A Dark Moon On the Rise A Spyro RP
Spyro has taken up residence in Avalar and has become guardian of it, along with trying to protect the Dragon Realms and the Forgotten Worlds. But a dark moon brings in a new tide of evil, Spyro must gather fellow fighters from many realms and travel to m
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1.) No Godmodding.

2.) No taking command of each other's characters unless given permission before hand.

3.) Romance is allowed but nothing M, this has to be suitable for minors.

4.) Try to have your spelling as best you can, but if you really can spell that good it's alright, we won't be mad. ^^

5.) No hating on each other.

6.) All Out of Character talking should be after a "OOC:" marker.

7.) Keep cussing to a minimum, once again for the minors. ^^ We all have to be responsible adults but still have fun.

8.) Be considerate other people, they may have disorders that give them problems with their writing.

9.) Please try to give full descriptions about what is going on that others can play with you at full understanding.

Do: Spyro sat down on the cool grass after watching the fireworks and gave his wings a flick as he looked up at Sparx. "Wow! That was awesome!"

Don't do: Spyro: *sits down* Wow! That was awesome!

10.) Keep crass language and behavior as little as possible.

11.) Try to have fun!


Nestor, dragon leader of the Artisan's home world, has been conversing with the other Dragon Realm leaders and elders. They have come upon an ancient story from Avalarian history: The Legend of the Zag'rulim Jewels. The legend tells of a another side of Avalar that is hidden from all history and geography books along with all maps. This half was sealed off and hidden from the younger generations in hope that they would not open the seals, fore behind it a great evil is locked away as there was no known way to kill it; this evil was known as Waf'tugraph, an ancient wizard bent on enslaving all the known realms. The legend was only a legend until one October day a young faun mage-in-training by the name of Zetoru stumbled upon the sealed gateway while studying in far and uncharted regions of Mystic Marsh. He accidentally breaks the seal to the Forbidden Realms of Avalar, as the breaker of the seal it creates just enough of a break in Waf'tugraph's imprisonment seal for the wizard to take command over Zetoru's mind. Now the Avalarian elders have found out that there are three other home worlds in the Forbidden Realms, each with nine portal realms within them. Within each of these realms is a Zag'rulim Jewel, the elders believe that these are the key to destroying Waf'tugraph forever. But they must have a hero and his fellow warriors fetch the 27 Zag'rulim Jewels before Zetoru can gather the 13 Damafu Jewels and fully release his new master. The elders have selected Spyro as their chosen warrior to face the new threat, so now he must gather warriors to save all the realms!

Forbidden Realms:

First Home World= Bog of Demise

Realm 1: Reaper Swamp (A swamp that is has very dense vegetation and think, murky waters; this makes it very difficult to move through) {Fodder: Sabaz= flying serpents with no limbs)

Realm 2: Pit of Worms (A humid jungle filled with hidden pitfalls full of worms of all shapes and size; this makes it very slimy and disgusting to move through) {Fodder: Small white herons)

Realm 3: Ta'tuku's Jaws (A volcanic waste land filled with extreme heat, lava monsters, fleshing eating bugs that attack the living and multiple types of bone dragons; this makes it very hot, tiring and hazardous to move through) {Fodder: Baby lava lizards)

Realm 4: To Be Announced

Realm 5: To Be Announced

Realm 6: To Be Announced

Realm 7: To Be Announced

Realm 8: To Be Announced

Realm 9: To Be Announced

Boss 1: To Be Announced

Second Home World= Jungle of Folly

Realm 1: To Be Announced

Realm 2: To Be Announced

Realm 3: To Be Announced

Realm 4: To Be Announced

Realm 5: To Be Announced

Realm 6: To Be Announced

Realm 7: To Be Announced

Realm 8: To Be Announced

Realm 9: To Be Announced

Boss 2: To Be Announced

Third Home World= Ruins of the Ancients

Realm 1: To Be Announced

Realm 2: To Be Announced

Realm 3: To Be Announced

Realm 4: To Be Announced

Realm 5: To Be Announced

Realm 6: To Be Announced

Realm 7: To Be Announced

Realm 8: To Be Announced

Realm 9: To Be Announced

Boss 3: To Be Announced

Note: All To Be Announced items will be listed upon them being found out and voted on in the RP.

