A Dark Moon On the Rise A Spyro RP
Spyro has taken up residence in Avalar and has become guardian of it, along with trying to protect the Dragon Realms and the Forgotten Worlds. But a dark moon brings in a new tide of evil, Spyro must gather fellow fighters from many realms and travel to m
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Darius walks through the portal with his hands in his pockets, feeling the cold air blow through his hair, as he walked close with the rest.

"Winter, what a lovely thought, for it to snow and be winter forever." He gazed up at the almost purple hued sky and smiled. "Good thing I always over dress." He said kicking his feet through the snow.

8/11/2011 #31

Spyro glared up from his place sloshing down in the snow.

"Yeah, but some of us are cold blooded!" He snorted out embers and walked up to the Mystic Marsh portal, "Raz is lucky, he's dead, meaning he's cold all the time!" The littled dragon said before stepping into the swirling portal that led to a much warmer realm. Raziel rolled his glowing eyes and Elora just glared at Spyro.

"I'm sorry, Darius, he only get's like this when he's cold..."

8/12/2011 . Edited 9/27/2011 #32

Darius nods.

"That's alright." Darius said with a smirk.

"I get that way when I'm hungry." He said heading forward.

8/13/2011 #33

Grumbling, Spyro stepped through the portal, flicking his tail as he went with Raziel following behind him. Elora sighed and shook her.

"Well, let's go. There's a lot of weird creatures in this realm, watch your back." She jumped through.


Spyro plopped down on the lush ground, grinning as he stretched his wings!

"This is what I'm talkin' about! Nice, warm and soft under toe."

"Spyro, I thought we were in a hurry, this is no time to relax...."

"Way to ruin the mood, Raz!"

"Boys would you behave, please."

9/28/2011 #34

Darius lands on the green ground as well, giving a slight stretch in ease.

"So then which way next?" he said looking around the land.

9/28/2011 #35

Spyro scratched his head with a hind foot and wrinkled his nose.

"Ugh.. I haven't been here in a while, let me think." Spyro looked at his surrounds, trying to remember which way to go.

"I think it's down the river, past the ponds with the puffer-platypus live..."

9/28/2011 #36
Black 13 Productions

The trip through Julius' portal was NOT pleasant, Sly noted to himself. It felt like things that weren't meant to be stretched were stretching, other things contracting, and still others crunching or separating. While it didn't hurt, persay, it still felt ... too bizarre, so bizarre that he found that it knocked the breath out of him.

The only thing on his mind was that his Eva was clinging to him to keep from separating from him; the koala had reminded them that going different ways could mean that they could end up in two separate worlds or dimensions and neither one wanted that. If the world address was wrong, they wanted to go through it together.

Finally, after what had seemed forever in the swirling, dizzyingly nauseating surroundings of the portal's corridor, a bright light erupted the walls around them. When the light faded, they were ... falling?

Falling, indeed; Eva gave out a screech of surprise, that long sinuous tail poofing up and her ears flattening to her skull. Sly looked over one shoulder to see how far up they were, perhaps assess the situation ... and collided with the ground next to a clear pool. All he had time for was to know it was a clear pool; the next thing he knew, there were almost a hundred twelve pounds of Russian landing forcefully on his chest. Despite that tough exterior the thylacine displayed, anyone would lose their breath from that, and he spent the next minute or so wheezing.

The world swirled, went fuzzy black for a second, and he was aware of Eva getting off his chest and getting into his face, telling him to stay conscious.

When he found his voice, he reassured her with his typical humor of his well-being. "Eva, hun. I'm out 'f breath, not bleedin' t' death."

Her ears flattened again to her head and her pretty face scrunched up in an expression of mock indignation. "Vhell fine. See if I ever care about you again."

Oh yes, her English was SO much better now. The thought of the progress she had exhibited was enough to make him smile while the last of the wheezes left him, his lugs filling painfully with air. Eva had reached forward to help him sit up then, supporting his back and one elbow. His closest hand found her own arm, just beneath her elbow, and gripped it tightly but gently, a sign that he was alright.

"I'm fine. Promise."

"Dhat's good. Vhere are vhe?"

"Dunno. 'Spect we'll find out who we're s'pposed to be meetin' soon tho--"

The thylacine was interrupted by a loud squeal of what he took as delight; whatever it was, it left one of his ears ringing a moment. The leopardess had skittered toward a pond near them, sitting perched precariously on the bank and looking in to the puffing inhabitants of the water, tail twitching deviously and her ears perked straight up and forward.

"Dhey're so cute! You dhink Ken vhould like vhone?"

Sly rolled carefully to his feet to walk up beside the Russian, Aussie gazing at the strange creatures in the still waters of the pond. "'E might. Wouldn't want to take one out though. Dunno if it'd survive, plus we dun wanna disturb this place. We dun even know if we're in the right place, aye."

