D

3/25/2012 #7

Yes and yes! Feel free to join at anytime, if you're still interested. I've been gone for so long. I apologize for getting back to you so late on that. I should be here more frequently now. :D

4/5/2012 #8

I want to be Simon/Semyon. No one really pays attention to him,so he needs more publicity. :)

12/11/2012 #9

Well... Actually, I meant for this forum to be original characters only. If you want to role play you should begin by creating a character.

Sorry, i'm just awful at role playing with other people's characters. .-.

12/14/2012 #10

Name: Arwen

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Group: Yellow scarves

Appearance: Usually wears a lot of black clothing. Straight black hair down to her elbows. Yellow scarf is usually in a pocket of her black skinny jeans. 2 piercings on each ear, one on the earlobe and one on the shell of the ear (I hope that's where I think it is ') Black little diamond studs. Rarely ever wears makeup. If makeup does happen to be worn, it's black mascara. 2 ponytail holders on one wrist, and a black and red survival bracelet on the other. Skinny. Eyes: Spice Berry (') Wears black converse shoes. She has a scar across her shoulder, but she covers it up with her hair if she has to.

Personality: Her personality depends on the people she's around. If she doesn't know them or like them, she can be cold and indifferent, maybe even a little aggressive if provoked. But if she knows them enough to consider you a friend or is comfortable around you, she is energetic, bubbly, and friendly. She is humorous a lot of the time, but can be serious. Isn't easily angered, but I guess it really depends on what you do to agitate/annoy her. If she is really upset, she'll try to deal with it by herself. She won't let anybody help her without pushing them away first (both literally and figuratively) Generally a nice person, and is shy. Easily embarrassed. Blushes easily, too. Innocent, but not as innocent as one might think! Is quiet at times, when she's thinking or is sad. She loves anime, music, adventure, and laughing. Hates pressure.

History: Grew up to be 12 when her parents had a huge fight, her mom leaving as a result. Your dad stopped paying attention to her, only feeding her and making sure she had somewhere to sleep. Other than that, her dad wouldn't have even cared if she had went out at night and came back drunk and without her virginity. So she went out one night, looking for somewhere else. Someone caught her and held a knife up to her shoulder, slicing it deeply. She fell unconscious and woke up to an observant group of people with Yellow Scarves. The Yellow Scarves took her in, and she's been there for 3 years now. She is respected and has very many friends she enjoys hanging out with, but she has a few very close friends.

(Phew. 3 Sorry. That was too much, wasn't it? Δ) T3T

8/17/2015 #11

Name: Rei Kishitani

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Group(Yellow Scarves, Blue Squares, Dollars): Dollars

Appearance: Dark brown-ish grey hair, black eyes, thin glasses

Personality: Not very social, retaliates quickly, uses a butterfly knife for combat

History: Not much to it. She never got along with her brother due to the fact he was "too annoying" and wayyy too intrigued with Celty when his dad brought her to his lab. She moved out when she was 18 into a small apartment and fought everyone who dared touch her. Basically, Shizuo's equal. Not really. She always tried killing Izaya on sight, due to the fact he annoyed her all throughout junior high and high school.

9/5/2015 #12
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