Note 2:RP will not start until there are at least three different posters.

8/4/2011 . Edited 8/4/2011 #1

(OOC: Alright everyone, we now have three different posters so we'll get this thing started! *sarcastic "wooo"ing*)

Nestor slammed the book shut as he turned to look at dragon elder Tomas and Avalarian elder Phuneta.

"This is not good. We cannot let that monster get free and take over Avalar and the other realms, many lives are at stake." The two elders agreed as elder Phuneta slowly got to her hooves, the old faun began to pace.

"We must send someone with a group of fighters into the Forbidden Realms to stop Zetoru." She sighed and turned back to her friends, "I am truly sorry that my young apprentice has caused such an ordeal, I feel as if I brought this on somehow..." Nestor gave her a gentle smile and Tomas simply shook his head.

"No, my dear, it is not your fault..." Tomas reassured her as he placed a large paw on her shoulder, "But as for who we should send... I believe Spyro is our only choice." At these words, Nestor let out a loud hiss. Since Spyro was from the Artisans' world, Nestor saw him as a son and had been against send him to the Forgotten Worlds but these Forbidden Realms were ever more dangerous and no one alive had any idea what expect unlike last time.

"Tomas, we can't risk it. He is still a young dragon, he has a lot to live for still! We know nothing about this realm or the demon that dwells there!" Tomas sighed, him and Nestor never got along, each trying to do what they thought was best for Spyro.

"I am sorry, Nestor, I know he means the world to you but he is the only one qualified for the job. Plus. he will have a whole team to help him, what could go wrong!?" Nestor looked at the elder like he was stupid.

"Tomas, do you have any idea who we're talking about!? This is Spyro! Trouble follows him wherever he goes!" Nestor argued but quickly saw it was hopeless and could only sigh in defeat, "Fine, we'll send him but he MUST have others with him!" Phuneta clapped her hands at the final compromise.

"Wonderful! Nestor will you go inform him? I believe he's in the dining hall with a friend."


"C'mon Raz, work me, dood!"

"No, I refuse..." The human-looking wraith turned his head away from the young dragon and simply tapped a claw against his glass of sheep's blood; he really didn't like animal blood but it was all they could get him at the time, no humans or souls were in the nearby vicinity... Spyro's eye twitched as he held the fork full of roast lamb towards his ancient friend before slamming a fist down on the hard wood table.

"Got dang it, man! Why in the name of the Artisans' are you so stinking defiant!?" He snorted smoke out and swiftly got atop the large stone table, accidentally knocking around his dishes as he crawled towards the wraith and grabbed him by the shirt, "Just try it, dood!"

"N-!" Before Raziel could even finish what he was saying, Spyro jammed the fork into his open mouth; the young human-looking dragon smirking smugly as look of disgust filtered over Raziel's face as he was forced to swallow the meat.

"Ha! I told you Elora I could get you to eat some!"

"Am I interrupting something....?" The two, with Spyro still holding the fork in Raziel's mouth, looked over to see a large green dragon standing on it's hind legs. Spyro's face lighting up the second he saw him.

"Not at all, Nestor! Wow! I didn't know you were in Avalar!" Spyro chirped happily as he pulled his fork out, making his wraith companion cough a bit, before standing up and jumping off the table.

"Hmm, yes, Tomas and I need to see elder Phuneta about something. Uh... Who's you friend...?" Spyro was shocked to hear that Nestor was traveling with Tomas for anything but quickly brushed it off to introduce Raziel, in the year that they had been friends he had never taken Raziel to the Dragon Realms, just around Avalar and the Forgotten Worlds.

"Oh, yeah! This is Raz, er I mean Raziel. He's a vampiric wraith from some psychotic sounding realm called Nosgoth! But we can't seem to figure out a way to send him home so he's been questin' with me!" Raziel sighed at how Spyro described his home but got up and applied his manors anyways and bowed to Nestor.