Eva sighed, a forlorn sound, her ears laying flat again while her tail tip stopped twitching deviously as it had been before. "I guess so. Too bad; I vhould have loved to see vhat he could determine vhit' dhis, da."

The thylacine offered her a hand, which she took gratefully and used it to help herself to her feet. "We should start lookin' for someone friendly." he stated, placing an arm around her shoulders; to think, a couple years ago, he would have been terribly nervous to do this in public, if at a--Where those people? "Think I'm seein' someone now, Eve."

She looked up at that, spying easily what her husband had spotted. "Da! Maybe dhey know vhere to go!" Sly almost cringed at how excited she sounded; that usually got them in trouble. It wasn't long before the snow leopardess was waving a hand to a purple lizard and several others (all Sly really noted was the purple lizard; not every day you saw one) and calling out, "Dobre utra~!"

Thylacine didn't really do much to stop her, either, just heaved a small sigh and went to stand protectively behind the shorter cat, though the facade was of a nonchalant support.

9/28/2011 #37

Spyro, who was far to busy slacking of to noctice, was blabbering on about different kinds of fodder until Elora gently kicked him in the shoulder.


"Oh don't be such a baby and get up! Someone's waving at you." This caught Spyro's attention and looked where the faun was pointing to see two strange looking anthro cats.

"What in the name of the Artisans?!"

"I perceive that they want an audience with you, Spyro, so get to it!" Raziel kicked the little dragon far harder than the faun had but it got his point across.

"Fine, fine, I'm going....." The reply was followed by a long string of mumbling as he walked towards the cats, "Yo! How ya doin', cats? Welcome to Mystic Marsh." He sat down on the plump ground in front of them.

"Is there anything you guys need help with?"

9/28/2011 #38
Black 13 Productions

Brow quirked on the thylacine first.

Cats? ... Ah! Must be the local slang. I've heard of that being used before...

However, Sly was taken a small bit aback as Eva pulled away from him with a, "I caught dheir attention! Vhe vhill know if vhe are in ze right place now!" Snow leopardess bounced off the banks, off a small island in the center, and onto the other bank before turning around to the Tazzy tiger behind her. "Come on, Sly! You can do it!"

Sly snorted in playful derision at that. "Of course I c'n! Whaddye take me for?"

Mind, he was not as agile as the big cat, though he was still pretty good; having been trained as a mercenary in Boss Cass' employ gave him a more pronounced, if elegant, style than his brother, who clunked his way through his environment. Brown-colored body took a few steps back before running forward and jumping off the bank, landing firmly on the little spit of land in the middle of the pond. It was a solid landing, small ripples emitting from his landing point. He took a second, got his bearings and felt out the land beneath him to make sure he hadn't weakened the soil at all and, upon determining it was still pretty solid, shuffled back a short way before leaping to the other bank. On the edge of it, he lost his footing and fell back. He never hit the water; before he'd had a chance to fall too far back and off balance, Eva had caught him by the collar of his vest and pulled him deftly up and back onto the shore.

"Thanks." Sly told her, receiving that disarmingly pretty smile from her before she took off down the bank, the thylacine following after her.

Upon coming to the others, Eva straightened herself up, the curve in her tail lofting the fluffy appendage a little taller in a move Sly recognized as her testing the waters of dominance; who was in charge to talk to first, essentially. She was also letting them know that, as the diplomat, she was the one the others should be talking to. When the purple lizard began speaking, both the leopardess and the Tasmanian tiger set eyes to him, the obvious leader of the bunch. At knowing this, Eva's tail returned to its normal state, the tip of it twitching periodically.

"You are dhe leader, da?" Eva started, Sly sort of ... looming in the background. He was good at that, looming. It was a show that he didn't take crap, dealt either to him or (especially) to his Eva. "Vhe are from Bush Rescue, Burramudgee area. Vhe received a call of distress from somevhone here. Dheir names are Coco and Crash. Do you know of dhem?"

Leopardess' voice was just like her smile; disarming, smooth. Pleasant...

9/29/2011 #39

(OOC: Wlyteth, Hexamus, feel free to butt in any time now)

Spyro completely ignored the guy in the back trying to imposing, those kind of people bored him so he simply talked to the lady.

"Crash and Coco? Yeah, sure I know them, they're like family to me." He pointed behind himself to his friends with a flick of his tail, "The human in black and glasses is Co's boyfriend." From his place on all fors, he offered up a paw.

"Name's Spyro, leadin' male member of the Council of the Twin Lights. Pleasure to meet ya."

"And I'm Elora, leading female of the Council. What're you names?" Elora asked, walking up once she saw all was well. Spyro smirked up at them.

"We're gonna go find an evil wizard and kick his tail, wanna join?"

9/29/2011 #40
Black 13 Productions

Eva could feel Sly's presence at her back, that dark foreboding that also signified him acting as guard. He always did this, so it was nothing new. However, she had told him not to while she was on diplomatic duties; pulling out any sort of 'gun' could make dealings go sour and they didn't want that...

