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Okay, I love Ziva, I love Tony, I think I love them together, but it's just the actually writing them together that's killing me. I have absolutely no ideas. Anyone mind sharing?
1/3/2007 #1
You mean any ideas for a fanfiction? I think I may have one if it's not overdone that is.
1/5/2007 #2
I'm all ears. Well, actually eyes. I've been really racking my brain over this because I love the thought of them together.
1/8/2007 #3
How about a story where Tony's girlfriend meets the team but she feels threatened by Ziva and she tries to get rid of her. Well, something like that.
1/10/2007 #4
Well, I have an idea for a story with lots of Tony angst,and reveals Ziva's feelings for him... If someone is interested... I have NO talent for writing so, I'll share my ideas!
4/6/2007 #5
Well, I'm not much of a writer but besides if you post it I'm sure someone would see it and try it. I for one would definitley love to hear what idea you have.
4/6/2007 #6
First, I have to admitt that English is not my birth language, so please excuse my mistakes... Well, The story begins in a plane. Tony is guarding a prisonner, who is transfered to a high security jail. The prisonner is a navy officer, he had killed lots of people and is quite a psyko. There are other prisonners in this plane, and some guardians. Then, some electricity problems show up and the plane crashes down in a deep forest. Tony survives (of course!) but his leg is hurt. He wakes up alone, few meters away from the plane. When he'll manage to reach it, he'll realise that the guardians are dead, some of the prisonners too, but not our psycho and some dangerous ones. They had managed to free themselves and to steal some weapons. they'll go hunting Tony. NCIS and federal marshalls are sent in the forest. Ziva is really worried for Tony and realises that she loves him. Of course, Gibbs is really pissed. Well, that's ll folks! I would really enjoy it if someone gets insspiration with my idea. so...
4/7/2007 #7
Sounds Awesome. Hmm we need to make some kind of forum or something where we come up with ideas for authors to do and see if they accept. I have an idea I came up with myself well sort of got from other stories. Anywho this is the idea... Tony and Ziva find a baby. Ziva takes care of it. Tony helps. The baby brings Tony and Ziva closer together and realize they have feelings for the other. Of course neither are willing to act on them since they don't know if the other feels the same. And Tony is still with Jeanne. Oh and make it interesting to where the baby is in danger or something or well something like that I don't know. You guys can go any direction with this story.
4/10/2007 #8
Thanks! That would be a great idea to make this forum, despite I don't know how to create one. Your idea is good, I just laugh at the idea of Tony all covered with baby puke! and it's really interesting to see how he will deal with Jeanne.
4/14/2007 #9
Welcome! Well, to me there doesn't seem to be much TiVa sites and I been thinking about doing a Tony and Ziva board where we can talk about them also do fanarts for them post fanfic about them throw out challenges and all that stuff. However I just need some help coming up wiht a name for the board.
4/14/2007 #10
Hiya, I actually considered writing a story with a similar storyline (the find a baby thing) but i stopped when i saw that you were thinking about it...please tell me you are going to continue through with the idea...its an excellent plotline.
6/18/2007 #11
Oh I would that is if I had any ounce of writing skills which I don't. You can go ahead and write it if you want because I would definitley mess it all up since I still don't know all the characters well.
6/18/2007 #12
If you want to do a TIVA fan fic site thing, for just TIVA stories have you thought of trying EFICTION. It's an opensoft fiction archiving software and is really good. I use it for a few sites for other categories and would willingly set one up if anyones interested. Just let me know. P.s if anyones interested, if you want to see an example of what it could look like try www.sunhillfanfic.com. It's not NCIS but it should give you a brief idea of what can be done.
8/14/2007 #13
I just noticed that I replied the wrong way. Anywho I would love to do a site like that for Tony and Ziva. Actually I been wanting to do one like that but it just confused me so I just gave up. However if it's free and easy to manage I would love to help out.
8/16/2007 #14
No problem, I can set one up on a sub domain of my site if you like and give you admin privileges, all the info on admin is included in the admin area, and I'll keep an eye on it anyway. I'll PM you the details when I've set it up, I can even create a banner image for it, with a few hours of work. Anyway, leave it with me and i'll PM you the details.
8/17/2007 #15
Ok, just thought I'd let you all know the TIVA fan fiction archive has been created and can be found at Please drop by and post your stories.
8/17/2007 #16
Sure would love to see the details. Sorry it took me so long to reply I have just changed my email. If you would like to email me my new email is tabbyd_20@yahoo.com And awesome site. You're really making me want to do one like this for my other couples if I only had the experience of doing one of these sites. And oh I logged in and made a comment.
8/17/2007 #17
Hav eyou ever noticed that Ziva seems to have a better dynamic with Tony then Kate ever did? I meen kate was like a sister or a close friend but Ziva is like a female tony in a way... she's better
11/7/2007 #18