"Greetings Nestor, Spyro tells me that you are the leader of his home..." The dragon leader gave a curt nod in reply to the greeting.

"Yes. But being a dragon leader is no easy task though that is one of the reasons I come to you this day..." He sighed and turned his attention to the happy looking young dragon, "Spyro, a great evil has surfaced in Avalar. You have been voted to gather a team and head out to conquered this new foe..." The words seemed to make Spyro ecstatic as he quickly high fived the little dragonfly that was buzzing around near his head.

"Awesome! When do we start!?" The blond quickly reached behind himself and grabbed Raziel's wrist, dragging him forward, "You're comin' too, Soul Sucker!" Nestor, not know that Raziel literally sucked souls, was rather taken aback by this but still explained.

"You will head out after the elders and I have informed you of the mission and you have secured a team."

"Smokin'! Let's get started, eh Sparx!?"

"Bzzzz!Bzzt! Bzz!"


Spyro hopped out of his chair now that he had head the whole story and saluted Nestor and the elders.

"Thanks for the info, doods! I'll start that team now!" He yelled as he grabbed Raziel's wrist, the wraith rolling his eyes but letting himself be dragged away, "Later guys! C'mon, Raz, Sparx! To town!"

~In town~

Spyro looked around and scratched his horn, by now he had turned back to his original dragon form.

"Ok, let's see... Who do you two think would be a good candidate for the team...?" It was then that he spotted a purple unicorn."Purfect!"

8/6/2011 #2

The purple unicorn had selected several books on Avalarian magic from the book sellers stall in the market. Levitating them carefully with her magic she walked over to the bored looking bookseller.

"I'll take these please." She said politely as she rummaged around in her saddle bags for some money.

The bookseller yawned. "Alright that will be... ten rubies."

Twilight Sparkle drew out her bag of bits. "Um all I have are these."

"Sorry we don't take toy money. Or candy either. Now give me some gems or you don't get the books, your choice."

Twilight dumped out her saddle bag and pulled out a napkin. It was wrapped around a snack Spike had left in her beg. "Will this work?" She asked holding it out to the merchant.

"Most of a sapphire? Why is it all chewed? Eh whatever here's your books. I don't care."

"Thank you sir!" Twilight placed the books in her saddle bag and trotted off deep in thought. "I guess they don't take bits here... and I just spent my only gem on books." She sighed. "I hope I can find someplace to stay tonight."

8/7/2011 #3

"Ooo! A reader!" Sparx buzzed happily in a voice that only Spyro could understand him. The young dragon nodded and then looked up at a slightly uncomfortable looking Raziel.

"Yo, Raz, why don't you go find somethi- er someone to drink.... I'm gonna go talk to that unicorn." The wraith nodded and started to walk off, Spyro yelling after him, "Check out the local prison. Just death row people, though! No body who's gonna get out in a couples months!" Several creatures looked in their direction, making the dragon sweatdrop a bit; he then turned his attention back to the unicorn again. He had never talked to one before so this should be interesting. He charged up to purple unicorn and skidded to a halt just before hitting her.

"Yo! I'm Spyro the Dragon, you look new here. Want some help with those books? Miss....?" He asked politely as Sparx flew up closed and stared intently.

8/7/2011 #4

With a oomph Twilight fell back on her r*** and dropped the books she had been carrying. "Oh! Hi! I'm Twilight Sparkle and yes I'm new here. Well I'm not really living here, I 'm just going to be in town for a few weeks to study

and then I'll be going home. If you don't mind me asking, why are you out here all by yourself? It might not be safe for a baby dragon to be running errands by himself." She had gotten up while talking and was currently checking her books over to see if they were damaged.

"I usually go with my baby dragon when I need things done, he would be here with me but he's staying with my friend. Who do you work for? Could I meet them?"

8/7/2011 #5

Spyro's eye twitched at the sound of being called a baby dragon.