Tail was lifted and flicked across his nose, causing the serious thylacine to sputter and bat at the offending appendage. "Lighten up, vhill you?" she teased before withdrawing the fluffy tail.

It had a desired effect; Sly seemed to relax, though he had to retrieve his toothpick what had fallen in the furry assault on top of his tool pouch. "Imma light, Imma light! No need t' get my attention, Eve." he told her, resuming a more relaxed posture now with arms crossed over his chest and more toying with the 'pick in his jaws.

A nod was given to him at that before she turned back to the others. "Oh good!" was said when she was told that their destination had been true, taking the paw offered in a small shake, platinum eyes falling on Elora as she walked up and introduced herself as well. "Good to meet you both! I am Evaleen and dhis..." She swiveled to one side and offered up a rather confused-looking Sly at that. "...Dhis is Sly. As stated, vhe're from Bush Rescue in dhe Burramudgee area; Crash and Coco helped us out a vhile back, somevhone sent us a distress call, so vhe came to answer it."

Sly, at the sounds of butt-kicking, finally showed some semblance of emotion besides being protective. "Aye, mate. I'm in."

Eva had resumed her position in front of him before answering. "I guess dhe both of us are in it for dhe long haul."

9/29/2011 #41

Twilight Sparkle struggled to keep her mouth closed. All these new and rather strange looking creatures were overwhelming her quite a bit and since most of them looked really tough she didn't want to offend any..one. Turning back to Spryo she asked "is there any other dangers we should know about?"

9/29/2011 #42

Spyro smirked happily.

"Oh yeah, tons!" He was obviously looking forward it, which made Elora sigh.

"Don't worry, Twilight. We'll be fine, but we head head out now. It's not to far from the gate to the Forbidden Worlds now."

9/29/2011 #43

Darius looks at all these new creatures, and drinks a sip from his Tabasco bottle.

"Ahem hello there, I think I zoned out for a minute." He said putting the bottle back in his pocket.

10/4/2011 #44

Spyro looked up at him.

"Hey cool, Tabasco!" Making Elora roll her eyes.

"Anyways, watch out for snail elephants and monkeys....."

10/5/2011 #45

"Okay Elephant snails, and monkeys... that should be easy to spot." Darius responded popping his fingers, and making sure his sword is ready to be taken out.

10/8/2011 #46
Decepticon Alchemist

A ways away, a medium aged dragon slept in the tangle of brush. Her scales were pure white with elegant, yet jagged horns that were around medium in size. Large wings guarded over her body as she continued her slumber, unawakened for many years due to a spell put on her. Of course, anyone could awake her, but she was so well hidden that no one had detected her presence for many months.

10/9/2011 #47

Elora laughed nervously.

"they're actually not as easy to spot as you might think..."

"C'mon guys! We'll never get there at the rate you guys walk!" Spyro yelled as he headed for the portal.

10/11/2011 #48
Black 13 Productions

Sly was still silent. No less .... well ... foreboding as usual. Nor any less looming. He had a thing for that, looming. However, he kept in time with the little snow leopardess as she pranced forward to follow along with the rest of the party.

Of course, brow on the Tasmanian tiger went up as he heard of snail elephants. Seriously? This place keeps getting weirder.... He didn't seem too perturbed by monkeys, though if they were hostile -as the dragon said-, it would still be a good idea to keep an eye out for them. And an ear, as it were; rounded appendages flicked about, keeping a sharp vigilance on the world around him. Unlike the cat whom he was following, however, the thylacine was a bit more noticeable in his watchings.

Eva had looked to the side, toward Darius, something in his general direction causing her nose to stop working to a fault. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the bottle he was flinging about, disgruntled look crossing her otherwise doll-like face. "Vhat is dhat you are drinking? It smells horrendously bad for any living creature!"

[OOC: Sorry about the absence. Was hospitalized for a short time.]

10/13/2011 #49
Decepticon Alchemist

Suddenly, the dragoness's scales began to faintly glow. Then, it slowly became slightly brighter. Then it became an immense light coming from the creatures armor-like scales. There was no telling what was happening. In her head, Dai was in immense pain. She felt like she was about to explode, and her bones became pained like shattered glass. There was a yelp from her muzzle, then her body went limp again and the light stopped immediately.

10/15/2011 #50

"Eva, it's best not to ask... OH hey! We're here! Awesome!"

"Spyro, do you find it wise that that you should shout so loudly near the portal? What if there's a guardian?"

"Yo, Raz, you worry too much!" Spyro quipped with a cocky smirk on his face.

"Oh yes... If it is that I worry too much then why do the shadow's upon the stone walls move?"

"Aww crab...!"

10/16/2011 #51
Alex the Dragon

Deidara wandered around aimlessly.

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