Ha yeah. Tony and Ziva are awesome together. I like how she always seems to find a way to annoy him, but yet it's still in a sweet kind of way. Plus I love when she says, Pushing your arm instead of Pulling my leg. Ha ha. Great times.

I'm also glad that it's not just me and my family that likes them as a couple... at least a few other people are in agreement with me.

8/14/2008 #19
petrelli heiress

My sister and I also ship Tiva because...well...if you have to ask then obviously you've never watched the show. They obviously respect and like each other. Which a good relationship should always begin with. That's just my opinion, anyway.

1/12/2009 #20
IM A TOTAL TIVA FAN!! :)) HeeHee Im absolutley Obsessed!!
10/17/2009 #21

I wasn't sure where to put this...it's sort of a request/challenge/idea for a story. With everything that's happened in season 7 I've had this song stuck in my head since the first episode. It just seems to be perfect for a Tony/Ziva story, but everything I try to write just comes out corny. So...here are the lyrics, if anyone wants to write a story with them I would LOVE to read it.

Through the Long Night -Bill Joel

The cold hands, the sad eyes The dark Irish silence It's so late, but I'll wait Through the long night with you With you The warm tears, the bad dreams The soft trembling shoulders The old fears, but I'm here Through the long night with you With you Oh, what has it cost you I almost lost you A long, long time ago Oh, you should have told me But you had to bleed to know All your past sins are since past You should be sleeping It's all right, sleep tight Through the long night with me With me No, I didn't start it You're broken hearted From a long, long time ago Oh, the way you hold me Is all that I need to know And it's so late, but I'll wait Through the long night with you With you

10/18/2009 #22
I am the girl in the corner

tried finding the ( site but the link is not valid. any suggestions as i would love to visit. :D

9/25/2010 #23

The domain expired a few years ago and the site went down, but I'm recreating it and will have it back up soon. I'll post the link in a reply to this post when it is, should hopefully only be a couple of days tops.

9/25/2010 #24

The new site is up, I'm still adding a few extra functions and everything, and the header logo needs changing but you can find it at ( Feel free to sign up and post your stories.

I tried to create accounts for everyone who has posted in this forum so far, so try using your fanfiction.net username and use the forgotton password link to get your passwords.

If you need any help let me know.

Also, I'm thinking of cloning it and making a Jibbs archive as well.

9/26/2010 #25

I love Tiva, it is so amazing! Tony and Ziva are two well thought out and complex characters that for some reason they mix well together. I love talking with my friends and betting on when they get together.

Has anyone else noticed how much the two of them have been flirting this season? It's like non-stop! Espcially tonight's episode!

10/19/2010 #26

Yeah I was wondering if anyone had any Tiva ideas? Cause I've never wrote a story on them before and Im real stuck

Anyway, Tony + Ziva rock!! Viva la Tiva :D

3/31/2011 #27
Elven Dancer

That's a GREAT IDEA! I can write it for you if you want, unless someone else has started it already. Have they?

4/28/2011 #28

Oh Are you talking to me? In which case, thanks! :D No no - one has

Yeah I noticed the flirting too =P I just watched the Somalia episode, or I think it was that at least. So damn cute :D

Commy =P

4/28/2011 #29
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