"Spyro, remember, she's new here. She doesn't know who you are or what you've done...!" Sparx quickly buzzed before Spyro could yell at her. Spyro swallowed down his anger and sighed, trying to remember his manors; they weren't something he used often...

"Actually, miss Sparkle, I'm 17.... I'm not a baby, my egg was damaged so my growth is a little screwed up, that's why I can only use my wings to glide but anyway, let me get that." He scooped up her books and placed them on his back holding them in place with his wings.

"I work for all the people in Avalar.... But I'm currently under the employment of the elders, it would be great for you to meet them." He managed to get the words out without his true feelings showing. Suddenly, he felt a silent presence next to him. Jumping slightly, he looked up to see the human-looking Raziel standing next to him; the wraith was wiping blood from the corners of his mouth then gently licked it off his fingers.

"Spyro, have you implored the unicorn's assistance as of yet...?" Spyro's stomach turned slightly at the sight of Raziel finishing his meal but didn't let it show and simply responded.

"Way to be subtle, Raz! And no, not yet, but I am about to take her to go see the elders right now. And how did you get back so fast?!"

"Trivial details, nothing you should concern yourself with...." Spyro really didn't like the sound of that....

8/7/2011 #6

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I would love to meet the elders if you could lead me to them." The unicorn looked up at Raziel and held out a hoof. "Hello I'm Twilight Sparkle, are you a friend of Spyro's?"

8/8/2011 #7

Spyro mumbled something about it being alright as Raziel gave a slight bow and gently grasped her hoof with the hand he hadn't just cleaned of blood.

"Greetings, miss Sparkle. I am Raziel, an unfortunate friend of this young dragon." He replied as he gently shook her hoof. As he said unfortunate, Spyro could be heard saying just below a whisper something along the lines of, "Super unfortunate, you should see his other form...." Sparx was very close to Spyro so he had heard it but had hoped the other two hadn't; though by the way Raziel glared at him and a hiss escaped the wraith's exposed fangs, the dragonfly could clearly tell he had. Quickly changing the subject, Spyro sat on his haunches and clapped his fore paws together.

"Ok! So Twilight, let's go meet the elders! They're at the Autumn Plains castle," He pointed to the gigantic castle behind them, "We can't miss it. We better hurry before they die of old age, dead me tell no tales!" Spyro smirked as he said the last part before adding, "Except Raz, we can't get him to shut up!" This was quickly followed by Raziel using his claw-like nails to take a swipe at Spyro, which the young dragon narrowly dodged the swift yet half-hearted attack. Sparx gently facepalmed and gave a buzzing sigh at the two before heading towards the castle, beckoning for Twilight to follow him, hoping to leave the fight duo behind.

((You can start us off in the castle if you like, Al))

8/8/2011 #8

-In the castle-

Twilight Sparkle looked around the Autumn Plains castle in awe. Her hoofsteps echoed against the floor and she tried to walk softer like Spyro and Raziel were doing. She wondered if the Elders were the head of this world's system of government or if it was based on a monarchy like her own. She opened her mouth to ask Spyro about it but decided not to. "No sense in embarrassing myself any further," she thought to herself. "I'll just keep quiet this time and see what exactly it is that they want."

She darted another glance at Raziel. He was unlike any creature she had seen before and that made her a bit nervous. But he was so mannerly and polite that she figured he could be trusted for now.

8/9/2011 #9

As they walked Raziel and Spyro quietly jested back and forth, the conversation sounding rather odd with Raziel's rather ancient way of talking versus Spyro's more new aged style. While this went on, Sparx flew over to Twilight and buzzed softly, trying to reassure her when Spyro suddenly stopped dead front of two extremely large and beauifully carved stone doors.

"Cool, we're here! I bet Tomas and Phuneta are gonna love you!" Spyro chirped as Raziel step forwards and pushed open the doors far easier than anyone else could have. Sparx waved a little gloved hand at Twilight as into follow him as they all stepped through. The chamber was a massive library full of many books, both new and ancient while in the middle of the room was a large stone table with a faun and two dragons sitting at it, looking over some papers and books.

