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(When talking in OOC use parenthesis)

8/28/2011 #1

Cassandra was walking home from school on a cloudy day...

8/28/2011 #2

(I'm going to use my characters nickname instead of her full name)

Amu started walking home after helping one of her teachers out.

8/28/2011 #3


Cassandra saw one of her classmates walking and decided to say hi so she bounded over to her and said "Hi!" in her usual cheerful way...

8/28/2011 #4

(I'm assuming you're talking about Amu? Tell me if I'm wrong)

Amu smiled, "Hi."

8/28/2011 #5

(It's Amu you got it right! :p)

Cassandra smiled "How are you?" she asked happily...

8/28/2011 #6

(You can call Annabelle, Bell, or Anna)

Annabelle was running to school hoping she won't late...


Dylan was on his way to school when he saw Annabelle rushing past him "Hey Anna!" he called out...


Annabelle spun around and ran over to Dylan "Hey Dylan" she said now walking next to him a slight blush on her cheeks...(had to make one of us not starting in school...)

8/28/2011 #7


"Good," Amu said smiling, "What about you?"

8/28/2011 #8

"I am doing fine, but i wish i had a job" she said still happy...

8/28/2011 #9

Amu looked at her, "A job?"

8/28/2011 #10

Cassandra nodded "I need some money so i can go on the field trip" she said nonchalantly...

8/28/2011 #11

"Oh," Amu said, smiling, "I heard of a new cafe thats oopening... I think today. Wanna go check it out?"

8/28/2011 #12

"Sure Amu" she said happily...

8/28/2011 #13

"Yay!" Amu cheered smiling, "Let's go!"

8/28/2011 #14

Cassandra smiled to "OK! I think it's this way!" she cheered running down a street...

8/28/2011 #15

Annabelle almost to school and accidentally ran into some girls...(That's Amu, and Cassie!)

8/28/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #16

Amu ran with Cassandra happily. Amu blinked when they ran into Annabelle, then smiled, "Hi."

8/28/2011 #17

Cassandra smiled bigger oblivious to Annabelle, "There it is!" she cheered happily pointing to a Kawaii Pink Cafe'...

8/28/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #18

"Oh, Hey, sorry about running into you, today my classes are in the afternoon and i can't be late again..." she said, catching her breath...


Dylan ran up to Anna when he saw her run into some girls from their school "You Okay, Anna?" he asked concerned...(Awww! Kawaii lol)

8/28/2011 #19

(Do you think this pic is Kawii and adorable?

8/28/2011 #20

"Its ok," Amu said smiling and following Cassandra to the cafe.

(I got to go :( I'll be back on in 3-4 hours, maybe 2 but 2 is unlikely)

8/28/2011 #21

(k bye! :(T_T bye)lol)

8/28/2011 #22

Cassandra walked into the Cafe' "Have any jobs available?" she asked the person at the stand...

8/28/2011 #23

Amu followed Cassandra into the cafe.

Kaoru looked at the girl. "I'm sorry, but no."

(Back! :) )

8/28/2011 #24

(Sorry we went somewhere)

Annabelle decided to follow them, since she didn't want to go to school, "Hey you guys, wait up!" she called after them...

8/28/2011 #25

"aww Iwas hoping to get a job" Cassandra pouted...

8/28/2011 #26

Amu shrugged, "Oh well."

(Srry I'm playing a game xD)

8/28/2011 #27

Annabelle tripped through the doors, "Ouch" she complained rubbing her ankle...(she got hurt lol, oh and are they gonna get tattoo's like the original Mew Mews??)

8/29/2011 #28

(What do you mean by tattoos?)

Amu blinked and walked over to Annabelle.

"Are you ok?"

8/29/2011 #29

"Fine" she replied getting up, "It hurt is all, nothing i can't deal with" she said happily..(like how Ichigo got a heart mark, and Mint got a wings one, ect. signalizing their being mew mews..)

8/29/2011 #30
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