"Oh, Spyro, dear. Have you returned already? Who is this?" The faun asked as she pushed her glasses farther up onto her nose and smile gently at Twilight.

"This is Twilight, she's a visiting unicorn! I can feel a ton of magic flowing from her, I bet she'd perfect to help us with our quest!" Spyro said proudly as Raziel sighed and Sparx facepalmed at his incredible openness. Tomas, the blue dragon, stood up on his hind legs and walked over to Twilight and offered down his paw for her to shake.

"Welcome, young one. I am the dragon elder, Tomas. The green dragon is Nestor, leader of Spyro's homeland, the Artisans'. And last but not least is elder Phuneta the Faun, she is the lead elder of Avalar. My guess would be that you are wondering why Spyro has brought you here. Come, sit and we shall talk." While he was speaking Spyro looked up at Raziel, the exausted looking wraith was checking the stopwatch attached to his beltloop.

"Yo, Raz, you ok?" Spyro asked quietly.

"I'm not quite sure... I must go, the stopwatch needs to recharge in order for it to keep up this form for me." He looked over at Tomas and Twilight, "If we are to recruit this creature, I think it best that I do not frighten her with my true appearance. She seems unsettled by this appearance as it is..."

"Ok, Raz, you go rest up. I'll check on ya later..." Spyro sighed as his friend turned to leave.

8/9/2011 #10

Twilight carefully approached the table and sat down across from the elders after placing her hoof in Nestor's paw. "Yes I was wondering why he wanted me to meet you... not that I didn't want to meet you... in fact I'm very flattered to have a chance to talk to the leaders of this world." Twilight sensed that she was talking to fast and stopped for a moment before continuing more calmly. "As Spyro said I'm Twilight Sparkle and my special talent IS magic, which is part of the reason I'm here. My mentor sent me to this world so that I could study the different types of magic used here." She suddenly turned back towards Spyro. "Wait what this about a quest? And why do you want me to help? You just met me."

8/9/2011 #11

Nestor stared at Spyro who was making stupid faces with Sparx, then sighed and placed a large paw over his face to avoid looking at the younger dragon.

"Yes, it would seem that Spyro hasn't told you anything. Spyro is more of a get up and go kind of dragon not stand around and explain things kinda dragon." Nestor gave Twilight a re assuring smile, "You see Avalar is in great danger as of right now and as its protector, Spyro tends to scout out allies. Even though he just met you he knew you were a good and strong person, a person who could help to cave Avalar. He's always been able to see the good in people from the second he meets them, that's why we allowed Raziel to stay here with us in Avalar when Spyro found him." Elder Phuneta fixed her glasses again and continued the conversation as they saw Spyro and Sparx leave.

"Now, ma dear. Spyro seems to have it fixed in his mind that you'll be joining him and Raziel on their quest to save Avalar but no one seems to have asked you if you would like to. Seeing as you are here in this world to study our many forms of magic then perhaps we can form a deal. We are far too busy trying to stop the evil wizard that threatens Avalar to teach you, but if you were to help defeat him then we would have more than enough time to teach you more than just the basics of our magic." She smiled sweetly, "What do you say, ma dear?"

8/9/2011 #12

"I'll do it!" Twilight exclaimed. Normally she would be a little more hesitant but the thought of being able to learn so much magic had her too excited to think clearly. "When do we start?"

8/9/2011 #13

Nestor and the two elder smiled happily before Nestor spoke up.

"You can start as soon as you're prepared. So seek out Spyro, he'll mostly likely being the courtyard with the crystal pool, tell him that you children are to get packed and that he is to provide you with any items you may require. Then after that you can either head out right away or rest a night first."The dragon leader told her and pointed the way to the courtyard. While he was talking, elder Phuneta headed for Coco's lab; deep within the castle. The little she bandicoot had to go back to her own world but he boyfriend, Dib Membrane would be here for quite some time and they needed his help. She was a surprisingly fast walker for her age and got there rather quick.

"Dib, are you in here? The Council has a new mission for you." She yelled out into the overwhelmingly large lab as she pushed open the doors.


Spyro jumped and glided off the ladder and headed to the lawn near the pool. He looked on hungrily at the sheep at that bounced around him but sadly, this was no time to eat; had to check on Raziel, Avalar's magic was not kind to the ancient wraith and often left him exhausted when the stopwatch stopped work. Spyro spotted his friend in his normal blue form, he was sitting next to the pool; looking at his reflection.

"Yo, Raz, what up?"

"Not much is happening as of right now, Spyro. I am simply waiting for the recharge to be up. Luckily Coco has made it so that it only take thirty minutes now..."

"True that, dood. So what ya thinking about? That it ain't easy bein' blue?" Spyro said the last bit with a snarky smirk, making the wraith roll his glowing cyan eyes.

8/9/2011 . Edited 8/9/2011 #14

Dib sat at his computer, so absorbed in his work he didn't take notice of Phuneta entering or Red who sat nearby kicking her feet as she watched Dib at work. She loved it when Coco was away, having Dib all to herself, thoughs he wasn't allowed to have her in the lab he never seemed to refuse her entry. Red waved at Phuneta as she walked in, putting a finger to her lips, a signal to stay quiet.

Dib's eyes never left the screen, his pupils rushing left to right, taking in all the information his mind could handle.

8/9/2011 . Edited 8/9/2011 #15

Phuneta slowly clopped up to the comeputer and watched Dib work, she hated to disturb him but this was important.

"Sorry, Red, but I have something for him to do." She told the little girl as she reached out and placed a hand on Dib's shoulder, "Dib, this is extremely important I need you to listen to me."

8/9/2011 #16

Dib yelped as Phuneta touched him, causing him to fall off his chair and onto his back, looking up at Phuneta while rubbing his head. "Hey, when did you get here, Phun?" He said with a nervous laugh. "Actually, when did YOU get here, Red?" He looked at the little girl who simply shrugged.

"Anyway, I'm right in the middle of an AMAZING breakthrough! You see..." he began to jabber on about something, his words almost merging into each other. Red held her mouth, trying not to laugh.

8/9/2011 #17

Phuneta sighed and shook her head at him.

"Dib, sweety, stop for a second! I can here to tell you that you'll be going with Spyro and Raziel on their new mission." She reached down to help pull him up, "This mission is very important, it's a mission to save Avalar and every other know realm!"

8/9/2011 #18

Dib fixed his glasses, standing to his feet. "What's going on? What mission?" He picked his chair up, hitting one of the buttons on the computer to make the screen go dark. Red stood next to Dib, pretending she was actually part of all this.

8/9/2011 #19

Phuneta truned and started to walk towards the hall, beckoning for him to follow her.

"Dragon elder Tomas, dragon leader Nestor and myself have discovered that there is a rather large yet hidden part of Avalar where a great yet very evil wizard is lock away. An apprentice of him unwittingly released the seal to the Forbidden Realms of Avalar where he resides and was partially taken over and is working to free the wizard." She stopped real quick to clear her elderly throat then continued, "Spyro is in the courtyard with all details, and a new recruit should be joining him shortly. You are to go with him to the Forbidden Realms and aid him in his quest to save Avalar. Any questions?"

8/9/2011 #20

"No, ma'am!" He said. "This sounds great! I wonder what kind of things we'll find in these new words."

"I have a question, Phuneta!" Red shouted. "What should I bring? Do I have to pack my own supplies?"

Dib looked at the little red-hooded girl, her eyes looking up at Phuneta with excitment. "Do you want to explain to her why she can't go?" Dib whispered to Phuneta.

8/9/2011 #21

Phuneta sighed and rubbed her temples, she hated when this happened.

"Uh... No, I think it best if you did that..... She seems to admire you more..." Things could be so hard with the little girl at times that Phuneta didn't know how Dib put up with her. Suddenly, there was the sound of graceful clopping coming towards them, Phuneta looked up to see Elora coming along the corridor.

"Hello, elder, Dib, Red. Elder Tomas sent me to you, something about a mission?"

"Yes, ma dear. You will be of use in this mission, head to the courtyard with Dib here to get orders from Spyro."

"Yes, Ma'am! C'mon Dib!"

8/9/2011 #22

Dib nodded. "R...Right!" He followed Elora to the courtyard, leaving Red behind. Red kicked her feet, feeling bad about not being invited.

"Why didn't she tell me to come?" Red pouted. She looked at the wolf plush that sat at her side. "I think you scared them off." she told the wolf.


Dib arrived at the courtyard, seeing Sypro and Raziel along with the new strange pony creature.

"Hey, guys! Waiting long?" Dib asked, his eyes shifting to the purple pony.

8/9/2011 #23

Spyro looks up from his conversation with Raziel, seeing the three for the first time.

"Whoa, when did ya'll get here?! Sorry, I wasn't payin' attention." Both shifted to the three that just arrived and Raziel sighed with exhaustion, barely anytime had passed since he had started the stopwatch's recharge.

"Spyro, you should be more aware of your surroundings. If you don't, it could be you down fall."

"That's for the optimism, Raz....." At this Elora walked forward towards Spyro and offered the basket she had been carrying to him.

"Here ya go, Spyro. Bianca made you and Hunter a special meal, Bianca's giving her so Hunter right now, and this is yours." She smiled as Spyro took the basket happily and thanked her cheerfully. Elora laughed softly at his favoritism of the meal and the look of disgust in Raziel's glowing eyes as he leaned away from Spyro.

"So, ya'll ready to get packed and such? We're only to bring the things needed most, so no exsessive stuff to carry." The little purple dragon told them as he ate his meal.

8/9/2011 #24

Mind to awful much if i join in! Darius asked, running to you guys in heated breath.

8/10/2011 #25

((Yo, Classic, where ya been? Busy family again? Meet sister Wlyteth and her Boyfriend Heximus))

Spyro looked up suddenly.

"Holy Lava lizards! A human!" Spyro yelled out before thinking, "Oh, heh... Sorry about that... Anyways, I guessing you were sent here by the elders to help us on the mission?" As he asked this, Elora gave a kind smile and a wave in greeting while Raziel stared intently at the newcomer; a slight glare in his eyes. Seeing this, Spyro gave him a slight slap with is wing.

"Dood, Raz! He's here to help, no killing and eating this one...!"

8/10/2011 #26

(( Yeah kind of busy this week, my sisters birthday is coming up now,and well things here have been a little bit more active so yeah. Oh and hi you guys nice to meet you.))

" Yeah they said they wanted me to join along with you guys on the mission." Darius said give a slight nod oh his head, leaning over and looked at all the magical creatures.

"Creative crowd, just my kind of style. Darius said putting his hand out toward everyone.

"My name is Darius Light Snow,pleasant meeting everyone." He says with a smirk.

8/10/2011 #27

((That's ok, no rush.))

"Cool, I'm Spyro, this is Sparx, blue creepy guy is Raziel, the faun's Elora, unicorn's Twilight Sparkle and the kid with the glasses is Dib." Spyro replied with a flick of his wind to everyone in turn, "Now that we're all know each other, we best be headin' off to Mystic Marsh." He walked over to a nearby portal platform with the words Winter Tundra above it.

"Gotta go through this portal to the Winter Tundra homeworld to get there. Let's head out everyone!"

8/10/2011 #28

((Nice to meet you too ^.^))

Twilight wrapped a scarf around her neck magically in preparation for the cold. Seeing how the others were quickly going through the portal she took a deep breath and charged through.

She landed in a patch of ice on the other side of the portal and slid away onto some grass. "So is it always winter here?" she said with a shiver.

8/11/2011 #29

Spyro smirk and Elora cast Twilight a happy smile.

"Yes, it's quite beautiful. Autumn Plains and Summer Forest are always Autumn and Summer also." Spyro shivered and blew hot air on his fore paws.

"Dood! I am freezin' let's get to Mystic Marsh, quick!"

8/11/2011 #30
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